Chapter 47 - What To Do In The Morning?

Chapter 47 of 50 chapters

In the end, after Shishio returned, he directly fell asleep since his mind had already been tense and excited when he thought about his fight before so he decided to calm it down by sleeping. He knew that he didn't have a hobby to fight, nor he had a violent tendency, but the taste of winning by fighting was really great.

It was as if his genes and desire from ancient times were awakened, remembering the time when the world wasn't peaceful and everyone needed to fight for each other to get what they wanted whether it was riches, authority, women.??


Shishio knew that it was impossible to fight all the time and he also wanted to keep his peaceful life. He let out a sigh and thought about getting a hobby or two so he could calm himself, but he had to admit that when he was so powerful, he remembered his long-lost dream during his childhood time, and somehow he hoped to be able to achieve this dream.


In the early morning, Shishio was awoken by the sunlight since it was too blinding for his eyes. He rubbed his eyes and yawned.

Shishio thought about the rewards that he had received yesterday, but in the end, he resisted his urge to accept his reward since there was something that he needed to do. He stood up from his bed and took the school uniform that was given by Chihiro yesterday.

The label of the school uniform was still there, clearly showing that it hadn't been touched since yesterday.

Shishio thought to wear it yesterday to check whether the size was right, but a lot of things happened last night so he forgot about it.

Shishio tore the label and wore the uniform to check the size, but since it was fit, he didn't need to worry about it anymore. It seemed that the size was bigger before, but after his physical ability was doubled and his body became quite muscular, the uniform was a perfect fit for him.

Shishio then went to the bathroom, brushing his teeth, and took care of his long hair. He was wondering why the previous Shishio Oga kept long hair, but at the same time, he also had to admit the personal freedom of the students in this country was very respected since no one had said anything about his long hair.

If it was in his previous lives, then without a doubt his high school teacher would cut his hair bald without hesitation, and he might even receive a warning, but when he thought about Mitaka Jin and even Kanda Sorata, both of their hair was also very long so he didn't think too much.

In the past, Shishio might have felt that having long hair was troublesome, but after he became Shishio Oga, it felt that the habit of the previous Shishio Oga was also integrated inside him so he didn't think too much about his long hair.

When he woke up, his long hair became messy and he needed to take care of it.

Shishio might have gotten used to taking care of long hair, but he thought that he should cut it short sooner since it was really troublesome to take care of long hair in the morning. When he tidied up his hair, he had to admit that he needed to respect those women who kept long hair since he knew how troublesome it was.

Once Shishio was done with the clean-up and put some fragrance on his body, he went back to his room to pack up his things and turned downstairs to cook something for breakfast. Eating breakfast was important after all since without breakfast, it was impossible to focus on the class and it sounded embarrassing when he thought his stomach might grumble in the middle of the lesson.

His physical ability also doubled and so was his metabolism, Shishio needed to eat more, or else, he would be famished.

"Oga-kun, good morning."

"Good morning, Oga-kun."

"Shishio-kun, good morning!"

"Good morning."

"Good morning Kanda-kun, Mitaka-senpai, Misaki-senpai, Kawai-senpai."

Shishio, who walked into the dining room, saw Sorata and everyone was already preparing their breakfast. He knew that he had woken up quite late so he didn't feel surprised that he was the one that came the last.

Shishio also started to prepare his breakfast, he didn't make anything complicated. He took several pieces of bacon, several eggs, tomato, and bread that he had bought before then fried it together in the pan, but even so, the aroma was so amazing.

Mitaka, Sorata, Misaki, and Ritsu, who were eating their breakfast, felt that their breakfast didn't feel good anymore and they had an urge to grab Shishio's breakfast, but they knew that they couldn't do that, except for Misaki, of course, but Misaki was being stopped by Mitaka.

If Misaki wasn't stopped then she would jump into Shishio and grab his breakfast.

"Oga-kun, your craftsmanship is really amazing!"

Mitaka looked at the bacon eggs that were cooked by Shishio and felt surprised, before wiping his eyes since he saw Shishio's breakfast was shining before.

'Was it my imagination?

Mitaka had heard from Misaki that Shishio's cooking ability was amazing, but he didn't care much before, after all, he and his few girlfriends often went on dates for dinner in various high-end restaurants and he had seen and tasted a lot of delicious foods.

However, when Mitaka saw it with his own eyes, he felt amazed by the aroma and appearance of the foods that were cooked by Shishio since it was too amazing, right?

"Oga-kun, I am leaving with Misaki first, you should eat slowly," Mitaka said.

"Oh, if you're curious where Chihiro-sensei is, she has gone out first since she has said that she wanted to find a good man to marry so she left early," Misaki said.

Then Mitaka and Misaki bid farewell to a few people in the dining room.

Mitaka felt that if he didn't leave then his saliva would drip from his mouth and his image as a playboy would be completely ruined so he didn't want to stay any longer and left with Misaki as soon as possible.


Shishio felt speechless when he heard the reason why Chihiro had left early.

After Mitaka and Misaki had left, there were only three students left inside the dining room.

"I am done."

Ritsu put down her chopsticks, stood up, washed her dishes, and left the dining room, but before she left, she cast a glance at Shishio and wanted to say something, but she couldn't say anything and left directly.

"Oga-kun, can we go together to the school later?"

Sorata sighed in relief when Ritsu had left since he felt embarrassed and couldn't invite a girl to leave the school together.

"Alright, we will go after I have eaten my breakfast, Kanda-kun."

Then after both of them finished their breakfast, they picked their tableware, washed it, then brought their own things, leaving the Sakurasou together.