Chapter 130 - One Song, A New Peak!_1

Chapter 130 of 299 chapters

Chapter 130 One Song, A New Peak!_1

After the video call with Xia Wanqiu,

Lin Fan looked at Xia Wanqiu’s profile picture and was a little angry.

That detestable woman. How was he going to sleep?

How could anyone else withstand Xia Wanqiu’s sweet attack?

Lin Fan couldn’t help but take a shower before falling asleep.

Under normal circumstances, Lin Fan didn’t have any feelings for other girls.

Only Xia Wanqiu.

Damn cat.

When the day came that they were really together, Xia Wanqiu would not be able to withstand his attacks.

How did Xia Wanqiu treat him now?

On that day, Lin Fan would let Xia Wangiu have a taste of what it felt like to be unable to withstand it.

The next day, Lin Fan woke up as usual and signed in. This time, he received a bottle of mineral water.

Lin Fan felt that life was a little loveless. He opened the fridge and there were already 20 bottles of mineral water.

There were also eighteen bottles of Coca-Cola, sixteen bottles of iced tea, and twenty-three bottles of Pulse.

Other people’s systems could all give them amazing things. Meanwhile Lin Fan could only receive mineral water from his system.

This was already the 20th bottle of mineral water. At least Pulse still cost four yuan a bottle. Mineral water only cost one yuan a bottle.

The system was becoming more and more unreliable.

After Lin Fan woke up, he went to his restaurant to work.

As for the company, Lin Fan didn’t have to go every time. He had a transcendent status in the company.

When he arrived at the restaurant, there was already a large group of fans waiting for Lin Fan.

The restaurant had been closed for a long time, but there were still some fans who were willing to wait there every day.

“Ahhhhh, Brother Lin Fan is here!”

“Brother Fan is so handsome. Brother Fan is driving a Koenigsegg One this time!”

“Oh my god, it’s really Brother Fan. Isn’t Brother Fan filming? He actually came to the restaurant to cook a feast for us!”

Lin Fan looked at the passionate fans and smiled brightly.

After walking into the kitchen and busying himself for two hours, Lin Fan had more than 6,000 yuan in business income.

Although Lin Fan’s dishes were home cooking, the fans all ordered expensive meals.

After he was done, Lin Fan felt that his cooking skills had improved a lot again.

On the other hand, the fans exclaimed.

Because Lin Fan’s dishes were all equally delicious.

No matter how expensive the feast was, or if it was the cheapest Egg Fried Rice, it would definitely be delicious after being cooked by Lin Fan.

Which fan would not like such a feast?

“Brother Fan, your feast is really delicious.”

“Especially this bowl of Egg Fried Rice. Although I can’t afford other expensive things, this bowl of Egg Fried Rice is too delicious.”

“How can there be such delicious lobsters? It’s so much better than those buffet and seafood shops. Brother Fan is awesome!”

“I ate the feast that Brother Fan personally made for me. How can Brother Fan be so handsome? No matter which angle I take his photo from, he’s so impeccable.”

“Lin Fan, Lin Fan, Lin Fan!”

Many fans were eating Lin Fan’s feast seriously. The entire restaurant was filled with customers. Many customers had already set up tables outside the restaurant and started eating.

Lin Fan had a relaxed day today and had been running his restaurant.

After three hours, many fans were impressed by Lin Fan.

However, these fans were of high quality and didn’t ask Lin Fan for a photo or autograph.

However, there was a fan who downloaded the QQ Music app and exclaimed, “Brother Fan’s ‘Love Confession’ is on QQ Music! I want to download and listen to it and help Brother Fan get on the rankings!”

“It’s true. I also discovered this song. Previously, if I wanted to listen to Brother Fan sing ‘Love Confession’, I had to look for videos on Weibo. Now, it is available on QQ Music.”

“Whatever, I’ll download it first.”

“Brother Fan’s singing is too good. I feel like my ears are about to get pregnant.”

“Ah ah ah, I want to help Brother Fan go up the rankings. How can this song be so good?”

“What kind of voice is that? It’s simply amazing, really amazing!”

Many fans said. In Lin Fan’s restaurant, they ate Lin Fan’s feast while listening to his songs.

After Lin Fan busied himself for three and a half hours, the ingredients in the restaurant were all depleted.

“Everyone, that’s all for today.”

“Thank you for your support and I’m very grateful for your support of my song. See you next time.” Lin Fan smiled and sat on the Koenigsegg One, leaving the restaurant.

After Lin Fan left, everyone felt a little regretful.

“Don’t. Brother Fan is leaving now. I still want to chat with him.”

“Yeah, Brother Fan’s feast is really too delicious… I haven’t eaten it yet.”

“I’m going to camp to see Lin Fan. In the future, I’ll come here regularly to camp. Maybe one day, when Lin Fan is in a good mood, he can cook us a feast.”

“If only I had such a handsome boyfriend who can cook so well.”

In three and a half hours, Lin Fan’s restaurant earned 13,000 dollars.

This was only a small restaurant. If he transformed the small restaurant into a big restaurant, coupled with Lin Fan’s brand effect, he would probably be able to earn hundreds of thousands of yuan a day!

If he opened branches in various places, who knew how much money Lin Fan’s restaurants would earn.

Lin Fan had calculated all these things before. He wasn’t interested in opening so many restaurants.



Although the feasts he made were delicious, Lin Fan didn’t really care about money.

It did not matter if he was rich or not. What was important was that he could live happily every day.

On this day, many fans discovered that Lin Fan’s song “Love Confession” was officially released on QQ Music!

This song, which was extremely popular on Tiktok, also attracted the praise of many music lovers after it was uploaded to QQ Music.

Love Confession was completely popular on QQ Music!

“D*mn, what kind of godly song is this?”

“Is this song sung by the superstar Lin Fan? It’s simply amazing!”

“I’m shocked, I’m shocked. Lin Fan’s song has such a charming and unique voice…”

On QQ Music, if one wanted to download a high-quality version of the song, Love Confession, they had to pay three yuan.

Many songs were free, but Lin Fan’s song was completely different. Many songs required a fee as well. Just like how one had to pay a fee to read novels, they were all a reflection of copyright.

Even if they needed to spend money, Lin Fan’s song had 300,000 downloads in a day.

What did this mean?

In just a day, he had earned 900,000 yuan with one song!

The staff of QQ Music were all stunned.

Even if it was an album produced by a professional singer, it was impossible to earn 900,000 yuan in a day.

This was enough to show…

Lin Fan’s song was simply too popular!

After going on QQ Music, Lin Fan’s “Love Confession” reached a new peak!