Chapter 9 - Decision 2

Chapter 9 of 50 chapters

Staring at this reflection in the mirror, Shishio wouldn't expect that he would lose his virginity this way. He washed his hands while thinking whether he had made the right decision. He shook his head and decided not to think too much since he felt that Rui might decide to rethink her decision.

It was also the reason why he decided to go to the toilet.??

Shishio took a black hair tie from his pocket and tied his long hair into a ponytail since he felt that his long hair was very troublesome. He had to admit that this country was very free since his aunt didn't even say anything even though his hair was very long.

After five minutes, Shishio decided to return to Rui's room and at the same time, he was wondering where her parents were.

When Shishio entered her room, their eyes happened to meet each other.

"Have you tied your hair?" Rui asked and at the same time, she really had to admit this guy was very handsome.

"Long hair is troublesome so I have always brought a hair tie," Shishio said.

"I see..." Rui nodded and said, "That's also the reason why I have cut my hair short." While saying that, she took off her socks.

Shishio walked toward Rui and when he was about to ask whether she would rethink her decision, he decided to keep his mouth shut since he could tell that she was serious that she wanted to lose her first time no matter what.

Shishio thought for a while and said, "Right, I know that we have decided to take each other for the first time, but I haven't prepared anything." It might be alright for both of them to do it directly, however, he didn't want to get this girl pregnant by accident.

In this world, it was his first time doing this kind of thing and he was afraid that there might be some mistakes when he did it with Rui so he wanted to wear a condom, but he didn't bring one.


"..Like a condom?"


Rui took something from her pocket then showed it to Shishio.

"Do you mean this?"


Shishio felt weird and asked, "Why do you have it?"

"You don't need to think too much. It's popular among high school girls to keep a condom as a good luck charm or something and for you know, my friend gives it to me," Rui said. She gave the condom to Shishio and continued to take off her clothes.

"I don't know how to use it so I'll leave it to you."


Shishio stared at the condom for a while and wondered whether it would fit, but then he realized that Rui almost took off her bra.

"Wait a moment!"

Rui stopped and looked at Shishio curiously.

"I might be younger than you, but I am a man so please let me take the lead."

Shishio felt that it was too irresponsible to leave everything to Rui and as a man, he should be the one who led in this situation, after all, she would lose her first time after this and he was sure that unsure or something.

In this situation, Shishio should have made her feel secure and made her not feel regret since she had chosen to lose her virginity to him.

Hearing Shishio's words, Rui showed a light smile and nodded.


Rui then laid on the bed, waiting for Shishio to take the lead.

It might be his imagination, but when he saw her smile it made him mesmerize for a moment. He took a deep breath and knew that there was no turning back. He walked toward her and moved above her, staring at her beautiful face.

When Shishio was about to take off her bra, Rui asked, "Do you know how to unhook my bra?"

"Well, I have read it in a magazine so I should be alright."

"Is that so? Then I will leave everything to you."

"Leave it to me."

Shishio nodded then gently took off Rui's bra, but when he saw her bare breasts, he was stunned since it was so beautiful.

Rui's size was bigger than in his imagination and her pink nipples were standing straight, making him want to suck it right away.

Shishio quickly erased his dirty thought and knew that he might have fallen into a scumbag, but he made his decision that it would be the last time and he would never do this kind of thing in the future.

But then...

Shishio ignored the notification on his mind since all of his focus was on this girl.

Rui blushed when she saw him, kept staring at her breasts, and unable to look away.

"...It's embarrassing if I am the one who is naked here..."

"...Sor... Sorry! I didn't expect you to be so beautiful."

Shishio thought that Rui's body was really beautiful, especially when no one had touched her before.

"...Is.. is that so?" Rui looked away and wondered why this guy always threw him off. She also wondered whether this guy was really a virgin, but when she was turning her head, she realized that he took off his clothes at that moment.

Rui was stunned and couldn't look away since his body was too good, right?

"...Can I touch your body?"

Hearing Rui's question, in truth, Shishio was also amazed by his body since his muscles were very amazing. His muscles weren't that big, but on the lean side, however, everyone who saw his body could tell that his body was very strong, especially when his muscles showed a clear streamline on every part of his body.


Rui then extended her soft hands, touching Shishio's chest.

"It's hard..."

Rui kept moving her hand, from his chest, nipples, his stomach, until she noticed a huge bulge on his pants, and at the same time, she noticed the eyes of the predator that was looking at its prey. She quickly looked away, but it didn't mean she hated it, or rather, she felt that she wanted to do it as soon as possible.

"Can I kiss you?" Shishio asked.


Rui nodded without hesitation.

Shishio moved closer and stole Rui's first kiss.

Shishio received another notification, but he ignored it again. He kissed Rui's lips gently before he started to nibble her lips and inserted his tongue inside.

Rui moaned and kept touching Shishio's body since this kiss was too good for her. Even though it was her first time, she also tried to mimic what he had done to her, but even so, she was quite clumsy at it and her movement was quite jerky.

At the same time, Shishio also started to touch Rui's body.

His right hand was on her breast and his left hand was sliding downward toward her private area.

At that time, Shishio also received another notification, but he ignored it again. He was wondering whether he could turn off the notification since it started to get annoying.


Rui's body jerked out and she kept moaning hard as if she had let out something.

Shishio knew that Rui had come and known that it was the time since his body was very hot at this moment and it took all of his will to think straight at this moment.

"Ha... Ha... Ha..."

Rui laid on the bed weakly after she experienced something that she had never felt before. She had to admit that his touches were amazing and at the same time, she was annoyed.

Both of them were virgins, but why was she the one that was massacred?

"Take off your pants!"

Rui's tone was quite bossy at that moment and it was as if telling him that he couldn't reject her request no matter what.

Shishio didn't say much and took off his pants, showing his penis right in front of Rui. In truth, he also felt a bit amazed by the size of his penis since he didn't expect that his size was around 18 cm even though he was a freshman.

(The size isn't as exaggerated as I usually write since this size is the perfect size for every woman since being too big isn't that good. He's also very young at the moment and he can still grow bigger).

"..It's so big..."

Rui was amazed and wondered whether it would fit her place, however, she had some urge to touch it.

"...Can I touch it?"


Shishio nodded and didn't see any harm when this girl wanted to touch his little brother.

Rui then extended her hand slowly and touched his shaft with her soft and little hand. She then moved her hand up and down, trying to clearly feel the thing that was about to enter her body.

"It's so hot..."

Rui was amazed and really wondered whether this thing could really enter her body, however, she was wondering why she wanted this thing to enter her body as soon as possible.

Rui then noticed something and asked, "Why is yours a bit different?"

"What do you mean?" Shishio was confused.

"From what I have learned and heard, on the guy's penis, there is a foreskin, right? I don't see that in your penis," Rui said while touching Shishio's little brother's head.

Shishio flinched, but he tried to answer Rui's question calmly.

"It's part of my family's tradition to have a circumcision so it'll be easy to be cleaned and there won't be residue from my pee or other dirt since it might cause a smell or other diseases," Shishio said.

In truth, Shishio was quite surprised when he saw that his penis had a circumcision since it was very rare for the people in this country to have one, however, when he thought about his grandpa in this world, he felt that it was quite normal and he was also glad that he didn't need to enter the hospital to do one.

"Clean, huh?" Rui nodded and said, "I guess, that's true since I have heard from my friend that a lot of guys have a smelly penis." She almost forgot about what they were about to do since the information that she had received was too amazing, at the same time, she had to admit that the penis that had a circumcision was quite pleasing to her eyes since the foreskin of the penis was quite ugly in her opinion.

(If the reader has a different opinion, then you don't need to comment, alright? I don't want to have a discussion about penises, but the author feels that being circumcised is better since in the end, when you have sex, you will pull your foreskin, but if you're being circumcised, you don't need to do that and you can clean it easily).

Rui kept touching his penis and couldn't help but say, "It's very hard."

"It's hard because you're so charming," Shishio said and felt very uncomfortable being teased by this girl for a long time.

Rui then looked at Shishio and said, "I have a feeling that you'll become a playboy after this."

Shishio shook his head and said, "No, I don't plan to date someone in the high school since I want to focus on studying." He didn't plan to become a scumbag anymore since he had found a loophole in his system.

"Is that so?"

Rui wasn't why, but she smiled at that moment.

Shishio then took the condom and put it on his little brother. It felt a bit tight, but it should be alright.

Shishio then looked at Rui and said, "I will start now."


Rui had made up her decision and nodded without hesitation. She closed her eyes since she was nervous, but then her lips were kissed once again. At that moment, she didn't hesitate and hugged him directly since the more they kissed her, the more she felt secure she was, however...


Rui felt something big had entered her body and pierced her hymen easily.

After Shishio pierced Rui's hymen, he didn't continue to move and looked at Rui, who was crying.

"..Don't move.. and keep kissing me.."

Hearing her feeble voice, Shishio didn't waste his time and after he wiped the tears on her face, he kissed her lips to ease her pain.

Even though he felt tempted to move since it felt really good to be inside her, he knew that she was hurt and he needed to be patient.

It was 10 minutes later Rui started to move her waist and her hands hugged him tightly, without letting him go, feeling the pleasure that she had never felt before.

Shishio didn't need to ask and he knew that the pain on Rui had disappeared and all that was left was the pleasure of a woman.

At that very moment, neither of them held back to each other and they had let go of their reason and logic, became an animal that was moved by a desire and an instinct.