Chapter 166 - At Home, The Wife is in Charge of the Money _ 1

Chapter 166 of 299 chapters

“Boohoo, Sister Wanqiu has bigger breasts than me. I’m angry and want to bite someone.” Su Xiaoyu felt a little wronged. Her figure was originally quite good, but her breasts were small and she could not do anything about it.

“Haha, it’s fine. They’ll grow bigger when you find a boyfriend,” Xia Wanqiu said.

“No, no!” Su Xiaoyu was angry. She took another bite of a cucumber and turned around.

Xia Wanqiu looked at Lin Fan and smiled. “Lin Fan, CEO Li has also said that he’ll leave my endorsements to you. With you helping me do these things, I’m relieved.”

“Recently, more than ten endorsements want to sign a contract with me. Sister Yang is still having a headache over this matter. These endorsements are the ones who terminated their contracts with me previously,” Xia Wanqiu said.

“It’s fine. Leave this to me,” said Lin Fan.

In reality, Lin Fan was a little angry.

These endorsements had previously terminated their contracts with Xia Wanqiu.

Now, they wanted to sign a contract with Xia Wanqiu again?

Of course, Lin Fan wouldn’t agree.

Furthermore, these endorsements were not international brands. If Xia Wanqiu rejected these endorsements, it would not affect her at all.

In the company, in a very big room.

Many endorsements were there, surrounding Xia Wanqiu’s manager, Yang Qing.

“Aiya, it was our fault previously, so we terminated the contract. It’s all our fault. Can we sign a new contract with Xia Wanqiu now? We will offer a more sincere price.”

“That’s right. It’s fine if the price rises a little. As long as I can re-sign a contract with Xia Wanqiu, it’s a win-win situation.”

“Our company isn’t bad. Signing a contract with Xia Wanqiu will be beneficial to her. We can even give her an endorsement fee.”

More than ten companies surrounded Yang Qing and said. It was obvious that they had already prepared the contracts.

At this moment, Lin Fan walked in.

Lin Fan looked at the people in charge of these endorsements and sat down. He said, “Are you all here to ask Xia Wanqiu to endorse your products?”

“Previously, you guys collectively terminated your contracts with Wanqiu and wanted her to pay a high penalty. Now, you want to sign a contract with her again?”

“Xia Wanqiu doesn’t lack endorsements like you.”

“Today, on behalf of the company, I officially announce to you.”

“We will reject all the endorsements who have terminated their contracts with Xia Wanqiu before and want to re-sign contracts with her.”

“Sister Yang, send them out!”

After saying that, Lin Fan turned around and left, closing the door.

So what if he rejected more than ten endorsements? At most, he would lose tens of millions in endorsement fees.

It was only tens of millions. Lin Fan didn’t care.

He would settle Xia Wanqiu’s endorsements.

In the past, to work and live not only did Xia Wanqiu have to film, her schedule was also very full and she did not have much rest time in a month.

And now, Lin Fan was in charge of Xia Wanqiu’s endorsements. He wouldn’t let Xia Wanqiu sign so many endorsement deals.

After Lin Fan left, Yang Qing looked at Lin Fan with a different expression.

This was the person Wanqiu liked, Lin Fan.

She finally understood why Xia Wanqiu liked Lin Fan.

Because Lin Fan was always thinking for Xia Wanqiu.

He did it in the past, is doing it now, and would always be doing so in the future.

So what if he lost some endorsement fees?

This was Lin Fan’s style.

However, Xia Wanqiu might have to face a situation where she had no endorsements in the future.

Endorsing products was also one of the important sources of income for celebrities. At the same time, they could appear in front of the public.

However, Yang Qing believed that with Lin Fan around, no one would bully Xia Wanqiu in the future.

Then, Lin Fan met the person in charge of Great Universe Information Company, Little Wang.

And today…

Lin Fan and this gaming company had officially reached an agreement.

He sold the rights to adapt The Legend of Sword and Fairy into a game for 30 million yuan.

At the same time…

Lin Fan even found a new endorsement for Xia Wanqiu.

They had to pay Xia Wanqiu a total of 13 million to endorse the game The Legend of Sword and Fairy.

Su Xiaoyu’s endorsement price was also 13 million. Just because of Lin Fan’s television drama, Xia Wanqiu and Su Xiaoyu could earn 26 million!

“Oh yeah, thank you, Master. Without you, I wouldn’t have been able to earn so much endorsement fees.” Su Xiaoyu giggled.

“I’ve never signed an endorsement fee of 13 million in the past, and I only need to take a video and some photos,” Xia Wanqiu said.

Lin Fan smiled and said, “The two of you are already so popular. It’s only right for you to have so much endorsement fees. Xiaoyu, you haven’t accepted any endorsements before, right? I’ll handle your endorsements in the future as well.”

“Alright, Master is the best ~” Su Xiaoyu looked happy. Although she didn’t accept endorsements purely because she had too much money to spend, 13 million seemed like a lot, but it was only equivalent to Su Xiaoyu’s allowance for a week.

However, Su Xiaoyu was very excited. She had earned this money through her own hard work, and she did not have to work too hard.

Xu Yang and Lin Jingjing were a little envious.

This was f*cking 13 million…

What they had to do was very simple. They just had to take photos and videos. These were all things that Xia Wanqiu and Su Xiaoyu were good at.

When the two of them took photos, they could not finish even after taking a thousand photos.

Lin Jingjing looked at Lin Fan and acted coquettishly like Su Xiaoyu. “Lin Fan, I also want to sign an endorsement deal. Why don’t you handle my endorsements in the future too~~”

Lin Fan smiled and walked forward to pat Xu Yang’s shoulder. “Jingjing, Xu Yang is Yuehua’s number one male artiste. With his help, you won’t be deceived if you sign an endorsement contract in the future.”

Xu Yang sighed. “Lin Fan, I’m no longer Yuehua’s top male artiste. You’re Yuehua’s top male artiste now. I also want you to help us handle our endorsements.”

“As for Jingjing, of course I’ll help her if I can. Jingjing is so beautiful, why would she be afraid of not being able to find endorsement deals?” Xu Yang smiled and looked at Lin Jingjing.

Ever since Lin Fan and Xia Wanqiu’s relationship became so good, Xu Yang tried to gradually forget Xia Wanqiu and cherish the people around him.

After filming “The Legend of Sword and Fairy” with Lin Jingjing, Xu Yang gradually realized how good Lin Jingjing was.

Lin Jingjing was so good. Although she wasn’t as pretty as Xia Wanqiu, she was still suitable to be his girlfriend.

Looking at Xu Yang and Lin Jingjing’s exchange of gazes, Lin Fan smiled brightly. Xu Yang had improved a lot these few days.

Lin Jingjing’s face was slightly red. She looked at Xu Yang with her beautiful eyes and retracted her gaze without batting an eyelid. She looked at Lin Fan again and said, “Lin Fan, you’ve become so awesome before we even realized it. Next time, I’ll want to ride on your popularity. When I hold a concert, you have to come and support me. This is what you promised me.”

“Alright.” Lin Fan smiled. After all, acting was just Lin Jingjing’s side hustle. Her true identity was a big singer and she was very popular. Many people liked to hear her sing.

“Thank you. My next concert is in a month. I’m officially inviting you now. As for money, I don’t have money.” Lin Jingjing lowered her head and felt a little aggrieved.

Even if she was a big singer, the money she earned from holding a concert was far less than what Lin Fan earned from selling the game’s copyright.

If Lin Jingjing really went to invite Lin Fan to sing, she was worried that she wouldn’t be able to afford it.

Xia Wanqiu said, “Jingjing, it’s fine. He’ll do it for free.”

Lin Jingjing’s beautiful eyes lit up. Xu Yang asked, “Wanqiu, how do you know that Lin Fan will do it for free…”

Xia Wanqiu looked at Lin Fan with a fierce expression. “If I don’t allow him to get paid for it, he can’t.”

Lin Fan nodded. “Yes, my wife is in charge of the money at home. She has the final say.”

Xu Yang: “!!!”

Lin Jingjing: “!!!”

Su Xiaoyu: “!!!”