Chapter 112 - The Luck of the Entertainment Industry, The Birth of a Genius Screenwriter _1

Chapter 112 of 299 chapters

Chapter 112 The Luck of the Entertainment Industry, The Birth of a Genius Screenwriter _1

As Joy of Life continued to be broadcasted, the popularity of it was also increasing.

The number of views and clicks on the two video websites, Tencent Arts and iQiyi, had already exceeded 20 billion!

One had to know that for previous television dramas, a total of five billion views was already very terrifying

The television series produced by Lin Fan’s script had a very good effect.

Joy of Life was extremely popular.

It was also because of this that the television series Joy of Life was constantly trending.

Liu Dada, who had previously doubted Lin Fan, didn’t say anything else. Instead, he turned off the comments.

He hadn’t expected Lin Fan’s acting skills to be so good.

A newcomer’s television drama pushed the entire country’s progress in the television industry.

The production of this television drama broke the historical record of previous television dramas.

On Weibo, there was a very famous film critic whose ID was Xie Xiaoke.

Xie Xiaoke wrote a long essay on Weibo.

She looked at all the episodes released for Joy of Life and posted a complete film review on Weibo.

The title of this film review attracted everyone’s attention from the start.

[The first genius screenwriter that ever appeared in history, Lin Fan, created a perfect television drama, “Joy of Life”. From different perspectives, we can analyze why “Joy of Life” became so popular online and became a successful television drama.]

Under this review, Xie Xiaoke gave a serious analysis of Joy of Life. “The success of the television drama ‘Joy of Life’ mainly lies in it having a genius screenwriter, Lin Fan.” “In the entertainment industry, a true master screenwriter has appeared. It’s because of Lin Fan’s appearance that this television series can appear in the public eye.”

“It’s said that Yuehua Entertainment bought the script of this television series from Lin Fan for 400,000 per episode. From the current results, it’s completely worth it. It’s because of Lin Fan’s outstanding screenwriting skills that he wrote such a wonderful story. That’s why this television series is slowly making its way towards success.” “Of course, if that’s the case, it’s still difficult for a television drama to become a popular drama on the Internet.”

“Yuehua was bold in their casting decisions and decided to make Lin Fan, who has both looks and ability, the male lead of this television series. In reality, Lin Fan didn’t disappoint the audience. Instead, he surprised them.”

“Because Lin Fan’s acting skills… are too outstanding! No matter who he faces, Lin Fan’s acting skills won’t lose out to the other party.”

“This is also the main reason why Lin Fan could have tens of millions of fans in just 20 days.”

“The other reason why Joy of Life is so popular is because of the company’s choice of different characters. Xia Wanqiu is the female lead, Su Xiaoyu, and Lin Jingjing are all important supporting roles. Yuehua’s top male artiste, Xu Yang, was also very outstanding in his role.” “It’s because of the hard work of so many actors, especially the male lead, Lin Fan, that this television series became so popular.” “And the main reason why this television series is so popular is because, other than these factors, there are also many grand details.”

“For example, the filming technique and filming skills of this television drama completely exceeded the usual filming methods in the country. It completely took a new path. It can be said without exaggeration that the director of the film crew, Lu Benkai, has absolute significance for the success of this television drama.”

“Without such a good shooting technique, there would be no way to show the best scenes. Director Lu Benkai has completely done all of this.”

“Of course, this is only one of the reasons. In terms of the post-production of the television drama, Joy of Life, it is almost perfect. The post-production team should be handled by Xue Kexin. Xue Kexin can be said to have reached the peak of perfection in creating this television drama in the post-production phase.”

“Third, the dubbing and music for Joy of Life is really too perfect. It’s said that Yuehua hired Master Mei Lan to do the dubbing work. At the same time, Yuehua Entertainment also hired Lin Jingjing and many famous voice actors to complete the dubbing work for this drama.”

“In conclusion, whether it was the script, the actor’s acting skills, or all sorts of details in the post-production, it all contributed to the success of this television series!”

After Xie Xiaoke posted her reviews, many comments immediately followed. Moreover, Xie Xiaoke’s movie review quickly became trending


(Yeah, I agree too. Lin Fan and Xia Wanqiu’s relationship scenes are super sweet. The only regret of this television series is that there aren’t enough relationship scenes. If Lin Fan and Xia Wanqiu could act in a real relationship scene, how great would that be? Then, I’ll see them kissing every day…]

[Yuehua is really awesome. They actually found such a good treasure. Lin Fan will definitely be a big star in the future. I’m also Lin Fan’s loyal fan!]

On Weibo, everyone was praising Lin Fan.

Lin Fan’s Weibo fans were still increasing.

It was precisely the release of this film review that made those audience who did not understand why this television series could become so popular understand why.

The outstanding acting skills, especially Lin Fan’s personification of the male lead, were almost perfect.

Even some other actors would not feel comfortable acting as the male lead.

For example, in the 1986 edition of Journey to the West, if anyone else were to act in it, they might not be able to act like Sun Wukong.

For the 1986 edition of Sun Wukong, only that artist of the older generation could create such a classic role after hard work.

Also, in Dream of the Red Chamber, the personification of the character Lin Daiyu was not something that ordinary people could compare to.

And Lin Fan was such an actor.

After the film review was posted, it immediately received a response from people of all walks of life.

Especially the staff members of the Joy of Life crew, they all reposted this Weibo post.

On the same day, Director Lu Benkai, producer Liu Mou, post-production team leader Xue Kexin, even the music master Mei Lan and the superstar Lin Jingjing spoke at the same time.

When they saw such comments, they felt proud of Lin Fan.

At the same time, they knew that they could not take credit for Joy of Life becoming so popular.

Whether it was the director’s work or all the details of the post-production, including how to edit the videos, how to integrate the scenes, and even the dubbing and music, these people were all deeply shocked.

Lin Fan had never fought with them for credit in these aspects, but they all knew that for “Joy of Life” to reach its current level, all of these details could not do without Lin Fan!

[1] Xie Xiaoke is right. As expected of a famous film critic. No matter how you look at this television drama, it’s perfect. I don’t care about the details. Anyway, the reason why it became so popular is because Lin Fan is really handsome and his acting is superb!