Chapter 167 - LV and Chanel's Second-Largest Shareholder, Lin Fan! _ 1

Chapter 167 of 299 chapters

Xia Wanqiu’s cheeks were slightly red as she glared at Lin Fan. “Shameless, bad guy!”

Looking at Xia Wanqiu, the others felt like they had been stuffed with dog food again.

Forget about Su Xiaoyu and Lin Jingjing. The two of them were already used to being stuffed with dog food.

Xu Yang felt his life turn dark.

Lin Fan said that Xia Wanqiu was his wife.

Xia Wanqiu immediately blushed and said that Lin Fan was a bad person.

There was a very important detail.

That was, Xia Wanqiu did not reject him!

She didn’t reject how Lin Fan addressed her.

What did this mean?

How could ordinary girls let others call them their wives?

If you don’t believe me, you can try it on the streets. Just pull a girl over and call her your wife.

It would be fine if the other party did not have a boyfriend, but if she did…

Even if the other party did not have a boyfriend, any girl would not accept others calling her “wife”.

Wife, darling. These were all ways to address your girlfriend.

Xia Wanqiu did not refuse. Didn’t this mean that she had tacitly agreed?

Could it be that the two of them had already…

Xu Yang felt like vomiting blood.

He was Xu Yang, Yuehua’s number one male artiste. He was usually admired by others.

He had been stuffed with dog food so many times before, but he had already turned over a new leaf. He tried to see the scenery around him and discover the people around him.

Even so, he could be stuffed with dog food.

Lin Fan and Xia Wanqiu stuffed him with dog food again.

Moreover, Xu Yang had seen this dog food with his own eyes.

What kind of f*cking life was this?

“What’s wrong, Xu Yang?” Lin Fan looked at Xu Yang and waved in front of him.

“Xu Yang…” Lin Jingjing looked at Xu Yang worriedly.

“I’m… fine.”

“I just don’t know why I’m so full before dinner.” Xu Yang sighed.

“Let’s go. I’ll treat you to a meal,” Lin Jingjing said with a sweet smile as she looked at Xu Yang.

“Okay…” Xu Yang was pulled away by Lin Jingjing.

After work, Lin Fan lay on the sofa alone at home.

He was deep in thought.

After all, Xia Wanqiu was such a popular celebrity. Just the endorsement of “The Legend of Sword and Fairy” was not enough.

After such a long time, Lin Fan realized that his system had entered a standby state.

Every day, other than signing in for a bottle of mineral water, he would get a bottle of iced tea or a bottle of Pulse.

Occasionally, he could even sign in to get a Tomson Riviera villa model.

The last time, it was even worse. This system actually produced a toy Ferrari sports car.

It was a Ferrari about the size of a palm. It had even given Lin Fan a remote control that could be used to control the Ferrari toy car.

“I should get something good today.”

“There are still five days before Wanqiu’s birthday. I have to prepare a surprise for her.”

“System, sign in.” Lin Fan muttered in his heart.

“Ding… Signed in successfully.”

“Congratulations Master for obtaining world-class piano mastery!”

“Congratulations Master for obtaining 10% of Chanel’s shares. The relevant title deeds have been issued.”

“Congratulations Master for obtaining 10% of the shares of Louis Vuitton. The relevant title deeds have been issued to the system inventory. Master, please take note.”

When Lin Fan received these three messages, he was shocked.

The first one was still alright. He was a world-class piano master.

Lin Fan had the skills of a singing god and his musical attainments had reached the peak of perfection.

The second message was about obtaining Chanel shares. Chanel was a luxury brand in world history.

Lin Fan immediately opened Baidu and searched for information about Chanel.

Chanel was one of the top nine most valuable luxury brands in the world!

And Chanel was very popular.

Ask any girl on the streets. She might not know what a Koenigsegg One was, but she must know what Chanel was.

As one of the world’s top luxury brands, almost all girls yearned to have such a product.

However, things often did not go according to plan. The prices of luxury brands were often sky-high.

For such a product to be called a luxury item, it was not something that ordinary people could afford.

And Chanel’s market value was about US$22.1 billion.

If it was converted to RMB…

It was equivalent to a market value of 154.4 billion yuan!

154.4 billion yuan was an astronomical price!

A truly astronomical price.

Lin Fan owned 10% of Chanel’s shares and became the second-largest shareholder of Chanel.

And 10% of the shares was equivalent to 15.44 billion yuan!

Even if Lin Fan didn’t do anything every year, how much dividends could he receive?

He could at least receive a few hundred million yuan in dividends every year.

As the world’s largest luxury item brand, Chanel’s annual profits were immeasurable.

If the second item he received was crazy enough,

Then the third thing he signed in to receive was enough to make the world exclaim.

There were many luxury goods brands in the world, including Hermes, Chanel, Lancôme, Estee Lauder, and so on.

However, the luxury goods brand that had always occupied the top position in the world of luxury goods and retail was LV!

LV’s full name was Louis Vuitton.

LV’s market value was about 32.2 billion USD. Converted to RMB, it was equivalent to 225 billion yuan.

225 billion yuan was already a number that countless rich people looked up to.

To be able to sign in to receive the shares of two luxury brands at the same time, Lin Fan had already become the second-largest shareholder of two luxury brands.

After seeing this news, this was the first time Lin Fan felt excited.

It had been almost a few months since he had signed in for something good.

Now, he had finally become a major shareholder of two major luxury brands.

Furthermore, there were two branches of these luxury brands in Shanghai.

When Lin Fan signed in for the shares of these two companies, he only had one feeling.

I’m rich!

He was going to be rich!

If he became a shareholder of these two companies, he would not lack money to spend in the future.

However, Lin Fan didn’t really care about money. The first thing he thought of was that Xia Wanqiu hadn’t signed many endorsement deals recently.

Then these two companies were just right.

After signing in for the shares of the two companies,

The headquarters of LV and Chanel were all deeply shocked.

(For the sake of convenience, foreign brands are also written in Chinese, not English.)

“What the f*ck?”

“How is that possible…”

“Have you heard? The major shareholder of Chanel has changed!”

“Someone has become our company’s second-largest shareholder and has 10% of our company’s shares!”

“Oh my god, who is this tycoon? He can actually buy 10% of our company’s shares. That must be worth tens of billions.”

“I’m stunned. Could it be Alibaba’s CEO Ma? That shouldn’t be the case. When did such a rich boss appear in China? He took out tens of billions at once.”

“I’m stunned. This boss is really rich.”

“I found it. I finally found it.”

“The big boss who bought our company’s shares, the second-largest shareholder of our company, his name is…”

“Lin Fan!!!”