Chapter 162 - Brother Fan, You're Really Too Fierce! _ 1

Chapter 162 of 299 chapters

After the finale was released, “The Legend of Sword and Fairy” could be said to have killed everyone.

No one had expected that…

After the finale of “The Legend of Sword and Fairy” was broadcast, such a grand scene could be formed.

Weibo, Toutiao, Bilibili, and all the other major apps collapsed.

One could imagine how many users rushed in at the same time.

The popularity of this television drama was already immeasurable.

“This drama is truly f*cking trending throughout the Internet.”

“I’ve never seen such a popular television drama. Lin Fan… how did Lin Fan do it?” CEO Li was in disbelief.

They had always been slightly weaker than Star Garden in their battle with them previously. It was all within expectations.

In the last week, even Yuehua Entertainment felt that there was no hope.

But when reality happens, it often exceeds the expectations of ordinary people.

The entire Yuehua Entertainment did not expect this to happen.

When the finale was released, “The Legend of Sword and Fairy” completely killed “Star Garden”!

Not to mention Yuehua Entertainment, even the people from Huace Pictures did not expect this.

Even Su Xiaoyu, Xu Yang, Xia Wanqiu, Lin Jingjing, and the others were shocked.

Lin Fan said he would counterattack and kill them, and he did as he said.

And it was a crushing victory with a huge advantage!

This was like if he was playing basketball and his team was still 30 points behind their opponent at the last minute.

However, he suddenly displayed his divine courage and kept scoring three-pointers at the last minute and was unstoppable.

On average, he could score a three-pointer every six seconds. He did not miss any shots he took and directly killed the opponent who had the advantage!

Huace Pictures had worked hard for more than a month, but in the end, they were surpassed and killed just like that. Who could they reason with?

“Brother Fan… is really a little too fierce,” Xu Yang said.

Even Xu Yang had to praise him.

The way he referred to Lin Fan had also become Brother Fan.

Even Yuehua’s top male artiste would have to be replaced.

Xu Yang could not help but sigh.

Was this life?

“We won, we really won,” Lin Jingjing said in surprise.

After the finale was broadcast, the final viewership rating of Huace Pictures’ “Star Garden” was fixed at 4.53%.

However, the viewership ratings for Yuehua Entertainment’s “The Legend of Sword and Fairy” were not out yet.

The staff of Sujiang TV were already repeatedly checking the data.

“Is that possible?”

“That’s impossible. The ratings of ‘The Legend of Sword and Fairy’ are actually so high. Could it be that there’s a bug?” the boss asked.

“Boss, there’s no bug. It’s just that the television drama ‘The Legend of Sword and Fairy’ is too popular…”

“The viewership ratings of ‘The Legend of Sword and Fairy’ have actually reached… 7.53%!”

“It’s 3% higher than the viewership ratings of Star Garden!”

“Boss, if nothing goes wrong, ‘The Legend of Sword and Fairy’ will probably become a true masterpiece! With a viewership of 7.53%, I’m afraid it’s impossible for anyone to surpass such results in the future,” the staff said.

“D*mn, 7.53% viewership. In the past 30 years, no television drama has ever achieved such results. This is simply… unbelievable.”

“Lin Fan is too amazing. His first drama, Joy of Life, was already very popular. When it came to his second drama, The Legend of Sword and Fairy, it was even more popular. This television drama might really become a classic masterpiece!”

“No, Boss. This television drama is already a classic.”

“Even Weibo collapsed… One can imagine how popular this television drama is.”

“D*mn, Weibo has really collapsed. Is Lin Fan even human?”


All the staff members of Sujiang TV felt that it was unbelievable.

It would be fine if “The Legend of Sword and Fairy” merely broke the record.

Now, they had not only broken a record, they had created history!

Then, Sujiang TV released the viewership ratings of “The Legend of Sword and Fairy”, which was 7.53%!

After Weibo was restored, it quickly became the top trending topic on Weibo.

“66666666, 7.53% viewership. This is too extraordinary.”

“I don’t know what to say anymore. I just want to say that Brother Fan is awesome!”

“^, watch your words. You shouldn’t call him Brother Fan. You should call him Director Lin!”

“Director Lin’s directing skills are too strong. He gave our country such a classic television drama, but we haven’t seen enough of it. Before I knew it, it was done. Sigh, I still want to watch television dramas again.”

“Such viewership is unprecedented. I’m afraid only Brother Fan can surpass such viewership.”

“I’m afraid it’ll be very difficult for Brother Fan to surpass such viewership in the future. 7.53%. What kind of person can do this? It’s really incomparable!”

“I’m already too impressed with Brother Fan. For Brother Fan to be able to create such a record, he’s many times better than Star Garden.”

When the viewership ratings were announced,

All the staff in Yuehua Entertainment were cheering.

“D*mn, awesome!!”

“Our Yuehua won. With 7.53% viewership, who can fight us?!”

“Brother Fan is really too fierce. I also want to be Brother Fan’s last disciple.”

“A television drama that Brother Fan casually directed saved our entire company.”

“In the future, if anyone dares to bully Xia Wanqiu again, after this television drama, Xia Wanqiu’s popularity will probably soar!”

The staff in Yuehua exclaimed.

What they said was not wrong.

After the television drama “The Legend of Sword and Fairy”, Xia Wanqiu’s popularity had increased too much.

Xia Wanqiu’s Weibo fans had reached 100 million!

Lin Fan’s Weibo fans had increased to 20 million.

Lin Fan’s Weibo fans had really broken through the 20 million mark!

Su Xiaoyu’s fans had reached more than 78 million, and Xu Yang’s fans were also increasing.

And now, on Tiktok’s celebrity rankings, Xia Wanqiu was already sitting firmly in first place. Her popularity had already exceeded Lin Kexin’s!

Xia Wanqiu had become even more popular with this television drama!!

It was worth mentioning that she did not have any endorsement deals or investors investing in her. Instead, she looked very relaxed.

Huace Pictures.

When the people from Huace Pictures saw the viewership ratings of “The Legend of Sword and Fairy”, all the staff felt a little disbelief.

“Oh my god, this can’t be true. 7.53% viewership. Who can compare to that?”

“That’s right. Could such viewership be fake?”

“How can Director Lin Fan’s television drama be so amazing…”

When CEO Liu of Huace Pictures saw this news, he sat down weakly.


“To think that there would be such high viewership. Our Huace Pictures has lost…”

“This is impossible… impossible!!!”