Chapter 155 - Star Garden’s viewership ratings, Superstar Lin Kexin Appears ~ _1

Chapter 155 of 299 chapters

Chapter 155 Star Garden’s viewership ratings, Superstar Lin Kexin Appears ~ _1

All the entertainment companies saw Lin Fan’s ability through the television drama The Legend of Sword and Fairy.

Lin Fan’s directing skills and acting skills were all highly valued by these entertainment companies.

Lin Fan was like a bright star in the entertainment industry. He was so bright.

There were already countless entertainment companies who wanted to rope Lin Fan in and work with him.

Lin Fan had such strong directing skills. If Lin Fan could help them film television dramas, they could film interesting television dramas one after another.

It was because of this that all the entertainment companies wanted to recruit Lin Fan.

When “The Legend of Sword and Fairy” became so popular, everyone could not help but feel a little shocked.

The companies that had previously terminated their endorsement deals with Xia Wanqiu were also a little regretful.

If they had known earlier, they would not have been in such a hurry to terminate their endorsement deals with Xia Wanqiu.

Not long after they terminated the deal, Xia Wanqiu filmed another popular television drama.

Although her popularity and number of fans could not compare to Lin Kexin’s, Xia Wanqiu’s popularity was quite high.

Many companies felt like they had made some mistakes.

Some endorsements were already tempted to contact Xia Wanqiu again.

Of course, more entertainment companies still wanted to contact Lin Kexin.

Just from the popularity on Weibo alone, their choice was indeed not wrong.

So what if Xia Wanqiu had filmed the Legend of Sword and Fairy? Could she really compare to Lin Kexin?

Xia Wanqiu’s popularity was still much lower than Lin Kexin’s.

It was quite difficult for her to catch up via a single television drama.

Don’t forget how big the gap between Xia Wanqiu and Lin Kexin was.

Furthermore, it would be extremely difficult to close the gap.

At the very least, the television series “The Legend of Sword and Fairy” had not exceeded “Star Garden”!

At the same time, the viewership ratings for the premieres of the two dramas on Mango TV and Sujiang TV were out.

In Mango TV.

“It’s too popular. Lin Kexin is really too popular. Do you know how much the viewership ratings for the premiere of Star Garden are? It’s already 3.5%. On the first day, it already had a 3.5% viewership rating. It has exceeded countless television dramas and is enough to create the history of the entire television drama industry!”

“Lin Kexin is too strong. Star Garden created a precedent for Mango TV. The premiere record for the past twenty years was broken by Star Garden!”

“Is this the strength of Huace Pictures? Luckily, we chose Star Garden. I’ve long said that Star Garden is countless times better than The Legend of Sword and Fairy.”

“Yes, if this continues, Star Garden will definitely be able to obtain the final victory!”

The staff of Mango TV were pleasantly surprised.

In their opinion, “Star Garden” had indeed surpassed “The Legend of Sword and Fairy”.

Wasn’t Lin Fan a directing and scriptwriting master?

Wasn’t he very good at post-production? Didn’t he even know how to compose music?

Wasn’t Lin Fan a genius in the entertainment industry?

This time, even if Lin Fan was the god of the entertainment industry or the creator of the entertainment industry, it was useless!

“Star Garden” was leading on all fronts!

Not only that, “Star Garden” had also broken a premiere record that had been held for twenty years!

This was the power of “Star Garden”.

The staff of Mango TV were too happy.

They signed a rather popular television drama.

Indeed, believing in Lin Kexin was the best decision.

Immediately after, Mango TV announced the viewership ratings for “Star Garden” for that


(Shocking. The viewership ratings for the first day of “Star Garden” are as high as 3.5%.]

When such a trending topic rushed to the top, all the fans of Star Garden were shocked.

Look, this was the strength of Star Garden.

This was Lin Kexin’s true strength.

She was the school belle of Beijing Film Academy who had graduated. Her first work after graduation had already lit up the entire Internet.

Mango TV took the initiative to announce the viewership ratings. On the other hand, Sujiang Television did not say anything or release any announcements.

Yuehua’s employees did not speak either.

Although it seemed like the popularity of “The Legend of Sword and Fairy” and “Star Garden” was similar on Weibo,

But in terms of viewership, “Star Garden” had already broken a record!

Even if it was 3.5% and 2.5%, there was still a huge difference!

There were many television dramas with 2.5% viewership.

However, 3.5% premiere viewership was very rare!

There were even very few television dramas that had more than 3% viewership.

The most popular television drama in history had a viewership rating of 3.1%.

As for “Joy of Life”, it was an online drama. There were no viewership ratings for the premiere, only some clicks and popularity. Because online dramas and television dramas were broadcast on different platforms, there was no point in comparing them.

In Huace Pictures, everyone was gathered together.

Especially CEO Liu. He smiled knowingly

CEO Liu looked at everyone and said, “I knew it. It’s impossible for ‘The Legend of Sword and Fairy’ to go against our ‘Star Garden’. The popularity on Weibo can be bought, but the ratings of television dramas can’t lie. Although ‘The Legend of Sword and Fairy’ was indeed filmed well, they chose the wrong market and misjudged what the audience liked more”

“This is only the beginning. The further we go, the more our Star Garden will be ahead of the Legend of Sword and Fairy!” CEO Liu smiled.

Many staff members also said, “What a pity. The Legend of Sword and Fairy was originally a pretty good television drama, but it’s still not good enough to fight with us.”

“However, the television drama ‘The Legend of Sword and Fairy’ is still not outstanding enough. The further we go, the less it can compare to our Star Garden.”

“I feel that it’ll already be very amazing if the viewership ratings of ‘The Legend of Sword and Fairy’ can break through 2.9%. Compared to our 3.5%, it’ll still be far off.”

“Prepare for the celebration party to celebrate the victory of Star Garden. Congratulations, Lin Kexin!”

“Congratulations, Lin Kexin ~”.

Everyone looked at a girl in the corner.

Lin Kexin had long black hair. Sitting there, she gave off the feeling of a girl next door. Her temperament was unique, but she was also very pure and beautiful. Just sitting there, she could attract the attention of countless people.

Her hairstyle was very beautiful, making countless boys tempted. In “Star Garden”, countless male fans liked her.

Just as everyone was looking at Lin Kexin,

Lin Kexin raised her beautiful eyes and looked at everyone.

She was watching The Legend of Sword and Fairy in the corner.

Although there were no videos to watch online, she could choose to record the television drama and watch it secretly.

Lin Kexin carefully turned off her phone.

“Actually, I think… the actors in The Legend of Sword and Fairy acted really well.”

“If possible, I also want to film two dramas with Lin Fan.”

“Lin Fan is really… handsome.”

Lin Kexin said as her long black hair fluttered down. Her ethereal eyes were filled with anticipation.

If only she could work with Lin Fan.

Compared to “Star Garden”, Lin Kexin preferred Lin Fan’s “The Legend of Sword and Fairy”.

In Lin Kexin’s eyes, how could there be such an awesome person in the world?

The acting skills of the actors were so good and the plot was so interesting. If only she could film “The Legend of Sword and Fairy”.

Hearing Lin Kexin’s words, everyone in the company: “…”

Lin Kexin was working with Huace Pictures…

Yuehua had not come to poach her yet.

But she was already conquered by Lin Fan’s acting skills and script!