Chapter 100 - The Idol of 1.32 million fans, Lin Fan! (17) _ 1

Chapter 100 of 299 chapters

The next day, the trending topics on Weibo were still discussing Lin Fan’s acting.

After a night, the reputation of the Joy of Life underwent a huge change.

There were almost no haters of Joy of Life.

The popularity of this drama had already reached six trending topics on Weibo. One could imagine how popular this drama was.

It wasn’t just the trending topics on Weibo. People even uploaded scenes of Lin Fan acting as the male lead of Joy of Life onto Zhihu’s trending topics list and the pilipili app.

In an instant, countless spectators appeared, all of them praising Lin Fan’s acting skills.

“Why do I feel like Lin Fan’s acting skills are like those of a veteran actor? They’re even better than those of a veteran actor.”

“That’s right. Lin Fan’s acting skills aren’t weak in front of veteran actors at all. His acting skills are really amazing. I remember that some time ago, Teacher Wu and Teacher Chen on Weibo praised Lin Fan. These two veteran actors’ acting skills and character are quite good. They both praised Lin Fan like that. Now, we can see that Lin Fan’s acting skills are indeed very good.”

“It’s just that the episodes are updated too slowly. Why are there only three episodes? It’s not enough.”

“The post-production and scenes of this drama are all the most perfect. Also, from my perspective as a music professional, only a master-level music scorer can produce such background music!”

“Especially this theme song. It’s called A Will Forever. It’s written very well and sounds very nice. I wonder who sang it.” After only one night, the reputation of the television drama “Joy of Life” soared!

Three episodes were uploaded that night, and there were already 300 million views on iQiyi and Tencent Arts!

It had only been a night, but there were already so many views.

Many people were curious about this television drama, and many people started to be attracted to it.

Lin Fan’s acting skills had become a highlight for countless viewers.

Of course, Xia Wanqiu, Su Xiaoyu, Xu Yang, and the others’ acting skills were pretty good.

The changes in scenes and some changes in style, as well as emotional foreshadowing and personification of characters were undoubtedly the most perfect.

It could be said without exaggeration that the drama, Joy of Life, had already become the television drama with the best personification of characters in the history of national television dramas other than the dramas adapted from the four great classical novels!

It was very difficult to surpass the four great classical novels, and the dramas adapted from them were also very classic.

Faced with the stagnant waters of the entire country’s television dramas that were filled with divine dramas, the sudden emergence of “Joy of Life”, the perfect acting skills of the actors and its incredible production team, made it rush to 300 million views in an instant.

This was only three episodes. There were still many people who did not know how good this television drama was.

The moment Joy of Life started broadcasting, its popularity had already reached tens of millions!

The popularity was over ten million, and the views reached 300 million!

Of course, this didn’t mean that 300 million people had seen the TV series. It was just a calculation method for iQiyi and Tencent Arts.

But none of the television dramas before “Joy of Life” had such an effect.

It became extremely popular overnight! It was completely popular!

The audience could not even find any flaws in this television drama,

The only flaw… was that when Xu Yang acted with Lin Fan, his looks were completely crushed.

Yuehua Entertainment.

When Lin Fan arrived at the company, there was a series of cheers in the company.

“Lin Fan is too handsome. Lin Fan, if it wasn’t for you, our television series wouldn’t have been so popular. After all, you were the one who wrote the script and helped with the director’s work. There was also the post-production editing and dubbing. They were all amazing. No part of the film’s production could do without you. You even acted as the male lead. The key is that you acted so well.”

“Yeah, Lin Fan is so handsome. Even though we’re from the same company, I’m already your fan. Lin Fan, you’ll definitely be a big star in the future!”

“I worship Lin Fan. Is there really such an outstanding person in the world? There really is… because he’s standing in front of me!”

Many celebrities looked at Lin Fan with admiration.

Not to mention these celebrities, even Director Lu Benkai could not imagine that it would be so popular.

This was simply… a miracle!

In the entire country, there had never been such a history.

The television drama exploded into popularity!

Even the actors in the television dramas were all extremely popular.

This was the victory of the entire team.

And this victory could not do without Lin Fan.

“Alright, alright. There’s no need to praise me like that. It’s just a television drama.”

“The success of this television series cannot do without all of our efforts. Whether it’s the actors, Director Lu, Brother Liu, or CEO Li, they have helped us a lot,” said Lin Fan with a smile. He wouldn’t take all the credit for it.

Lin Fan was still very good at conducting himself. What he said was right. If a television drama wanted to succeed, it was impossible to rely on Lin Fan alone.

As for the director, post-production, and dubbing, Lin Fan didn’t try to steal the credit. This was what Lu Benkai, Xue Kexin, and the others deserved.

As for him, just being the male lead alone and writing such an outstanding script was enough to bring him a lot of fame and fortune.

“That’s different, Lin Fan. Although the success of the television series is the result of all of our hard work, you’re the initiator of this television series. You’re the soul of Joy of Life.”

“I finally understand why CEO Li likes you so much. You’re simply an all-rounder talent. How can anyone not like you?” Lu Benkai smiled.

“Of course, Lin Fan is really amazing,” Xue Kexin said.

Xia Wanqiu stood beside Lin Fan and looked at him quietly. Unknowingly, Lin Fan had become so outstanding

With Lin Fan around, Xia Wanqiu always felt very safe.

At least in this entertainment industry, no one dared to bully her any more.

With Lin Fan around, Xia Wanqiu felt that she wasn’t afraid of anything. She didn’t have to be afraid in the entertainment industry anymore.

At that moment, Su Xiaoyu walked in front of Lin Fan and exclaimed, “Master, look at your number of Weibo fans. They’re increasing continuously.”

“I saw that you only had 10,000 fans yesterday, but now you actually have so many fans!”

Su Xiaoyu looked at her phone. She was focused on Lin Fan and his fan count. She felt that it was unbelievable.

In just one night…

Lin Fan’s Weibo fan count had gone from 10,000 to 1.32 million! He had gained a million fans overnight! And these fans were all loyal fans.

Under Lin Fan’s comments, they apologized and praised him.

They felt very sorry for what they had done previously.

Therefore, they had now become Lin Fan’s hardcore fans!

These fans had already treated Lin Fan as their idol!