Chapter 110 - Master’s Singing Is Too Outstanding, Su Xiaoyu Worships Him_1

Chapter 110 of 299 chapters

Chapter 110 Master’s Singing Is Too Outstanding, Su Xiaoyu Worships Him_1

In the car.

Su Xiaoyu and Lin Fan sat together. Su Xiaoyu looked at Lin Fan and said in surprise, “Master, I admire you so much ~ Let me suck up to you. How can you sing so well?” Lin Fan smiled. “Didn’t I just sing a song? The theme song for Joy of Life isn’t really that nice. After all, it was written to match the entire television drama.”

Su Xiaoyu stuck out her tongue. “Master, you know how good people can be when they sing well. It’s a pity that I’m born tone-deaf.”

Lin Fan smiled. “That’s right. You only know how to woof.”

Su Xiaoyu glared at Lin Fan like a dog and said, “Ahwooh, Master, I’m a dog. The dog is going to bite you ~”

“Master, Master, sing me another song,” Su Xiaoyu pestered Lin Fan.

“What do you want to hear?” Lin Fan smiled.

“Just sing any song. Anyway, Master’s songs are all nice. I can even listen to them on repeat!” Su Xiaoyu said.

“Then I’ll sing you a song. It’s called ‘Love Confession’,” said Lin Fan with a smile as he started to sing in the car.

The moment Lin Fan spoke, Su Xiaoyu looked at him in shock.

Was this master’s true strength? Was this how Master looked like when he sang a love song?

This song… was so sweet that Su Xiaoyu cried.

Su Xiaoyu was already infatuated with him. How could there be anyone who could sing so well?

Even Jay Chou couldn’t sing as well as Lin Fan, right?

Previously, when he was singing the theme song, A Will Forever, Su Xiaoyu thought that it was very nice, but it had not reached this stage.

Now that Lin Fan was singing a love song, Su Xiaoyu finally experienced Lin Fan’s singing ability “Master is so handsome ~ ~ His songs are so nice too. I love it,” Su Xiaoyu said. The theme song A Will Forever was not a lyrical song. The song Love Confession had already convinced Su Xiaoyu.

“It’s alright. I just wrote that song recently,” said Lin Fan with a smile.

“Master, you’re so outstanding. How can I find a boyfriend in the future?” Su Xiaoyu held her cheeks and looked at the scenery outside the car window.

“Other guys aren’t as handsome or outstanding as you. They don’t even know how to cook or sing as well as you,” Su Xiaoyu said seriously.

After spending so much time with Lin Fan, she knew how amazing he was.

Having spent so much time with such a handsome guy, Su Xiaoyu would probably not like other guys any more.

Was there a boy who was more versatile than Lin Fan?

Just Lin Fan’s delicious cooking alone had already charmed many girls.

“What’s so good about dating? First, earn more money. When you’re financially independent, you can do whatever you want,” said Lin Fan with a smile.

Although Lin Fan was quite rich now, this money wasn’t enough. After all, he only had about 80 million in his bank account. It was too little.

Everyone thought that Lin Fan had assets worth tens of billions but in reality, he only had this little money and was very poor.

Those fixed assets belonged to Lin Fan but they couldn’t be sold. Over the past month, Lin Fan had used the system to sign in many times.

It was always a lottery ticket. As for what he got…

The six refrigerators in Lin Fan’s house were filled with Coca-Cola and iced tea. Lin Fan had dozens of one-dollar notes in his wallet. Don’t ask Lin Fan what he had experienced. If he relied on this system, he would probably starve to death.

After the system upgraded to version 2.0, it was said that one could get better things if they completed a mission.

If he did not complete this mission, he would not be able to refresh it and get the next mission. Hence, when he signed in, he could only get some iced tea and coke.

Lin Fan’s second mission was very simple. It was to woo Xia Wanqiu.

Damn it, was it that easy to woo the cat? Even if he wanted to chase after her, now was not the time.

It was because of these reasons that Lin Fan didn’t manage to get anything good. It looked like only after chasing Xia Wanqiu would Lin Fan be able to continue receiving many things by signing in.

With this system, Lin Fan gradually realized that it wasn’t realistic to rely on it to earn a large amount of wealth.

The system would at most give him some fixed assets that could not be sold or some skills. If he wanted to earn money, he had to rely on himself.

After Su Xiaoyu heard that, she went to Lin Fan’s side and asked, “Master, how much money do you have in your bank account?” Lin Fan was stunned. “About 80 million. It’s not a lot.”

When Su Xiaoyu heard that, she said, “Oh, it’s really not a lot. My monthly pocket money is already tens of millions. Last time, Dad even said that he would transfer hundreds of millions to me. I don’t know what’s the point of earning money. Hehe, anyway, I have too much money to spend.” Lin Fan: “…”

Lin Fan felt a little unbalanced. He had worked hard for so long but he only had 80 million dollars in savings. Su Xiaoyu’s monthly pocket money was worth tens of millions or even hundreds of millions.

What the f**k… When did he suddenly have an extra rich lady beside him?

No, Su Xiaoyu was already a super rich woman. She was even the kind of girl with long legs, who was pretty, cute, had small breasts, and was gentle and easy to push down. Most importantly, he could not tell that Su Xiaoyu was so rich usually.

She was already rich to such an extent that she had too much money to spend…

After Lin Fan invested in Joy of Life, he had spent almost all of his money.

Although he had earned some money now, Lin Fan still felt that he was very poor.

He would never have a family status again. The cat or the dog would be richer than him.

How was he to continue playing?

Thinking up to this point, Lin Fan silently sent a WeChat message to Xia Wanqiu.

Xia Wanqiu was sitting in another car in the company. She wasn’t sitting with Lin Fan, mainly because there were too many people taking photos around them.

Lin Fan: “Little Pig, how much savings do you have now?”

(Xia Wanqiu: “Fierce! I’m a cat ~ ~”]

Lin Fan: “Stop being fierce. Hurry up and say it.”

(Xia Wanqiu: “Relying on savings to determine your family status? Then you’re going to lose.”)

Lin Fan: “I don’t have much money either. I only have over 80 million in savings. *sends screenshots of his savings* “.

[Xia Wanqiu: “Meow meow? Then I’ll be on top in the future. You can be on the bottom.”]

(Lin Fan: “???”]

Lin Fan silently looked at the message Xia Wanqiu sent.

It was her savings.

When Lin Fan saw this, he could not help but doubt his life.

He was already a tycoon.

But after seeing his wife’s savings, Lin Fan felt that if he didn’t work hard, he would be suppressed by the cat for the rest of his life.

This concerned the dignity of a man and he had to be on top.

However, how could he exceed Xia Wanqiu’s savings… Her savings were… 300 million!