Chapter 111 - One Day, I Will Take Over The Cat!_1

Chapter 111 of 299 chapters

Chapter 111 One Day, I Will Take Over The Cat!_1

Lin Fan: “If even my wife is richer than me, why should I work? I won’t work in the future. I’ll just be a salted fish.”

[Xia Wanqiu: “Fierce and fierce! Who’s your wife, scum.”)

Lin Fan: ‘We’ve already slept together twice…”

[Xia Wanqiu: “Scram!!”]

[Xia Wanqiu: “Hmph, so you approached me for my money.”) Lin Fan: “No, I’m doing this for both your money and you.”

[Xia Wanqiu: “You’ve become bad now. Bad guy, bad guy. Meow ~ I’m not talking to you anymore.”] Lin Fan: “I’m not teasing you anymore. Do you want to eat tonight?”

(Xia Wanqiu: “Yes! I want to eat…”]

Lin Fan: “No ~”

[Xia Wanqiu: “!!!”]

(Xia Wanqiu: “Let’s cut ties!”]

Lin Fan: “Come to my house tonight and I’ll make you a feast.”

(Xia Wanqiu: “~~~”]

Lin Fan: “You’re not allowed to leave at night.” [Xia Wanqiu: “You’re not allowed to do bad things.”]

Lin Fan: “What bad things?”

(Xia Wanqiu: “Hmph, I’m not going to your house. You’re a bad person. Mommy said girls can’t follow bad people.”]

[Lin Fan: “We won’t call Xiaoyu and Jingjing tonight. It’ll just be the two of us. I’l bring you to watch a movie. I have a huge cinema, a very soft sofa, and a huge bathhouse.”]

(Xia Wanqiu: “I know, I know. We agreed that there will be a feast tonight.”]

[Xia Wanqiu: “I want to eat braised fish ~~”] At night, Lin Fan brought Xia Wanqiu to the Lake Heart Villa.

After entering the villa and having a feast, Lin Fan and Xia Wanqiu went to watch a movie.

In the cinema, Lin Fan and Xia Wanqiu were both leaning on the sofa, watching the latest movie. It was a horror movie.


After Xia Wanqiu saw the horror movie, the corners of her lips curled up slightly.

Huh. Men.

That despicable smelly Lin Fan had pulled her to watch a horror movie. He was clearly trying to take the opportunity to bully her.

Xia Wanqiu was not afraid. Instead, she was very engrossed.

On the other hand, Lin Fan leaned towards Xia Wanqiu.

“Scared?” Xia Wanqiu smiled and looked at Lin Fan.

“No, nonsense,” Lin Fan said forcefully. The main thing was that this place felt like a 3D movie theater. The images were too realistic and the surroundings were dim.

“Then why are you leaning closer and closer to me?” Xia Wanqiu blinked and smiled sweetly.

“I was just worried that you would be afraid.” Lin Fan said.

“I’m not afraid. Look how interesting this story is. The background music also uses many techniques of horror movies,” Xia Wanqiu said.

Lin Fan :”…”

He was not afraid of horror films. Why was the plot different from what he had imagined?

Shouldn’t Xia Wanqiu be afraid and enter his arms?

Boys bringing girls to watch horror movies were usually like this, but Xia Wanqiu did not follow the script at all. Lin Fan said, “Why don’t you act like you’re very scared? Otherwise… this horror movie won’t look good.” Xia Wanqiu looked at Lin Fan, her face slightly red. She gently sat over and held Lin Fan’s arm, leaning on his shoulder. “Is this okay?” Faced with Xia Wanqiu’s sudden initiative, Lin Fan was a little stunned.

Xia Wanqiu was already so beautiful. She was playing with fire.

If he couldn’t withstand it…

“Just watch the movie. Stupid Lin Fan, you treated me to a big meal and even brought me to see a movie. I’m letting you off lightly,” Xia Wanqiu said softly.

“Can I still continue watching the movie after this…” Lin Fan said quietly. He felt the warmth of the girl beside him. He really wanted to

h Xia Wanqiu on the spot, but he held back.

That kind of thing could only be done when they were married.

Lin Fan was looking forward to getting together with Xia Wanqiu. When the time came, they would be showing off their love for each other everywhere. It would be pretty good.

In the future, he could hold her hand openly and walk along the streets. He would not care even if they were photographed by passersby.

For this day, Lin Fan would definitely work hard.

The current him had not reached that goal.

Unknowingly, the movie was over and Xia Wanqiu fell asleep on Lin Fan’s shoulder.

She had been working too hard these few days. She had to film shows and variety shows continuously, and she had to attend press conferences. She even had to come to Lin Fan’s house at night to accompany him.

Was Xia Wanqiu going to Lin Fan’s house alone because of the feast?

Actually, it wasn’t.

She was a superstar, and she had strict requirements when it came to eating. Braised fish could not be eaten anytime.

Because there was no one else in Lin Fan’s house, she wanted to accompany him. At least he wouldn’t be too lonely.

Companionship was the longest confession of love. Her wanting to eat a feast was just an excuse. In reality, she just wanted to be with Lin Fan, no matter what they did.

Lin Fan knew in his heart that although Xia Wanqiu seemed to be a girl and was usually very cute, she was mostly very strong.

After the movie, she fell asleep on Lin Fan’s shoulder.

Just how much trust did she have in Lin Fan to come to Lin Fan’s house alone and sleep beside him?

If any man wanted to do something to her at this moment, she would probably not be able to stop him.

However, she believed in Lin Fan and knew that he wouldn’t really bully her. Lin Fan carried Xia Wanqiu. She wasn’t heavy and was only about 45kg. Her figure was also very good. She was originally about 40kg, but it was mainly because of her big breasts.

He carried Xia Wanqiu to the room and gently took off her shoes, socks, and coat. Lin Fan covered her with the blanket.

After that, Lin Fan turned around and left.

He really liked Xia Wanqiu and would often be unable to resist some of her actions.

For example, when Xia Wanqiu was wearing shorts and acting coquettishly to Lin Fan. All men wouldn’t be able to withstand that.

However, Lin Fan wouldn’t really take advantage of her. He wouldn’t bully her while she was sleeping. Suppressing his urge, Lin Fan took a bath and continued working.

Whether it was the second season of Joy of Life or “The Legend of Sword and Fairy”, Lin Fan had to write a new script as soon as possible and prepare a new filming plan for a new television series.

Just Joy of Life alone was hardly enough for him to stand on the same level as Xia Wanqiu.

For her, he still had to do a lot of work.

Unknowingly, it was already midnight.

A new day had begun.

“Ding… Congratulations Master for signing in successfully. You have received a bottle of hand wash.”

Lin Fan: “…”

As expected, there were no changes to the system. The system was still the same system. The items obtained from the draw were still very ordinary.

If he wanted to sign in for something better, Lin Fan had to complete the second mission given by the system and make Xia Wanqiu his girlfriend. This mission was not bad, but it was a little difficult.

Lin Fan sighed.

This detestable system. For the sake of being able to sign in for something more valuable in the future, and for the sake of himself.

One day, he would make the cat his girlfriend!