Chapter 48 - Worse Than The Average Harem Protagonist

Chapter 48 of 50 chapters

The morning sun was the same as before, Shishio was looking at the cherry blossom petals that were flying in the breeze all over the sky. The road was covered in petals as if there was a pink carpet on the ground, giving him a smile right in the morning.

If some girls saw this smile, then, without doubt, they would fall in love instantly.??

Unfortunately, the one that stood beside him wasn't a girl, but a guy.

Shishio and Sorata walked on such a road and as the two of them walked, they gradually halfway through the way, and more and more students in the same school uniform could be seen along the way.

Shishio could see some freshmen walking alone, but it was normal for someone to be alone since it was their first time in high school and because there were a lot of people, the lone traveler didn't attract too much attention.

When Shishio was in the middle of a thought, his long hair was blown and turned messy because of the wind which caused him to think about tying his hair into a man bun.

Some people might hate man bun hairstyles but for handsome guys, no matter what style their hairstyle was, they would be handsome and in truth, this hairstyle had been used since ancient times so there was nothing weird about man bun hairstyle and it was better than ponytail hairstyle.

Shishio took his hair tie and tied his hair into a man bun easily since he really felt that it was troublesome to tidy up his hair after it became messy from the wind, but rather than man bun, in the eyes of most people in this country, his hairstyle resembled a samurai's hairstyle.

Shishio could feel some gazes from the girls along the way, but he pretended to not see it and talked with Sorata. "Kanda-kun, you have been in this school since middle school, right?"

"Ah, yes!" Sorata was startled when he heard Shishio's voice since he had been thinking why there were a lot of girls that had been looking at him, but then, he thought that when he entered high school, he had become popular so naturally he felt very happy.

"Is there a lot of middle school students from the same school as you who choose to go straight to the same high school? Did you see the acquaintances?"

Looking at Sorata's expression, Shishio felt weird, wondering whether this guy was high or something since his face was flushed in excitement, but at the same time, this guy seemed to hide from something as if a thief that was afraid of being found out.

'Has he eaten a hallucinogenic mushroom this morning?'

"Oh, no, I didn't see my acquaintances along the way since they're living in the regular dorm of the school and the direction of the regular dorms and Sakurasou is... not in the same direction."

Even though Sorata was happy when he thought that he had become popular with the girls, he was also hiding from the people that he knew, after all, he was living in the Sakurasou now.

Sakurasou was known as the den of the weirdo in the eyes of most normal students and when they heard "Sakurasou" they would stay away from it.

As someone who was living in Sakursou, Sorata felt worried when he met some acquaintances since they might mock him for living in such a place.

"Oh, that's it." Shishio didn't say much either, after all, he also knew that normal students wouldn't think of Sakursaou in a good light and a lot of people decided to avoid it.

Then before long the two arrived at the entrance of the school, and somehow they saw a luxurious black sedan that stopped in front of the school, and a beautiful girl came out from inside.

The figure of this girl was slender, her long black hair seemed like a night sky, attracting everyone's attention when she walked, but her cold expression caused everyone to stay away.

"Wow, Yukinoshita-san is very beautiful!"

"Give up, you should know how many guys have been turned down by her."

Shishio glanced at the two students who were standing at the school gate and talked to each other while looking at the girl whose name seemed to be "Yukinoshita-san", both of them seemed to be mesmerized by this girl, but they knew that it was impossible for them to get this beautiful flower.

Shishio shook his head and didn't think too much. Even though "Yukinoshita-san" was very beautiful, he had seen a lot of beautiful women and girls, and this girl was too cold for his taste. He then noticed Sorata, who seemed to be in a daze and blush, so he couldn't help but tapped his shoulder.

"What's wrong, Kanda-kun? Love at first sight?"

"Wh - What are you talking about, Oga-kun!" Sorata said in a panicked voice. His face was blushing and he seemed to be embarrassed when Shishio had found him, staring at "Yukinoshita-san".

"Well, you can stare at her all you want later, the entrance ceremony is about to begin so we need to be in hurry," Shishio said simply since he didn't care much whether this guy fell in love with another girl or not.

"Okay, Oga-kun."

Sorata nodded and his expression was at a loss and felt depressed since he knew an ordinary student like him was impossible to get the attention of the beautiful "Yukinoshita-san".


The entrance ceremony of this school was the same as Shishio had thought and it was also similar to the one that he had watched on the anime in his previous lives or rather, it was the same for every school in the world since everything started with the boring opening speech of the school principal.

Shishio stood there next to Sorata, and when he looked at the directions of the teachers, he saw Tachibana Hina, the teacher that he had seen during his entrance exam, looked at him with a smile and waved her hand toward him before she was being reprimanded by a senior teacher.

"Oga-kun, Oga-kun, is Tachibana-sensei waving her hand at me? Am I not dreaming?" Sorata asked excitedly at Shishio.


Shishio was speechless and asked, "Who is Tachibana-sensei?"

"She's a very popular young teacher and she has a lot of fans among the students..." Sorata said excitedly, telling Shishio about how amazing Tachibana Hina-sensei was.

Looking at Sorata at this moment, Shishio was wondering how two beautiful heroines in the story could fall for this guy.

Shishio also felt that this guy was worse than the average harem protagonist in the story since Sorata knew about the feelings of two heroines but remained silent, without choosing one or two of them, kept them by his side, even if this guy knew that two heroines were hurt by his action.

Normal harem protagonists were usually oblivious or didn't know the feeling of the heroines around him, but Sorata knew about the feelings of the two heroines, ignoring their efforts, and every day blamed himself for being talentless.

In the end, the most popular heroine in the story, who was about to become a legendary painter, failed and fell into the mortal world.

Even if the heroine decided to change herself, in the end, Sorata decided to break up with the heroine again and again, until the heroine had no place to return besides his side.

Besides the main heroine, Shishio also knew that Sorata should already know the feeling of the second heroine for him before Sorata decided to move to Sakurasou, but the appearance of the main heroine, made Sorata ignore the effort of the second heroine for the main heroine and now, this guy became excited even though Tachibana Hana wasn't waving her hand toward him.

Shishio sighed and didn't think too much since he felt a bit disappointed with this harem protagonist.

Time passed quickly, the entrance ceremony ended, Tachibana Hana waved her hand toward Shishio again, but it was Sorata who was excited.

Looking at this idiot, Shishio decided to ignore him for now, but then, he didn't notice that there was another harem protagonist inside this hall that seemed to be jealous when he saw how Tachibana Hina was waving her hand toward the direction of Shishio since even an idiot could tell who Tachibana Hina was waving her hand for.