Chapter 50 - Heroines After Heroines

Chapter 50 of 50 chapters

"Ugh.. this and that is a different matter..."

Nanami looked at Sorata who made the suggestion awkwardly.??

"I am not as talented as Kamiigusa-senpai and the others. The small step they take is often a big step for ordinary people, and I... I need to work hard."

Nanami looked at the sky outside the window, although, she said that, she was still full of confusion about her future, especially after she knew how cruel reality was.

When Nanami told her parents about her dream to become a voice actor, she was full of confidence and even fought against her father since she believed that she could become a famous voice actor and received a lot of jobs as long as she worked hard, but everything changed after she came to Tokyo. Even if she doubled her efforts, she could feel the difference between ordinary people and geniuses.

Sorata looked at Nanami and couldn't help but think about himself. When he heard Nanami's words, he couldn't help but feel the difference between him and the people around him, especially Misaki-senpai and Mitaka-senpai, Kawai-senpai, and even Shiro-san.

From storyboarding, drawing, editing, and coloring, Misaki could take care of the entire anime production by herself and that anime was even being commercialized.

Mitaka was also quite a good scriptwriter and he was in charge of Misaki's anime script.

Although Kawai was just a bibliophile, it was said that she had read enough books to fill up an entire library.

Although Shiro-san was a pervert, he was already a novelist in a well-known publishing house, but Sorata didn't know this matter yet.

'And there is...'

Sorata turned his head and looked at Shishio, who seemed to be very sleepy behind him. He could see that Shishio didn't seem like an ordinary person, especially when Shishio's entrance score exam was the highest in the history of the school.

When Sorata thought about himself, although he lived in Sakurasou, he was forced to move in because he couldn't abandon Hikari (Sorata's cat) and when he compared himself with everyone on the Sakurasou, he felt that he was just an ordinary person. Hence why, compared to the rumor about Sakurasou being the den of weirdos, the reason why he moved out was because of his inferiority complex.

Sorata looked at Shishio, who had stayed at Sakurasou just a day earlier than him, and he could already feel the gap between them.


Shishio, who was bored, listening to Sorata's conversation, felt a bit sleepy, but then he heard someone call out his name.

"Hello, are you Oga-kun? I am Nana Sunohara, can we exchange email addresses?"

Shishio turned and saw a beautiful girl with a voluptuous yet slender body figure, but the reason why he was a bit surprised wasn't because of her beautiful face or voluptuous body, but rather because of her tan skin.

'Is it gyaru style?'

Shishio had read about the fashion magazine on the convenience store before that it seemed Gyaru style was quite popular among high school students, and at the same, he was surprised that...


Shishio was dumbfounded and wondering whether it was because of Nana's tan skin that he received a luxurious beach resort.

"What's wrong? Is there something on Nana's face?" Nana asked curiously while touching her face.

Shishio almost forgot and quickly said, "Sorry, Sunohara-san, it is my first time to see a girl with gyaru style, by the way, my name is Shishio Oga, nice to meet you."

"Eh? Really? So has Nana taken your first time?" Nana asked with a teasing smile.

"...If you say something like that, you're going to misunderstand the people around us," Shishio said with a speechless expression.

Nana chuckled and said, "It's hilarious, but is it your first time to see gyaru?"

"Yes, in Kyoto, I have never seen a girl with gyaru style," Shishio said.

"Eh? Really? You're from Kyoto? That's kind of cool!" Nana seemed to be very excited when she heard that Shishio was from Kyoto, but then there was one important question that she needed to ask, "So what do you think? Do I look great?"

Shishio looked at Nana, who tried to put on a cute pose, and he had to admit that this girl was very charming.

"Yes, you're a very charming girl, Sunohara-san."

Nana blushed and felt a bit shy. "It's a bit embarrassing if you praise me like that, by the way, you can call me Nana, and can I call you, Shishio?"

"Why not?"

Both of them talked to each other and exchanged contacts with each other.

But when they were talking to each other, they didn't realize that there were a lot of people who looked at them with various gazes.

Nanami, who was quite close, was quite surprised when she heard that Shishio was coming from Kyoto and felt some kind of intimacy since they were from the Kansai region.

On the other hand, Sorata showed jealousy since Nana was one of the most popular girls, and he also had known her since middle school, but he had never talked to her, or rather, she might not have shown an interest in an ordinary student like him. He felt a bit bitter, wondering where his popularity in the morning had gone.

When Shishio talked with Nana, he also noticed that there was a message on his phone and he could tell that it was from Miu that he had met in the bookstore before. He could tell that Miu had sent the message last night, but last night...

Shishio was a bit helpless when he thought about last night since a lot of things had happened. He thought about replying to Miu's message, but another message suddenly came.


Shishio looked at another message and saw that it was from Chihiro.

Nana also looked at Shishio's phone curiously and asked, "Is it from your girlfriend?"

"No, it is from my aunt," Shishio said.

Chihiro: "Shishio, I don't care whether you're busy or not, come to the teaching room, hurry up!"


Nana, who read the message, couldn't help but ask, "Your aunt is a teacher here?"


Shishio massaged his temple since his aunt was too domineering, right?

Looking at Shishio's reaction, Nana asked, "Do you want me to come with you?"

"No, it is alright, I don't want to trouble you and you should sit down and the teacher is coming," Shishio said.

"Ugh..." Nana really had fun, talking before, and felt a bit annoyed that the teacher was coming. "See you later, Shishio."

Shishio only waved his hand and then looked at Miu's message.

Miu: "Good evening, Oga-kun. My name is Ashihara Miu and we have met at the bookstore before. First, I want to say thank you for buying that novel for me and if it isn't a problem when you're free, can we meet each other? I want to repay you for buying me a novel before."

Shishio smiled when he thought about Miu. He then replied by apologizing first since he couldn't reply to her immediately, then told her that it would be alright to meet each other during the weekend.

Shishio then quickly put his phone in the pocket and saw his homeroom teacher introducing herself.

"Hello everyone, I am Koharu Shirayama. I will be your homeroom teacher and now the class will start..."


"You're late, Shishio!"

Chihiro looked at her nephew angrily, after sending the text for so long, he only came right now which made her annoyed, even though she had told him that it was very urgent.

"Chihiro-nee, you should know that today is the first day of school and there's no way that I can skip the class," Shishio said helplessly, but then, he noticed that Chihiro's mood was quite wrong.

"What's wrong? Are there any problems during the entrance ceremony?"

"Well, there is no problem with the entrance ceremony, but I didn't meet a suitable man." Chihiro sighed helplessly, although her mother urged her to marry, when she hadn't met the right one, there was nothing that she could do.

"Although I have met a few good men, they are all either married or divorced men, but of course, I have already exchanged contacts with them."


Shishio frowned, and let out a sigh. "Chihiro-nee, although I know that you're in hurry, this is too..." He felt that it was too painful to see Chihiro who wanted to marry as soon as possible, without caring even though the man had married. He then shook his head and said, "Chihiro-nee, let's stop talking about your husband candidates, can you tell me why are you looking at me?" He didn't even want to listen to Chihiro's story about her adventure to get her husband candidates and he was sure that if he told his mother about this, his mother would pull Chihiro's ear without mercy while slapping her bountiful ass.

"Oh, right! I almost forgot to tell you."

Chihiro finally remembered why Shishio appeared here since she had been thinking about how to make a blind date appointment with the few good men that she met before.


Shishio sometimes wondered why this woman couldn't even marry even though she was so beautiful.

"Here, take this."

Chihiro rummaged on her handbag for a while, found a photo, and handed it to Shishio.

Shishio raised his eyebrow, and he was quite surprised inwardly after he saw the photo that was given by Chihiro.

In the photo, there was a picture of a lovely girl with a white straw hat sitting quietly on the beach, wearing white underclothes and a light blue dress, in a trance, staring at the camera.

Shishio could see that the fallen leaves in the picture seemed to be moving by the breeze, and the girl in the photo stared blankly as if she was watching him, who was looking at her picture.

'Shiina Mashiro...'

Shishio instantly remembered this name since it was the main heroine and he had to admit that this girl was very cute, but at the same time, he was wondering whether he was going to take away the protagonist's girlfriend from the plot?

Shishio felt a bit sorry for Sorata, but when he thought about what Sorata had done to Shiina Mashiro... he felt that he needed to protect this girl.

"Although she is quite cute, she isn't your child, right, Chihiro-nee?" Shishio asked.

"Do you want to die?" Chihiro glared at Shishio when he asked this question.

"I was joking, sorry."

"Hmph!" Chihiro snorted and said, "She is from England and her name is Shiina Mashiro, can you pick her up? She's going to move to Sakurasou."


Shishio knew that Chihiro was too lazy to pick Shiina so Chihiro left the task to him which made him helpless.

"She'll be in front of the station at six, you should pick her up after school," Chihiro said.

Shishio nodded and said, "Okay, Chihiro-nee, is that all?" He looked at Chihiro, who started to flip through the magazine and compared it with other busy teachers around, he had to admit that this woman really knew how to enjoy her job.

"That's all, but..." Chihiro suddenly smelled a girl's perfume on Shishio's body.

"What's wrong?" Shishio asked with confused expressions.

"Nothing, don't forget to pick her up," Chihiro said and waved her hand since she didn't have a right to forbid him to date a girl right at the beginning of school.

Shishio nodded and put the photo in his pocket. He was about to go out, he said, "Chihiro-nee."

"Hmm?" Chihiro didn't look up and kept flipping her magazine.

"I am sure that you'll meet your right one so don't be in hurry and move at your own pace," Shishio said with a gentle smile.

Chihiro looked up and was about to say something, but she hesitated and nodded. She then looked at Shishio's back and somehow hoped that he wasn't her nephew and that he was born 10 years earlier then she wouldn't need to think hard about how to find her husband now. She let out a sigh then started to flip the magazine again so she could show her best appearance on the blind date later.