Chapter 171 - The CEOs of LV and Chanel Are Crying. Lin Fan's Feast Was Too Delicious _ 1

Chapter 171 of 299 chapters

In the Lake Heart Villa, Lin Fan was playing League of Legends.

This time, he did not choose Yasuo but the Sword Saint and ended the battle with 20 kills.

Ever since “The Legend of Sword and Fairy” was released, Lin Fan’s popularity had increased exponentially.

Many fans begged Lin Fan to release the second season of “Joy of Life”. Some fans wanted to see the second and third seasons of “The Legend of Sword and Fairy”.

Although the story of Li Xiaoyao had already been told in the first installment of “The Legend of Sword and Fairy”, the grand worldview, coupled with the rather outstanding plot, deeply attracted the audience.

Every day, when Lin Fan posted on Weibo, the comments below were all asking for updates, begging Lin Fan to write a sequel to the two television dramas.

During this period of time, Lin Fan should have had advertisements flying everywhere and received a lot of endorsement deals.

However, Lin Fan asked Lin Qianwei to reject all the endorsements and advertisements.

It was more comfortable to lie on the sofa at home.

Unfortunately, Lin Fan didn’t have a girlfriend yet.

His mother had already urged him many times, but there was nothing he could do.

Lin Fan had wanted to confess to Xia Wanqiu last time but in the end, he didn’t.

When could he make her his girlfriend?

Lin Fan smiled brightly. If that day really came, that would be good.

Just then, Lin Fan’s phone rang.

“Hello.” Lin Fan picked up the phone.

“Boss Lin, hello. I’m the assistant of LV’s CEO Bernard. CEO Bernard has already personally come to Shanghai’s LV branch. If it’s convenient for you, he would like to see you.” A female voice sounded.

“CEO Bernard came to Shanghai personally?” Lin Fan was a little surprised. After he became the second-largest shareholder of LV, even the company’s CEO came to Shanghai personally.

“Yes, Mr. Lin. At the same time, CEO Bruno of Chanel is also in Shanghai. He wants to hear your suggestions for the company’s development,” the assistant said with a smile.

“Sure, but there’s no need for too many complicated etiquettes. Invite CEO Bernard and CEO Bruno to come to my place personally. I’ll make a feast for the two big bosses for free.”

“If there’s anything, we can discuss it at my house. I’ll send you the address,” said Lin Fan.

The big bosses of the two luxury goods companies had personally come here. It was enough to show how much they valued Lin Fan.

Lin Fan wouldn’t go out and show off brainlessly. After all, he wasn’t the CEO of the two companies and was only the second-largest shareholder.

Lin Fan knew that if he went to the headquarters of LV and Chanel, both companies would receive him with the highest etiquette.

In that case, the news could not be hidden. He might even become a trending topic on Weibo.

At that time, the entire Internet would know that he was a major shareholder of both companies.

Lin Fan didn’t want to be so high-profile. A peaceful life was the best. If it wasn’t for his wife, he wouldn’t have become a celebrity in the entertainment industry.

If he appeared in the headquarters of the two companies now, he might become famous in the business world in the future. When Lin Fan went out, he would really be surrounded by a group of aunties.

Most importantly, Lin Fan was a slacker.

He still had to drive to the two branches. He could just wait at home for the two CEOs to come to him personally.

Since the two big bosses were here in China, why not invite them to his house?

“Okay Boss Lin.”

“When should they come?” the assistant asked.

“8pm tonight. I’ve already sent you the address.” said Lin Fan.

“Alright, Boss Lin. I understand.” After saying that, the assistant hung up.

Such news was also sent to the CEOs of LV and Chanel at the same time.

The CEOs of the two companies looked at each other in surprise.

They had wanted to invite Lin Fan here to receive him properly.

But it looked like Lin Fan didn’t want to be so high-profile.

This meant that Lin Fan didn’t want others to know that he was a shareholder of the two companies.

It was right of them to keep it a secret.

At 8 pm, the two CEOs personally arrived at the Lake Heart Villa in Blue Wave Bay.

Lin Fan had already informed the security guards in advance and the security guards let them all in.

When they arrived at the entrance of the Lake Heart Villa,

The CEOs of LV and Chanel could not help but exclaim.

This was where Lin Fan lived. It was calm, elegant, and had beautiful scenery. The surroundings were quiet and the villa was very luxurious.

The two of them also saw three expensive luxury cars parked in Lin Fan’s garage.

The Bugatti and Koenigsegg One sports cars were both limited edition.

Even these two big bosses did not have these two limited edition sports cars.

When the two big bosses saw the sports cars, they nodded expressionlessly.

Those who could afford to drive limited edition sports cars were naturally not simple people.

Following behind the two big bosses were some security guards. Of course, there were also beautiful assistants following them.

Lin Fan opened the door and looked at the LV and Chanel CEOs. He walked out and shook hands with them.

Don’t forget that Lin Fan’s results in university were quite good. He was quite proficient in English and knew some French. He could communicate normally with the two CEOs. Furthermore, the CEOs had translators by their sides.

“CEO Bruno, CEO Bernard, welcome to China. Because I was busy, I didn’t go out to welcome you guys.” said Lin Fan with a smile.

“Hello, Boss Lin. Your English is really good.” The LV CEO revealed a hint of surprise.

“Boss Lin, you’re really young. Heroes indeed come from among the youth.” The CEO of Chanel was also smiling.

This was the standard way for business big shots to meet. At the start of the meeting, they would flatter each other. In short, it was called a professional exchange of praises.

After entering the villa, only two beautiful assistants followed. The other security guards stood neatly at the door. Without orders, they would not take half a step in.

Just as they entered, a feast was already set up on the table.

They were all prepared by Lin Fan.

The two big bosses had come all the way to China. Of course, Lin Fan was very polite. It wasn’t a big deal to make a feast.

“Come, let’s have dinner first.” Lin Fan sat down and smiled.

After the LV CEO and the Chanel CEO ate,

The two big bosses were stunned.

They hadn’t expected Lin Fan’s feast to be so delicious…

Just the taste alone was enough to shock the two big bosses.

Not only did Lin Fan make a Chinese feast, he also made a French feast and some European recipes.

However, due to the limited ingredients, he only made a simple dinner.

However, such a dinner made the two big bosses want to cry.

They had lived for most of their lives and had eaten all sorts of feasts.

As the big bosses of the two largest luxury brands in Europe, they had eaten all sorts of exquisite banquets and feasts prepared by the top chefs.

But when they ate Lin Fan’s feast, they really felt that they had lived their lives in vain.

They had never eaten such delicious food in their entire lives.

Lin Fan was only a Chinese man, but the European dinner he made was even better than that of the top chefs in Europe!!