Chapter 117 - Brother, Do I Have A Sister-In-Law?

Chapter 117 of 299 chapters

Chapter 117 Brother, Do I Have A Sister-In-Law?

Lin Yushi felt as if she had suddenly entered a rich family.

Initially, her family was indeed poor, but not long after, she was already a billionaire!

And all of this was because of Lin Fan.

Lin Yushi felt blessed to have such a powerful brother.

At least she wouldn’t have to worry about her brother’s life anymore.

She had her own life as well. She was also a university student and would work hard to learn. It was impossible for her to not do anything just because Lin Fan was rich and become an elder.

Her brother was so outstanding, so she had to work hard and strive to become an even more outstanding girl!

“It’s just over 100 million… This is probably the world of tycoons?” Lin Qianqian said, the admiration in her eyes deepening. She knew more than other girls and she knew what it meant to have two sports cars worth hundreds of millions.

In other words, Lin Fan had at least a billion dollars.

Lin Fan’s net worth was at least one billion, or even two billion!

Even if she was given 100 million, she would never be able to spend it all in this lifetime.

However, Lin Fan was willing to spend 200 million on two sports cars and park there.

He thought about what kind of tycoon would buy such a sports car.

Even people with a net worth of one billion might not buy two sports cars at the same time.

If someone bought it like that, that could only prove one thing.

Lin Fan could afford this sports car and the hundred million dollars he spent was nothing to him.

The rich bought sports cars not because of the price but because of the performance of the sports car and its appearance.

As for the price, since Lin Fan could afford such a sports car, it meant that he didn’t care about such a price at all. After entering the villa, the girls were stunned again.

Was this Lin Fan’s house?

The moment they entered, they were stunned by the luxurious decorations.

The decorations were grand, luxurious, and had all sorts of famous paintings. There was also a lot of high-end furniture.

Moreover, the villa was divided into three floors. When the three girls walked into their rooms, they realized that this was another world!

The size of a room alone was more than 1,000 square meters. In the room, there were other areas that were not rooms, such as the badminton court, football field, golf course, swimming pool, and places to place barbecue grills.

This was completely a paradise. The cobblestone path and the marble statues symbolized luxury.

The girls were like Granny Liu walking into the Grand View Garden as they exclaimed.

Lin Yushi, Huang Huiling, Huang Tian, and Lin Qianqian were all stunned by the scene before them.

Lin Fan’s family was too rich…

At the airport, Lin Qianqian looked down on Lin Yushi’s family background.

Now that she saw it, Lin Qianqian only felt admiration.

This was the world of the rich.

The wealth of the world of the rich was something that they would never be able to imagine.

“Sit as you please. You can choose your rooms first. Of course, you can’t choose any of these three rooms. Other than these three rooms, you can choose any room to stay in.” “By the way, there’s a refrigerator, snacks, a game hall, a cinema, a gym, and a small KTV for you to sing. The bedrooms have all been renovated and have different styles. You can play anything you want as long as you don’t break anything.”

“There’s one more thing. You’re not allowed to take photos at home. After all, this is a private place. If you want to take photos, you can only take selfies. You can’t take photos of this place,” said Lin Fan with a smile.

“Okay. Brother, your house is really big. Every place is so nice and the bedrooms are so big. Then I have to choose one too. I’ll stay here this summer,” Lin Yushi said.

“Then let’s all choose one,” Huang Huiling said. There was envy in her beautiful eyes, but there was nothing she could do.

If they didn’t have a good relationship with Lin Yushi, they wouldn’t have been able to come here, much less see Lin Fan.

Lin Yushi could stay here forever, but not them. After all, they had nothing to do with Lin Fan.

After spending a few minutes with Lin Fan, the girls were very happy. Lin Fan was really easy to get along with.

As for why the girls were not allowed to choose the three rooms upstairs, the reason was simple.

Those three houses were all once occupied by Xia Wanqiu, Su Xiaoyu, and Lin Jingjing. Sometimes, these girls would come to Lin Fan’s house to rest.

Although they didn’t live here, Lin Fan wouldn’t destroy the place they had lived in. Lin Fan would only occasionally clean the rooms that the girls used to stay in. As for letting other girls stay in the same room, Lin Fan felt that there was no need.

His villa was very big. If someone could stay in it from time to time, it could liven up the atmosphere. It was better than being alone here.

The girls went to choose their rooms. They were like Granny Liu walking into the Grand View Garden, their eyes filled with surprise.

Huang Huiling, Huang Tian, and Lin Qianqian all chose three rooms in Lin Fan’s villa. They were staying here tonight. Of course, they would have to leave after tonight. It would not be convenient for them to stay here forever.

But Lin Yushi was completely different. She could live here every day. Who asked her to be Lin Fan’s biological sister?

“Wow, this is a great room. I’m staying here tonight.”

“This room is not bad. I want to stay here too.” “Ah, it’s so lucky to be Lin Fan’s younger sister. If only I were his younger sister.”

“Although you can’t become Lin Fan’s sister, you can try to become his girlfriend.”

The girls said as they all found the rooms they liked.

These girls were Lin Yushi’s friends, so Lin Fan would give them face.

In that case, Lin Yushi could get along better with her classmates in the future.

As for peeking at these girls’ long legs, Lin Fan wasn’t interested at all.

Only Xia Wanqiu’s long legs could make Lin Fan a little overwhelmed. Occasionally, Su Xiaoyu’s long legs were also very pretty.

As for other girls, Lin Fan couldn’t be bothered to look at them.

Although Lin Jingjing wasn’t bad, Lin Fan had already seen two girls’ long legs. The cat would definitely be angry.

“Brother, this place is amazing!”

“I’m super happy to have such a brother. I feel like I’m living in heaven.” Lin Yushi sighed and ran to Lin Fan’s side.

“Then stay here for a few more days. Stay here until school reopens. I’ll cook for you every day.” Lin Fan smiled.

“Tell me honestly, do you have a boyfriend in university?” Lin Fan asked. He was very concerned about his sister’s relationship life.

“No, I won’t have a boyfriend in the future. Why would I want a boyfriend? I’ll just rely on my brother. Hehehe…” Lin Yushi said righteously. “Who asked me to be your sister? You have to pamper me. Hmph.” Lin Yushi smiled at Lin Fan. Her relationship with Lin Fan was too good. They had grown up together and helped each other.

“Alright, I’ll pamper you. Anyway, I’m rich. It won’t be a problem for me to support you forever,” said Lin Fan with a smile. “That’s great!”

“Mua ~ ~ Brother, you’re too good.” Lin Yushi kissed Lin Fan without any worries.

“You can’t kiss me anymore in the future. How old are you already?” Lin Fan frowned. He remembered that when he was young, Lin Yushi liked to stick to his side. Until now, she hadn’t even had a boyfriend. Lin Fan was still a little anxious. What if she couldn’t get married in the future?

“Why can’t I kiss you?”

“Brother, do you mean… I have a sister-in-law? Is it Sister Xia Wanqiu? She’s super pretty, super pretty!” Lin Yushi said excitedly.

Lin Fan looked at Lin Yushi.

Fine, this girl was simply Xia Wanqiu’s crazy fan. As for whether Lin Yushi had a sister-in-law,

Lin Fan sighed.

His biological sister was extremely smart. How could she guess everything?

Even if he had not confirmed his relationship with Xia Wanqiu yet,

But sooner or later, he and Xia Wanqiu would confirm their relationship.

In other words…

Lin Yushi’s sister-in-law was Xia Wanqiu, she definitely could not escape from that!