Chapter 140 - Lin Fan Is Here For Everything! _ 1

Chapter 140 of 299 chapters

Chapter 140 Lin Fan Is Here For Everything! _ 1

Xia Wanqiu looked at all the termination notices and pursed her red lips.

She stood rooted to the ground, her pretty face pale as she lowered her head, looking aggrieved.

She had originally wanted to record a show happily. She wanted to film a good work for the audience. She wanted to eat Lin Fan’s feast and be with him…

But reality was not like that.

Xia Wanqiu’s beautiful eyes were a little red as she sat beside Su Xiaoyu. Like a cat, she gently lay on the table and curled up.

She just wanted to be with someone she liked…

She just wanted to go to Lin Fan’s house and stay with him.

However, the comments on the Internet made her not know what to do.

She was innocent. She was not the scheming b*tch those people on the Internet said she


She had no way to explain it to her fans or anyone else.

Looking at Xia Wanqiu, everyone felt their hearts ache.

Xu Yang stood up, poured a glass of water and placed it on Xia Wanqiu’s table. He brought a towel over for her.

Su Xiaoyu patted Xia Wanqiu’s shoulder and gently hugged her.

Lin Jingjing also accompanied Xia Wanqiu.

All of this was fatal to Xia Wanqiu.

Xia Wanqiu faced such a fate.

She cried out softly.

Because she knew…

She could no longer be a celebrity.

So what if she paid the penalty fee? If she filmed the second season of Joy of Life, the audience would not like her anymore.

“CEO Li, what should we do?” Xu Yang looked at CEO Li and asked.

“The entertainment industry is like that. When you climb up, there will always be people who want to drag you down.”

“What I want is to carry on China’s traditional culture, bring it to greater heights, and produce classic works so that those foreigners overseas won’t dare to underestimate us anymore, but…”

“At this point, we probably won’t be able to produce such good works in the future. I’ve pulled you guys back. I’m sorry.” CEO Li bowed in front of everyone.

How could Yuehua fight against Huace Pictures now?

How could they fight against “Star Garden” released by Huace Pictures?

Even if Joy of Life was indeed very popular, even such a popular Joy of Life might not be able to compare to Star Garden, which Lin Kexin starred in.

Even if the second season of Joy of Life was filmed, it would be completely crushed by Star Garden.

Furthermore, after this incident, how many investors would invest in the second season of Joy of Life?

Xia Wanqiu’s popularity was decreasing rapidly.

If there was a way, she would have already done it.

But now, there was no other way.

Yuehua Entertainment’s future seemed to be set in stone.

It was too difficult to win back the hearts of the audience.

The second season of Joy of Life was indeed very popular, but what could they do?

Ignoring whether or not the second season of Joy of Life could defeat “Star Garden”, it was extremely difficult to film the second season of Joy of Life.

Investors, advertisers, and endorsers would probably not invest in television dramas Xia Wanqiu starred in anymore.

Yuehua Entertainment had fallen into a desperate situation.

“CEO Li, I’m the one who should apologize,” Xia Wanqiu said as she looked up.

“I’ve implicated everyone. I’m sorry,” Xia Wanqiu said seriously as she looked at everyone.

Looking at such a girl, how could Yuehua Entertainment blame Xia Wangiu?

At this moment, Lin Fan returned.


When Lin Fan pushed open the conference room door, everyone looked at him.

When Lin Fan walked in, the first thing he saw was Xia Wanqiu with red eyes.

Lin Fan walked forward and gently put on a coat for Xia Wanqiu.

In front of everyone, Lin Fan didn’t hide anything.

He already knew what happened online.

“Everyone, don’t give up or get discouraged. I’m still here.” Lin Fan smiled confidently and sat down. He looked around.

“That’s right. There are indeed a lot of negative comments online. Many endorsements and advertising companies feel that Wanqiu has a lot of negative comments and often has scandals. That’s why they decided to terminate their contracts with her.”

“Of course, this isn’t the main reason. Yuehua Entertainment has always been inferior to Huace Pictures. Recently, Huace Pictures signed a big star called Lin Kexin. Her popularity is even higher than Wanqiu’s.”

Lin Fan stood up and walked in front of everyone.

“Let me tell everyone why these endorsements want to terminate their contracts with Wanqiu.”

“First, the price. If the endorsements invest in Lin Kexin of Huace Pictures, they will receive more profits.”

“Second, it’s Lin Kexin herself. She doesn’t have any scandals or negative news. She has a lot of fans and is very popular. Therefore, many endorsements are more inclined to invest in her.”

“Third, many companies and teams are defaming Wanqiu and fabricating negative news, making the endorsement companies very dissatisfied with Wanqiu.”

“Fourth, the most fundamental reason is that Huace Pictures hired five top scriptwriters to create a television drama that completely surpasses the second season of Joy of Life. It’s called Star Garden.”

“In other words, Huace Pictures’ Star Garden is equivalent to declaring war on us.”

“If we want to make a comeback, Yuehua Entertainment has to launch a corresponding television drama,” said Lin Fan.

In the entertainment industry, one relied on strength and experience.

The five top screenwriters hired by Huace Pictures were very strong and were more experienced than Lin Fan.

With the powerful team of Huace Pictures, many endorsements and investors were even more optimistic about them.

Even if there were no scandals, most of these endorsements and investors would invest in Lin Kexin.

Without scandals, Huace Pictures could still find many ways to defame Xia Wanqiu.

“Huace Pictures is deliberately targeting Wanqiu this time. This means that Huace Pictures is afraid.”

“Huace Pictures can’t completely crush Wanqiu with just a scandal. No one can.”

“The penalty of 280 million yuan is just to scare us. So what if there’s a scandal between me and Wanqiu? So what if she’s in my house? I’m the male lead and she’s the female lead. We’ll discuss the script together and even have a feast together. It’s reasonable. Not only will Wanqiu come to my house, but Xiaoyu, Lin Jingjing, and even Xu Yang will come to my house.”

“The so-called penalty is nonsense. CEO Li, our company should have a special legal department and public relations department, right?”

“The public relations department should immediately clarify all the rumors on the Internet and release screenshots of the corresponding evidence. I’ve already prepared everything. There’s also video evidence of me and Wanqiu discussing the script in the room.”

“The legal department should immediately bring the many termination contracts and file a lawsuit in court.”

“We can refute all the rumors by ourselves. Wanqiu and I are discussing the script at home. Can the few keyboard warriors outside have a negative impact on these products?” “Since all these endorsements have breached the contract…”

“The ones who should pay the penalty are these endorsements and advertisers. Wanqiu doesn’t need to pay a single cent for the penalty. A total of 28 endorsements have to pay the price of breach of contract!”

“We will be the ones the court ultimately supports.”

“So what if there’s a scandal between Qiuqiu and me? Our fanbase hasn’t wavered.”

“There are also Xiaoyu’s fans, Xu Yang’s fans, Jingjing’s fans, and the fans of the entire cast of Joy of Life. There are also many fans on the Internet who protect us. As long as the fanbase is still there, we can still create a perfect television drama.”

“Lin Kexin is indeed very popular. It’s indeed difficult to surpass Star Garden in all aspects, but if it’s not challenging, what’s the point?”

“Huace Pictures wants to crush us, so all the more we can’t be crushed.”

“If Huace Pictures wants to fight with us, then let’s fight with them!” Lin Fan said confidently.

Everyone looked at Lin Fan.

Unknowingly, everyone felt a sense of dependence on Lin Fan.

They believed that,

With Lin Fan around, they would definitely be able to resolve this crisis!