Chapter 49 - Cats Voice Is "meow"

Chapter 49 of 50 chapters

"Ah, I am so tired, but hehe~hehe!"

Shishio watched Sorata, who was laying on his table, constantly twisting around, and laughing disgustingly, wondering whether Sorata had been possessed by Shiro-san's soul.??

Before the entrance ceremony, Shishio learned where his class was through the notification board, but he didn't expect that he would be in the same class as Sorata.

Shishio was wondering whether he should open his reward right now since he didn't think that he would be troubled by the lesson, especially after he received a reward from the system previously.

"Hey, isn't it Kanda? I didn't expect that we'd be in the same class. I have heard that your life sucks now."

Shishio, who was in the middle of contemplation, suddenly noticed a boy with a hippie smile coming from the back of the classroom, stood next to Kanda, patted Kanda's shoulder, then chatted together. Seeing how they were familiar with each other, he could tell that they should be friends during their middle school time.

"Oh, it is you, Miyahara-kun." Kanda looked up weakly, looking at his friend from the middle school, who was also among the ordinary students in this school like him.

Miyahara smiled and said, "Normal people don't have the mental fortitude to live in a loony bin."


Shishio was speechless, looking at Miyahara, who said that Sakurasou was a loony bin right in front of him. He often heard that people usually talk badly about someone behind the back, but it was the first time to see someone talk badly in front of the people, especially the one who this guy was talking about was him since he was also a member of Sakurasou.

Sorata quickly reacted, turning around, and looked at Shishio with embarrassment since he didn't expect Miyahara to talk badly about Sakurasou right in front of Shishio.

"Cough! Even though that's really the case..."

In truth, Sorata wanted to say that just by staying one night on Sakurasou, he could feel that everyone who stayed in that place was weird in various senses if it weren't for Shishio, who sat behind him, he had already held Miyahara's thigh, cried loudly, and then told about his grievances, living on that loony bin.

"So, how long are you going to stay in Sakurasou, Kanda-kun?"

Suddenly a nice female voice interrupted the conversation between the two.

"Oh? Aoyama? You're here too?" Sorata raised his head in surprise after hearing this voice.

Shishio, who was drowsy because listening to the conversation between Kanda and another boy, was instantly awakened, looking at the girl who suddenly joined the two and didn't expect to meet another beautiful girl.

Shishio observed the girl and looked at the nape of the girl since her ponytail hairstyle was really charming.

'Her boobs are huge...'

Shishio silently observed the girl and hearing her voice, he also felt a sense of intimacy since she knew that this girl was from Osaka and he was from Kyoto, both of them were coming from the Kansai region but then...

'It's her...'

Shishio only remembered that this girl was the heroine that had fallen for Kanda Sorata.

'Nanami Aoyama...'

Shishio remembered that this should be the name of this girl.

Nanami is a petite teen girl with average height and build, standing at 158cm. She is beautiful and has a D cup. She has a fair and light complexion, long, straight, brown hair that is usually tied up into a ponytail, and she has goldish-brown eyes.

Looking at Nanami, Shishio felt confused, wondering whether this heroine had a cataract or something. In truth, except for "Yasashi" (kind), he didn't see Sorata's charm points, or rather, there was nothing besides this "Yasashi".

Nanami didn't notice Shishio, who was observing her, rather she frowned when she looked at Sorata, who looked very exhausted on the table while wondering whether Sakurasou was such a terrible place and the rumor about this place was all true since it had only been a day that Sorata stayed in that place, but she could see that Sorata's condition was really bad.

If Shishio knew what Nanami was thinking right now, he would be very wronged and called it an injustice since Sorata's condition had nothing to do with Sakurasou.

Sorata was obviously too excited when he thought that Tachibana Hina was waving her hand toward him during the entrance ceremony, even though the one that Tachibana Hina was waving was Shishio.

"If you don't hurry, you'll never get out of there." Nanami looked at Sorata with some distress, although she understood the reason why Sorata decided to move since she had known him for a long time, after all, this place was Sakurasou.

"I mean you haven't found an owner for Hikari, and yet you took six more, right?

Nanami looked at Sorata with some helplessness and thought that she should stop him that day.

"Nice moral you got there, dragging those girls into your room."

Miyahara started to tease Kanda with a perverted smile, although he had heard the rumor, he didn't expect that this guy would be so capable of collecting six cats. If there was one more, then this guy should be able to summon Shenlong, right?

Unfortunately, there was no Dragon Ball in this world, or else, Miyahara would tease Sorata that way.

"Don't say such misleading things! People might think I belong to Sakurasou, right? And if the members of Sakurasou hear it, they might also misunderstand you!"

Sorata was embarrassed by Miyahara's words, and looked around, and found out that the girls nearby looked at him with disgust while the boys were looking at him with a weird expression, at this moment, he was wondering where was his popularity that he had gotten in the morning before.

"Good grief... at that time, I really should..."

Nanami looked at Sorata, who was arguing with Miyahara next to him, remembering the day when they met Hikari (a stray cat that was picked by Sorata) before, and suddenly felt regret why she didn't stop him at that time.


It was on the holiday afternoon, Nanami and Sorata had just gone back from school, and on the way back, they encountered a white fur kitten, which had just been abandoned right after it was born.

"I have decided. I will take her back with me!" Sorata said while holding a cat in his hand, from his expression, nothing would change his decision.

Nanami remembered that those were the words that were said by Sorata to her at that time.

"But cats aren't allowed in the regular dorm." Nanami persuaded Sorata at that time.

"I will find her an owner as soon as I can. I'm just going to hold onto her until then."

Her persuasion didn't work and Sorata's eyes were completely focused on the kitten in his arms.

"If you haven't found it?"

However, Nanami was still in doubt of Sorata's decision since she felt that it was too reckless.

"I will leave that for when the time comes."

Sorata had made up his mind and didn't care about anyone's opinion.

When Nanami looked at Sorata, she knew very well that he had never thought of the future at all, and now, he only cared about the kitten in his hand.

So, in the end..., Nanami couldn't stop Sorata, on that day, Sorata brought back the white kitten whose name was Hikari.

Then, until the moment Sorata was discovered by the school to keep a cat in the regular dorm in the principal's office, he was given two choices, but Nanami didn't expect that he was still...

"I chose to move to Sakurasou with this cat!"

Nanami understood that if Sorata didn't send the cat away, he would never be able to return to the regular dorm, but she was also helpless.


Nanami finished her memories and turned to look at Sorata, who was still arguing.

"But since I have kept Hikari, I keep finding cardboard boxes filled with cats! Meow, meow, meow, meow! I can't leave them like that!" Sorata was full of frustration, telling his grief to his friends.


Shishio was dumbfounded and wondering whether Sorata wanted to ask the group of cats to bark or talk in human language.

If the cats could talk in human language, then they would scream: "Kanda, don't touch us! We don't need you to adopt us! No one is forcing you to adopt us, bastard!"

Shishio had a feeling that the cats would say to Sorata if they were able to talk in human language.

"Man, I am telling you, it's a curse." Miyahara looked at Sorata, who was about to get crazy.

"I don't care whether it is a blessing or a curse! I can't leave them out there!" Sorata said in an exaggerated way.


Nanami looked at Sorata helplessly, after all, it was Kanda Sorata, who she had known for a long time, so she still knew about his personality, and in some senses, he was indeed a weird guy.

"At any rate, if you really want to get out of there, you need to think about it clearly.

"Well, I know, but..."

"Ah, by the way, Kanda-kun, this is for you. It was left out from the place where I worked. In truth, I am not really supposed to, but they said just this once."

Nanami suddenly took out the fish cakes that she asked for from the place where she worked from her drawer to Sorata.

"Wow, thank you, Aoyama. How many jobs do you have again? Does Seiyuu (voice actor) school cost that much?"

Sorata was surprised and looked at the thing that was given by Nanami to him, and he knew that he could use it for the foods for his cats later at night, but then he remembered that Nanami had been doing a lot of jobs

Sorata had heard about Nanami's dream before, and she hoped to become a Seiyuu (voice actor), so she came to Tokyo from Osaka. Not only did she continue to attend classes during the day, but she also worked hard on a few parts.-time jobs during the rest of her spare time, and went to the Seiyuu school too.

"Well, kind of, but in truth, it is because there are more opportunities in Tokyo, so although the tuition is very expensive, the Seiyuu school here is better, and I also have the opportunity to dub Kamiigusa-senpai's anime. For ordinary people, this is a very rare experience," Nanami said with a smile, but in her eyes, there was some exhaustion, that no one noticed.

"Then, or maybe... you should just live in Sakurasou, there will be Kamiigusa-senpai and Mitaka-senpai there..." Sorata looked at Nanami who was full of longing for dreams, and his mind was slightly shaken since he knew that Nanami was better than himself...