Chapter 126 - Fighting for the Music Copyright, Lin Fan Is Rich Again! __ 1

Chapter 126 of 299 chapters

Chapter 126 Fighting for the Music Copyright, Lin Fan Is Rich Again! __ 1

Immediately, the manager in charge of Tiktok contacted Lin Fan.

A superstar like Lin Fan was popular everywhere.

There were many short video platforms now, such as Tiktok, Kuaijiao, and other short video platforms. There was competition everywhere.

The core of a short video platform was to attract viewers and traffic.

If they could work with a superstar, they would definitely be able to attract a lot of attention.

Lin Fan’s song exploded in popularity all over Tiktok.

The relevant staff members of Tiktok were filled with surprise.

Not to mention those fans, even many of the employees of Tiktok were completely impressed.

How could there be someone who could sing so well?

Most importantly, Lin Fan was an actor and also a screenwriter. His acting skills and screenwriting skills were at the peak of perfection.

Now that Lin Fan casually sang a song, it became extremely popular in the entire Internet.

Perhaps the superstar of the new generation of celebrities in the 21st century would be Lin Fan.

Lin Fan would probably become a big star who rose rapidly in the 21st century.

Tiktok was very accurate, so they planned to contact Lin Fan directly and rope him in.

If they didn’t rope them in now, it would be much more difficult to rope him in in the future.

“Hello, Mr. Lin. I’m the person in charge of Tiktok. Now, I have something to discuss with you. Your acting skills and your singing have completely won over the audience. You’re also a big star, so Tiktok sincerely invites you to join Tiktok,” the staff said politely.

Lin Fan naturally knew what it meant to join Tiktok. Many celebrities would have an account on Tiktok and they could occasionally use it to interact with fans.

Of course, this would not affect the celebrities themselves. It was just a way for Tiktok to attract users.

“I can consider it,” said Lin Fan.

“That’s great, Mr. Lin. We plan to give you a contract fee of 1.2 million a year. What do you think? There won’t be any restrictions on your work. We just need to give you an account. If you have time, you can post a few videos,” the staff said.

“Sure, send me the contract,” said Lin Fan. It wasn’t bad to join TikTok. On one hand, he could promote his works. On the other hand, the contract fee of 1.2 million yuan was not bad.

Lin Fan didn’t lack money but if he could earn money, that would be even better.

“Mr. Lin, there’s one more thing. Is your song ‘Love Confession’ completely original? If so, our company wants to buy the exclusive rights to your song. You can name the price,” the staff said.

When Lin Fan heard that, he knew that Tiktok didn’t place much importance on music copyright. “It’s an original work of mine, but the exclusive copyright isn’t for sale. You can buy the right to use this song for 200,000 a year. If you are agreeable, let’s sign the contract.”

It was useless to sell the music copyright to Tiktok. Anyway, this was a song that Lin Fan had casually composed. It was better to sell it to QQ.

The scale of QQ Music was much stronger than Tiktok.

Most of the people who liked to listen to music would go to QQ Music, NetEase, and other places.

“Alright.” After some thought, the staff decided to agree.

After signing the contract in the afternoon, Lin Fan received 1.4 million dollars in his bank account!

Then, the staff of QQ Music contacted Lin Fan.

“Mr. Lin, we want to buy the exclusive rights to your song and we promise to help you promote it. The net profit of the song in the later stages will be divided to you. The exclusive rights to this song are about 300,000 per song. Do you think it’s acceptable?” the staff of QQ Music asked.

“I don’t think the price of 300,000 per song is enough. I believe that this song can bring more benefits to QQ Music, so my suggestion is to increase the price.” Lin Fan nodded.

“Alright, Mr. Lin. Then we’ll consider it again. We’ll contact you if there are any results,” the staff member of QQ Music said.

Not long after,

Lin Fan received another call from another company.

This company was NetEase. They were very professional in promoting music. They had strong professional abilities and a huge user base. They might not be inferior to QQ Music.

“Mr. Lin, do you still have the exclusive copyright? We know that QQ Music has already contacted you. If you haven’t signed the contract, you can consider our company.” “Our company promises to give you the best resources to promote this song, and we will also give you a good share of the income.”

“We are willing to pay a million yuan for the copyright of this song!” NetEase’s staff said with a hint of sincerity.

The copyright fee of a million yuan per song was unimaginable for ordinary people.


If ordinary people wrote songs well, these big music companies would at most give them a copyright fee of tens of thousands. That was the limit.



But Lin Fan was completely different.

QQ Music originally wanted to lower the price a little, but NetEase’s staff were not stupid.

Who was the person they wanted to target to lower the price?

This was Lin Fan.

Lin Fan had tens of millions of fans now.

This was only the beginning.

Now, the copyright fee for a song was worth a million yuan. It was quite rare.

Even for some very famous singers, it would be very amazing if the copyright fee for a song of theirs was hundreds of thousands.

However, NetEase valued Lin Fan’s future potential.

Lin Fan was a superstar. His acting skills were pretty good and his singing was also very good. His future potential was quite big.

In the future, if Lin Fan had hundreds of millions of fans, what would happen if so many fans supported Lin Fan’s song?

At least 30 million fans would flood into NetEase. This would be a huge amount of traffic!

If each of the 30 million fans paid a dollar, how much would it be…

30 million!

The amount of money given to Lin Fan would be at least 15 million!

As everyone knew, the price of a song could not be one yuan. If it was five yuan a song, the 30 million fans might be able to create 150 million yuan in income!

This was only the beginning. If Lin Fan had other songs in the future, he would definitely prioritize NetEase.

Hence, NetEase Music was sincerely trying to rope Lin Fan in.

The prerequisite for roping in Lin Fan was to offer the highest price so that Lin Fan could see the sincerity of NetEase Music!

In other words, this was the foresight of the owner of NetEase Music.

They believed that Lin Fan would develop better in the future. Even if they spent a lot of money to buy the copyright of this song, if they could rope Lin Fan in, it would be worth