Chapter 8 - Decision 1

Chapter 8 of 50 chapters

Looking at the back of the girl, Shishio was wondering why he accepted the request of the girl so easily.

However, when he thought about the reward that he might get from the system, he felt that it was too foolish for him to reject it.??

The rewards that he had gotten were 500 million yen, "Japanese Food Cooking Mastery", and "double physical ability".

Shishio had to admit the rewards that he had received were very rich, however, he needed to watch out for himself since he wasn't sure whether this girl was dangerous or not, after all, a woman was a natural actress and she might fool him.


As an investor, there was always one thing that he remembered...

High risk, high return.

Shishio knew that the risk might be high, but the return would be very rich so without hesitation...

Shishio accepted the reward without hesitation and he could feel that his body became stronger. He felt that his body was full of energy and at the same time, his body had become slightly buffed and taller. He touched his stomach and could feel the eight packs which surprised him. He wanted to check it, but he knew that it wasn't the time.

Surprisingly enough, Shishio was also able to adjust to the new strength within his body instantly and it was as if he was born with this strong body.

Shishio was sure that with this double physical ability, his body was able to match those top-class athletes easily.

Shishio knew that another path had been created for him and he was wondering whether he should become a professional athlete.

Luckily, his clothes were quite baggy so no one noticed the change in himself.

However, even if someone didn't notice the change in his body, if someone looked closely, they would notice that he had become taller, bigger, and manlier than before, but it was natural since his physical ability was doubled.

When Shishio could feel the change on his body, he didn't need to feel worried anymore.

In his mind, there were two scenarios that could happen when this girl decided to ask him to ask a little favor.

The first one was that this girl asked him to be her fake boyfriend.

It might be cliche, but it often happens.

The second one was that this girl might lead him somewhere, then asked a group of people to beat him up, however, with his physical ability being doubled, he didn't need to worry about that.

Even if he couldn't defeat that group of people, he could run away easily.

However, Shishio didn't expect that he would meet the third scenario...


During the trip, Shishio and the girl didn't say anything, however, he was dumbfounded when this girl suddenly led him into an apartment.

"Come in," the girl said calmly.


Shishio was dumbfounded and kept following the girl. He could see that he had arrived in an apartment and he also had entered this girl's apartment. From the size alone, he could tell that she was living with her family.

"What is this place?"

"This is my apartment." The girl looked at him and said, "Oh, right, what's your name?"


Shishio was speechless, but he also forgot to ask the name of this girl.

"My name is Shishio Oga, what about you?"

"Shishio Oga..."

The girl looked at Shishio from up to down and felt that he had changed somehow, but she didn't think too much.

"My name is Tachibana Rui."

"I see..." Shishio nodded and asked, "Should I add "-senpai", "-neesan", or "-san" in your name Tachibana-san?" He was one year younger than Rui after all, and he knew that as someone who was younger, he should add those suffixes that he mentioned above when he called her name.

Hearing Shishio's question, Rui thought for a while and asked, "How about you call me by those suffixes one by one?"


Shishio felt ridiculous by this request, but he followed her request.

"Tachibana-senpai? Tachibana-neesan?"

"Hmm... how about you call me Rui-nee?"


"Is it alright to call your first name directly?" Shishio was confused since he knew that unless someone was very close to each other, it was almost impossible for someone in this country to call someone else's name by their first name, though, there was a special case, but he was too lazy to explain about that matter since it would take a very long paragraph.

"Yes." Rui nodded.

"Then Rui-nee?" Shishio said while tilting his head. He was very confused at that moment.


Shishio was wondering why this girl seemed to be happy when he called her that.

"Then I will call you Shishio-kun."


Shishio didn't really mind for someone to call him by his first name.

"No one is coming back yet. My room is this way."

After confirming each other's names, Rui brought Shishio to her room.

However, Shishio frowned since he somehow remembered this plot somewhere. He shook his head and in the end, he didn't think too much. He followed Rui and entered her room.

When he entered, he saw her sit down on her bed while staring at him.

Rui's expression was very solemn and so distant, staring at Shishio, who showed a confused expression on his face.

"Shishio-kun, listen."


"Will you have sex with me?"


Shishio was stunned for a second and held his head, however, before he reacted, Rui kept talking without waiting for his response.

"If you don't want to, you can leave."

Rui didn't look at him this time and looked down, trying to avoid his gaze.

Even if Shishio was a man with a lot of experience, he was dumbfounded when he met this kind of situation since it was his first time for someone to ask this kind of favor in this life and his previous life.

After a moment of hesitation, Shishio asked, "...Can I ask you why?"

"I just want to try it."


"Like everyone else... Those who know talk down to those who don't, right? Like "you wouldn't know yet". I want to know what it's like, or they'll keep treating me like a child, and I can't properly talk to them about it.

"I thought of going to a mixer after school break, however, since I met you, I had decided to ask you to help me."

From that moment, Rui said those words she had never looked at Shishio, and her eyes kept staring at the floor calmly as if she didn't care about losing her first time at all.

"I know that you're supposed to do it with someone you love and you have also said to me that it is good to preserve myself for someone I love in the future, however, I don't have anyone I love and I am not going to either."

"...You're quite pessimistic. You're beautiful and I am sure that there are some boys who will confess to you and say "I love you" in the future," Shishio said sincerely.

"I don't want to date those boys who are only attracted by my appearance, nor do I want to lose my first time to those kind shallow boys."

Even though Rui wanted to lose her first time, she didn't want to choose a random person.

"..But why me? I almost forgot to tell you, but I am also a virgin."

Shishio didn't think that there was something wrong with telling this girl that he was a virgin and he was wondering why the people in this country always thought that a virgin was harmful or something.

It felt like if someone was a virgin in this country, it meant that they had received an acute disease or something worse which made him speechless.

Rui seemed quite surprised, but she was glad when she knew that Shishio was a virgin.

"I am glad to know that you're a virgin."

Rui then looked at Shishio and asked, "Or do you want to preserve yourself for someone that you love?"

Shaking his head, Shishio said, "I don't have someone that I love right now." He thought for a while and didn't think that the previous Shishio Oga had someone that he loved besides his aunt and he couldn't take a child promise to marry his aunt as something serious after all, but then, he remembered that the previous Shishio Oga also had a female friend in Kyoto, but he didn't think too much since he had moved to Tokyo and he also remembered that a female friend had transferred somewhere too.

Rui looked at Shishio and said, "I didn't want to be scored like another prize by people with a lot of experience so please tell me your answer."

Shishio didn't answer Rui immediately but also stared at Rui and even though this girl pretended to be calm and cool, he could see that her eyes flickered, showing how nervous she was and he wasn't sure why, he felt that he might have lost something if he decided to reject this girl, however, he also didn't want to become a scumbag.

Shishio thought for a while and made up his decision.