Chapter 43 - Troublesome Night

Chapter 43 of 50 chapters

The man and his companions were in shock before it quickly turned to anger after they saw that the one that had beaten up their companion and disturbed their happy time was a brat.

"Bastard, don't ever think that you're able to come out from this place!"??

One of the men took out a knife from his pocket and looked at Shishio with anger.

"Hey, hey, don't scare him with a knife."

"Haha, just give him a hole in two on his body."

"By the way, give some scars on his face, his handsome face is annoying."

The man and his companions laughed together and didn't think too much about Shishio since they thought that their companion was being sneak attacked by Shishio and they were also quite drunk so they didn't think too much.

"Your luck is bad, boy! Don't ever think about saving someone by yourself next time."

The man ran directly toward Shishio with his knife, but Shishio only looked at him in disdain.

When the distance between them was quite close, Shishio didn't hesitate and kicked his opponent's shin.



When everyone heard a crack, their expression became dumbfounded.

Shishio didn't waste his time, shortened his distance, parried the knife on his opponent's hand, then used his elbow to strike down the opponent's nose in one movement.


Shishio could see that he had broken his opponent's nose, but he didn't care. He knew that as long as he didn't kill people, he should be alright and the group of people in front of him were trash of society, they didn't even have money to report him to the court, nor would the police help them.

Shishio also didn't see tattoos on their bodies so they shouldn't be a member of the yakuza group, and they should be a group of small thugs, even if they were beaten senselessly, no one would ever help them.

They also almost raped a girl so no one would blame him if he was going to be rough on them.

One of the men fell down and passed out directly after Shishio's attack. Not only his nose, but some of his teeth were also broken, but no one cared about that since they realized that the young man in front of them wasn't normal and he was very strong!





Shishio moved faster, and appeared before them, then without hesitation, struck them down with his fists, raining them until their faces were full of blood.

The man that was bitten by the girl was in shock, but he quickly became serious. He was a judo practitioner and it was a very dangerous martial art when it was used in street fighting.

Normally, a judo match would be held on the mat so no one would be hurt when they were thrown on the ground, but during the street fight, the ground was concrete and once someone was slammed on the ground, they would be beaten instantly, especially when their heads slammed directly into the concrete ground.

The man was about to grab Shishio's clothes to slam him to the ground, but Shishio shortened his distance again, appearing a few centimeters away, and used an elbow strike to hit the man's chest.


The man leaned forward and held his stomach in pain, but his suffering wasn't over since his chin was struck down by fist, and his thorax was hammered down by fists.

*Baam!* *Baam!* *Baam!*

The man then fell directly to the ground unable to stand up.

Shishio took a deep breath, trying to lower his adrenaline and nerve. It wasn't his first time fighting, but it was his first time to do it in this world. His body was all tense because of the fighting and strangely, enough, he felt that it was quite exciting.

Shishio clenched his fists and frowned since it was hard to accept that he loved to fight, but at the same time, he had to admit that "Bajiquan" was a really strong martial art. It was very fast and efficient, there were no flashy techniques and each of the attacks was used to bring down the opponent as soon as possible.

Shishio also thought even though all the techniques of "Bajiquan" had integrated into his brain and his body, if he didn't test it, there would be some awkwardness.

'I should train 'Bajiquan' more later...'

Shishio then also thought about "Thunder Breathing", wondering whether he could get a katana to train later...

"...Are... Are you alright?"

The voice of the girl woke him up from his thought, Shishio then glanced at the girl that was almost raped by the group of men and he had to admit that this girl was very beautiful.

She is a teenage girl of above-average height and slender build. She has long, pale blue hair that reaches down to her waist and short choppy bangs that are tied in a ponytail. She has pigeon blue eyes and a beauty spot underneath her right eye.

The girl seemed to be trembling when she saw his face, she felt that her body was slightly hot since it felt that he might eat her, but if it was him then...

Shishio blinked his eyes and realized that his expression was a bit scary. He let out a sigh and said, "You should be careful next time."


The girl nodded with a blush, but since it was dark, no one could see it. She looked at him and said, "...Thank you."

"No problem."

Shishio nodded and said, "You should go back."

"What about you?" The girl asked since she didn't want to go back alone and if possible she wanted him to accompany her.

"I am going to threaten them so they won't make a move against you in the future," Shishio said and didn't care about this girl anymore, but...


Shishio raised his eyebrow and looked at the girl for a while before he walked toward one of the men that he had beaten up. He saw that the man was passed out so he directly slapped him.

*Smack!* *Smack!*


The girl didn't move and only stared at Shishio's back without knowing what to do. She thought, telling him to go to the police and bring those guys directly to the police nearby, but she couldn't open her mouth.

The man opened his eyes slowly and looked at Shishio in fear, thinking that this young man was coming from that place because of how strong he was.

"Can you hear me? Hey! You better look at me when I talk to you." Shishio grabbed the collar of the man and threatened him. "That girl over there is my woman. If you ever see her again, don't talk to her. You can relay this to all of your friends and feel free to take revenge since I am going to slaughter all of you.

"Got it?"

Shishio realized his pressure and once the man didn't nod, he would give him the world of pain.

The man nodded weakly and fearfully.

Shishio nodded and threw the man down, and he didn't realize that the girl behind him seemed to be blushing when she heard him saying that she was his woman, but she didn't say anything.

Shishio looked at the girl and said, "Don't take my words seriously, okay? You should know that if you appear weak around these people, they will try to do you again."

The girl lowered her head and nodded, trying to hide her blush.

Shishio then looked at his clothes and sighed in relief when he didn't see a stain of blood. He knew that it was all because of the enhanced vision that he received before that made him capable of dodge most of the blood, but his hands...


Shishio looked up and saw the girl took out a handkerchief for him. He nodded and didn't reject her kindness.

"Thank you."

Shishio cleaned up the blood on his fists with the handkerchief. His fists might be bloody but it was from his opponent's blood.

"Let's leave."

The girl nodded and followed him out of the alley. She looked at him, who was cleaning his fists with her handkerchief and was about to ask his name, but...

*Clap!* *Clap!* *Clap!*

Shishio and the girl looked up and saw a man that was standing at the end of the alley, clapping his hands excitedly.

"Boy, you're very strong, how about we have a match?"

Shishio frowned and said, "...Can I refuse?"