Chapter 125 - A Song Becomes Extremely Popular on Tiktok, Shocking the Music Industry! _1

Chapter 125 of 299 chapters

Chapter 125 A Song Becomes Extremely Popular on Tiktok, Shocking the Music Industry! _1

In Lin Yushi’s livestream, the comments were so dense that even the screen could no longer be seen.


“What a nice singing voice. Oh my god, I feel like my ears are already pregnant.”

“How can there be such a nice love song? I’ve never heard such a sweet love song.”

“I heard from Lin Fan that the name of this song is ‘Love Confession’. Lin Fan’s singing is really amazing.”

“Let’s not talk about it. I’m already crying. I used to think that Lin Fan only had good acting skills. Now, I realized that Lin Fan sings well too. If only such a hunk could be my boyfriend…”

“Previous commenter, don’t go. I want to have children with my Prince Charming!”

While Lin Fan was singing acapella, many residents of the Blue Wave Bay district had already gathered around.

These residents were all of good quality. When they heard Lin Fan’s singing, they couldn’t help but freeze there, enjoying the song Lin Fan sang for them.

Everyone was immersed in an unparalleled music world. Everyone’s eyes were filled with disbelief.

Because Lin Fan’s singing was too good.

Such a voice, such a tune, and such a song brought people to a wonderful world.

After Lin Fan finished singing,

Lin Yushi screamed, “Brother, your singing is too good. This is the first time I’ve heard such a nice song.”

Su Xiaoyu and Xia Wanqiu stood together and did not appear on screen. The two girls were shocked.

Was Lin Fan really omnipotent?

He was a screenwriting master, a god-level director, and he knew how to do post-production and music. His acting skills were even more impeccable. Now, even his voice was so moving.

After Lin Fan finished singing, he smiled at the audience in the livestream.

“Then our livestream today will end here. Everyone, please pay more attention to our work, Joy of Life. After a while, it will be the season finale of Joy of Life,” said Lin Fan with a smile. He didn’t forget to promote his work.

After Lin Fan finished speaking, the audience in the livestream cheered again.

His voice was indeed nice, but the fans in the livestream liked to watch Joy of Life more. The more they watched Joy of Life, the more it attracted their attention.

Joy of Life was too perfect in the hearts of the fans. The plot in it made them unable to stop.

Most importantly, this television drama had such a handsome male lead like Lin Fan.

Lin Fan’s acting skills and looks had won over the audience.

Not long after turning off the livestream.

A trending topic on Weibo quickly rushed to the top!

[Lin Fan Singing]

There were too many fans who had just heard Lin Fan’s voice. Some even recorded their screens and uploaded it to Weibo.

There were only three simple words, but under Weibo, there were already nearly 300,000 likes and more than 80,000 comments.

“Oh my god, why is my Prince Charming’s singing so good?”

“Love Confession is really amazing. I love it, I love it. Lin Fan is simply my idol!”

“The livestream is already so popular. If he holds a concert, I’m afraid there won’t be enough seats for so many of us fans.”

“Lin Fan’s voice is really too nice. When I heard his voice, I couldn’t help but go to the toilet…”

“Why is there only one song? It would be great if Lin Fan sang a few more songs. That way, I can listen to Lin Fan’s singing every day to sleep.”

“I can’t sleep tonight. Brother Lin Fan sings so well. I can’t sleep anymore. Who can accompany me?”

Lin Fan scrolled through the comments and smiled.

He would not pay too much attention to the singing route. He would just sing a song for the audience in the livestream and give his fans a treat.

Although Lin Fan wanted to earn more money, he didn’t want the fans to reward him.

With Lin Fan’s current ability, it was only right for him to be a screenwriting master and produce one good work after another.

Thinking up to this point, Lin Fan posted on Weibo, “All the profits from today’s livestream will be used for charity and donated to the elderly and children in poor areas. Thank you, everyone. Please continue to follow my work, ‘Joy of Life’.”

The moment he posted on Weibo, there were hundreds and thousands of comments.

“Ah ah ah, Brother Fan posted on Weibo!”

“Brother Fan, your singing is too good. Your acting skills are good and your character is so good. You even donate to charity. I’ll give you a big thumbs up!”

“I’m just a passerby. I’ve never watched a television drama before. Just because of Brother Fan’s donation to charity, I became a fan of Brother Fan today. I’ll immediately go become a VIP to watch Joy of Life.”

“Lin Fan is the most handsome!!”

After Lin Fan posted on Weibo, he returned home with Xia Wanqiu, Su Xiaoyu, and Lin Yushi to exercise. Coincidentally, there was a lot of gym equipment at home. The two girls were big celebrities. After eating barbecue, they would definitely need to exercise to lose weight.

Lin Fan usually liked to exercise. He could use it to digest his food as well.

Unknowingly, Lin Fan’s song was still spreading rapidly.

Unknowingly, the video of Lin Fan singing had already reached the top of Weibo’s trending topics list!

Another top trending topic on Weibo!

With this song, Lin Fan gained another 500,000 fans!

Then, Lin Fan’s song got uploaded onto Tiktok.

Tiktok was a short video company that had many videos.

On Tiktok, there were already many videos of Lin Fan singing.

Almost every video had three to four hundred thousand likes and tens of thousands of comments.

The comments were all positive.

“D*mn, hunk’s singing is really good. Does anyone know this hunk’s contact details?”

“Previous comment, are you living under a rock? This is the superstar, Lin Fan. Brother Fan is so handsome and his singing is so charming. I’m already charmed. What should I do?”

“I love it, I love it. Lin Fan, Lin Fan, Lin Fan!”

“Tiktok is full of Brother Fan’s videos. Brother Fan is my Prince Charming!”

“This song is really amazing. No wonder Brother Fan is a top screenwriter. The lyrics he writes are also so good.” In less than half a day, the video of Lin Fan singing in the livestream had already become extremely popular.

This song directly impacted the countless audiences on Tiktok.

It even became music that many people had to listen to every day before they slept.

In Tiktok.

The operations manager looked at the data on Tiktok and was completely stunned.

“Holy sh*t…”

“Lin Fan sang a song. Do you know how popular Lin Fan’s song is on Tiktok?”

“In just half a day, there are already 600 million views on Tiktok, and more than 20 million users are involved! It’s amazing!”

“The videos that Tiktok are promoting are not as amazing as Lin Fan’s song.”

Not only was Lin Fan’s song touching, the mood of the lyrics, coupled with Lin Fan’s looks and voice, had already shocked countless audience.

One had to know that this was just a song Lin Fan sang acapella. It hadn’t been promoted much.

In half a day, there was already such popularity and scale.

If they promoted it… then Lin Fan’s song would probably become a phenomenal song in the music industry!

Perhaps this song would shake the entire music industry!