Chapter 150 - Come, Huace Pictures, A Direct Decisive Battle! _1

Chapter 150 of 299 chapters

Chapter 150 Come, Huace Pictures, A Direct Decisive Battle! _1

Faced with today’s apex king, and such a luxurious lineup at that.

No entertainment company would choose to declare war on Huace Pictures.

Huace Pictures was not like other entertainment companies who took advantage of chaos.

Huace Pictures was a top entertainment company.

The overall strength of this entertainment company was completely ahead of Yuehua.

The celebrities nurtured by Huace Pictures were almost all ranked at the top.

All sorts of actors were at Huace Pictures.

The veteran actors who filmed Joy of Life previously were all talents nurtured by Huace Pictures.

Huace Pictures was almost at the peak of the entertainment industry.

Although there were also entertainment companies as big as Huace Pictures.

It was obvious that Yuehua Entertainment could not compare to Huace Pictures.

In the past, almost every television drama and movie filmed by Huace Pictures was a masterpiece.

This entertainment company’s reputation could be said to be quite good.

Any entertainment company that had faced Huace Pictures head-on, be it in television dramas or movies, could not compare to Huace Pictures.

In Huace Pictures, there were famous directors, famous actors, powerful screenwriters, and top post-production teams and voice actors.

This was a very professional entertainment company.

The former king was also the current king.

And this battle was started by Huace Pictures.

The first season of “Joy of Life” was too popular.

This also caused Huace Pictures to feel uneasy.

Their overlord status could never be snatched away.

Therefore, Huace Pictures immediately thought of a new plan.

Even if Yuehua Entertainment released the second season of Joy of Life, they might not be able to defeat Huace Pictures!

As the current king, the strength of Huace Pictures was immeasurable.

Huace Pictures was already quite terrifying to begin with…

Recently, Huace Pictures had contacted the top celebrities in the entertainment industry, Lin Kexin and Chu Yaoyao, to act in the television drama “Star Garden”.

These two girls were not old and were very good-looking. Their resumes were clean and their popularity was high.

Xia Wanqiu should have been as popular as them.

But it was obvious.

Xia Wanqiu had not acted for a year and had never accepted relationship scenes or kissing scenes. She could not compare to these two school belles who had graduated from Beijing Film Academy.

“Star Garden” was a modern relationship drama. With Lin Kexin’s participation, this television drama was almost invincible!

To be honest, even the second season of Joy of Life would be beaten up badly.

This was also the most terrifying thing about Huace Pictures.

Huace Pictures had been targeting Xia Wanqiu from the start, and all the endorsements had terminated their contracts with her.

These companies all went to Lin Kexin and Chu Yaoyao.

The CEO of Huace Pictures had even predicted what Yuehua would do to retaliate.

Yuehua could only rely on the second season of Joy of Life.

Yuehua could think of it, and so could the CEO of Huace Pictures.

It was no exaggeration to say that Huace Pictures had set a trap for Xia Wanqiu from the start!

The goal was to make Yuehua Entertainment angry and have a head-on battle with Huace Pictures.

Then, Huace Pictures would beat the second season of Joy of Life with a crushing advantage.

At that time, Huace Pictures could crush Yuehua Entertainment until they could not fight back.

They would crush Joy of Life, which had a good reputation.

In that case, Huace Pictures would have a huge advantage.

At that time, there would be all sorts of trending topics on Weibo.

For example,

(Star Garden defeated Joy of Life head-on.]

(Xia Wanqiu can’t compare to Lin Kexin’s popularity. The real reason is…)

(Huace Pictures is the real boss of the industry. “Star Garden” crushed the second season of Joy of Life.]

In other words, Huace Pictures targeting Xia Wanqiu was just the beginning.

If they used the second season of Joy of Life to fight against Star Garden, if they could not win against “Star Garden”, Yuehua would enter a truly dangerous position.

At that time, it would be equivalent to letting all the endorsement companies see this fact.

Huace Pictures was the true overlord.

Once Huace Pictures took action, the second season of “Joy of Life” could not withstand a single blow.

These endorsements, investors, and advertisers would definitely invest in Huace Pictures in the future.

Because Huace Pictures was even more valuable!

If this was not clear enough, there was another example. For example, if there was a movie in China that completely crushed Hollywood blockbusters in terms of special effects, acting skills, and scripts.

This would bring the audience and the various endorsements and investors even more shock.

If only his work was popular and there was no one to emphasize the brilliance of his work, it would not be obvious to people how brilliant it was.

In other words, if you were surrounded by bad students and got first place, it would not be amazing. If you were surrounded by top students from Tsinghua and Peking University, you would be able to shock everyone if you defeated them with a crushing advantage.

Huace Pictures’ methods were too terrifying.

Yuehua’s people actually did not notice it.

It was not that they were all fools.

It was because if they wanted to fight Huace Pictures head-on, other than choosing the most popular Joy of Life, what other dramas could they use to fight against them?

Unless the second season of Joy of Life could defeat Huace Pictures’ “Star Garden”.

Otherwise, Yuehua Entertainment only had one choice.

That was to give up fighting with Huace Pictures and choose to avoid the battle.

But if they chose to avoid the battle, there would be a consequence.

Yuehua had already admitted defeat before the battle.

This would also give those investors and endorsements a signal.

It was right to terminate their contracts with Xia Wanqiu.

In that case, it would be extremely difficult for Xia Wanqiu to develop in the future!

Who would invest in Xia Wanqiu in the future?

They would all invest in Lin Kexin, who had more potential, instead.

If Lin Fan wasn’t around, Yuehua Entertainment wouldn’t have been able to fight with Huace Pictures.

It was because they had Lin Fan.

Lin Fan saw through this.

He directly chose to release “The Legend of Sword and Fairy”.

It wasn’t that Lin Fan didn’t have confidence in the second season of Joy of Life.

Lin Fan wanted to be completely sure and use his trump card to fight Huace Pictures!

The head-on battle would begin now!

What was there to fear when facing the past and present kings?

What was there to fear when facing the most popular superstar in China?

Was Xia Wanqiu inferior to Lin Kexin?

Was Lin Fan inferior to the director team of Huace Pictures?

Could it be that Lin Fan couldn’t compare to the gold-medal screenwriters of Huace Pictures?

Lin Fan had always known Xia Wanqiu and Su Xiaoyu’s potential.

These two girls were celebrities to begin with.

Their looks and temperament were definitely not inferior to Lin Kexin and Chu Yaoyao.

Therefore, Lin Fan released “The Legend of Sword and Fairy” and chose the same premiere time.

Huace Pictures had bullied his cat.

This battle,

Even if it meant bleeding.

Lin Fan also wanted to fight Huace Pictures’ “Star Garden” head-on!