Chapter 44 - My Name Is Nobi Nobita

Chapter 44 of 50 chapters

Inside a luxurious black car, a woman was biting her nail, and she seemed to be very impatient.

"What is Hong doing?! Didn't he know that he is going to have a match in a week?!"??

The woman was furious and was about to throw everything away inside.

"Ms. Tomari, it seems that Hong has found an interesting fighter so he wants to have a spar with this fighter," the female secretary of the woman said with a tired expression.

"Really?" The woman was surprised and asked directly, "Where's he? Let me see their match!"


The female secretary felt a bit tired, but she nodded. "Please follow me, it seems that they're going to have a spar on the nearby alley."


Shishio and the girl looked at the man in front of them.

The man has a muscular body with a very well-defined physique. He has a ball of black hair that covers his head and ears with a long queue that falls below his back. He wears a black t-shirt, black Chinese-style martial artist's pants, and black martial arts shoes.

The man smiled toward Shishio politely and said, "I didn't expect to meet a practitioner of Bajiquan in this country, if you don't mind, how about we have a spar?"

The girl frowned at the man and was about to say something, but Shishio quickly stopped her.

Shishio could tell that even if the man in front of them was smiling gently, this guy should be a mad man and very aggressive. He didn't want this girl to be hurt after all so it was better for her to not say anything in this situation.

The girl, who was stopped, looked at Shishio.

"...Can I refuse?" Still, Shishio didn't really want to fight after all since the more he fought, the more he felt excitement which made him feel scared that he might change from how he used to be.

"No," the man said simply then took off his t-shirt.

When his t-shirt was taken off, Shishio and the girl beside him could see the man's well-built body that had been tempered by several years worth of training.

Shishio frowned and was able to pretty much tell that this man was a martial artist. Looking at this man, he was wondering why his luck was pretty bad today. His hose and crotch were hit in the knee, he needed to fight against a group of thugs, then lastly, he suddenly being asked by a random martial artist for a spar.

"I want to go back and sleep, if you want to have a fight then..."

Shishio hadn't finished his words and the man quickly shortened the distance between them. He raised his eyebrow since this guy would attack him so suddenly!

"Back down!"

Shishio quickly stood in front of the girl and deflected all the fists that were coming toward him!

The girl was in shock, looking at Shishio's back that tried to protect her. She bit her lower lip and knew that she couldn't do anything in this situation, all she could do was to shut her mouth so she wouldn't disturb him.

During this exchange, both Shishio and the man were surprised by each other's speed.

The man was surprised that someone was able to match his speed, but Shishio was surprised, that in his eyes, the speed of this man was as slow as a snail.

Well, a snail was too exaggerated, but Shishio could see his movement clearly and with his speed, it was very easy to deflect this man's attack.

In Shishio's eyes, it was quite easy for him to defeat this man and he also didn't need to use his "Breathing Technique" at this moment.

The man then sent out a middle kick with his left foot toward Shishio's waist, but at that very moment, his right shin was struck down by Shishio's kick before that kick happened.


Shishio had controlled his power so he didn't break the man's shin, but it should create some crack on it, however, because of that, the man's attack stopped and flinched, but at that very moment, Shishio closed the distance between them then used his shoulder to slam on the man's chest, without "Breathing Technique".



The man felt that his chest was hammered by a huge hammer, was thrown several meters away, and then fell to the ground. Holding his stuffy chest, it was hard to breathe, and he was in a state of disbelief after he had lost in that confrontation so easily. He had a hard time breathing and felt that he might pass out anytime, but what was so serious was the pain on his leg since he could tell that it was cracked by the pain that he felt at that moment.

"You have lost."

The man was dumbfounded and couldn't accept it for a while


The man stared at Shishio who was looking at him with a calm expression, and veins appeared on his forehead, showing anger that couldn't be contained. He gritted his teeth and was unable to hold his anger any longer, slamming his fist to the ground!


The ground cracked and created a bowl size hollow on it.

"I haven't lost!"

The man seemed to have lost his composure and his eyes were red, staring aggressively at Shishio.

The girl, who saw the state of the man, felt a dangerous aura from the man and her body trembled in fear, but when she saw Shishio in front of her, she felt very secure and knew that he would protect her.

"Don't be a sore loser, uncle." Shishio was speechless and said, "I have a lot of things that I need to do tomorrow so can you let us go? And don't you feel pain? I have cracked your shin slightly and your fist is full of blood, you should go back and rest."

"My style is called Jiyi Quan." The man stared at Shishio aggressively and said, "It is a secret art which allows me to control the secretion of opioids in my brain. To put it simply, I can completely shut out my pain!" He showed his bloody fingers and he didn't seem to be in pain after he smashed fingers on the concrete ground.


Shishio and the girl were a bit amazed that there such martial art in this world, but Shishio quickly calmed himself since his "Breathing Technique" was weirder.

"My name is Hong Xiao-Hu, what about you?" The man asked. Even though he was annoyed that he almost lost to a young man, he still admired Shishio who was able to master "Bajiquan" to this extent at a young age.


Shishio thought for a bit and decided to use a fake name. "My name is Nobita Nobi." There was no Doraemon in this world, so he didn't care about using this name as his fake name.

"Nobita Nobi." Hong nodded and said, "Then let's finish our duel!" He took a deep breath, tightened all the muscles on his body, and was about to strike down Shishio, but...


Hong and Shishio then turned and they saw a young woman with crazy-looking sanpaku eyes, thin black eyebrows, long black hair that falls down her back and some strands that fall over her face, an ample bosom, full red lips, a toothy grin revealing her shark-like teeth and a pair of rectangular semi-rimmed glasses.

She wears a white smart shirt and dark pants.

"Ms. Tomari!" Hong was surprised.

"You bastard!? Didn't you know that you have a match in a week?! Do you want me to lose that contract?! If so then can you be responsible and pay me 4 billion yen worth of contract?!"


Hong was speechless, but he couldn't refute anything. He let out a sigh and looked at Shishio.

"Let's meet again, Nobi Nobita."


Shishio nodded and didn't care much since he knew that he wouldn't meet this man again.

"Let's go."

Shishio grabbed the hand of the girl since he was afraid that something might happen to her.

The girl blushed but didn't break away from his hand.

Shishio was about to walk away from the alley and ignored Hong's gaze on him since he knew that Hong wouldn't do anything to him, but when he was about to go out from the alley, he noticed that the young woman that called out Hong before seemed to look at him for a long time.

"Is there something wrong?" Shishio asked since he hadn't seen the woman's face clearly, but after he saw her, he was very surprised since he wouldn't expect to meet her here.

The young woman raised her eyebrow and felt a bit surprised, after she observed him for a while, it seemed that she had confirmed something and asked, "Are you Shishio Oga?"


Somehow when that name came out from the mouth of a young woman, the world became stagnant and it was so awkward.