Chapter 172 - This Is Lin Fan's Style. LV and Chanel's Big Bosses are Impressed _ 1

Chapter 172 of 299 chapters

The two CEOs looked at Lin Fan in admiration. The shock in their eyes deepened.

Lin Fan’s identity and status were not ordinary. This was already important enough for the two CEOs.

The two big bosses personally coming to Lin Fan’s house represented how much they valued him.

This was like Jack Ma and Ma Huateng taking the initiative to visit you at your house. How impressive.

Furthermore, these two big bosses were very top-notch people in Europe. They didn’t need to deliberately suck up to Lin Fan. After all, they were the biggest shareholders of the two luxury companies on the surface.

They had come here to test Lin Fan and talk to him about their companies.

Although they valued Lin Fan, they weren’t that surprised.

Lin Fan had only made one dinner and it had already made these two big bosses prostrate themselves in admiration.

They were already big bosses. They had so much money that they could not spend it all in a few lifetimes. When the company was not busy, they would go out to experience life.

Other than traveling, the most important thing in life was to eat.

Everyone had to eat.

The two big bosses had already tried all the delicacies in the world but they never expected to eat such delicious food at Lin Fan’s house.

They had lived for most of their lives, but this was the first time they had eaten such a delicious meal.

When the delicious food entered their mouths, it had an excellent texture. The two big bosses could not help but give a thumbs up at the same time.

“This feast is too delicious.”

“This is the first time I’ve eaten such a delicious meal in my life.”

“Boss Lin, I finally know what delicious food is today. This is true delicious food. What I’ve eaten before is on a completely different level from what you cook!”

“Boss Lin, if only I could eat your feasts for the rest of my life. This is the first time I’ve seen such a feast.”

“That’s right. I wonder who will be lucky enough to be your wife in the future. She must be very happy.”

The two big bosses smiled. They praised Lin Fan’s culinary skills mainly because the dishes Lin Fan made were too delicious.

The current Lin Fan had god-level culinary skills. Even the best chefs couldn’t compare to the feasts he made.

This was already beyond the ordinary realm. Perhaps only the best chefs in the country could make truly delicious food after years of accumulation.

The two big bosses didn’t talk about work while eating. They understood each other very well. They were both envious of Lin Fan’s future wife.

Lin Fan couldn’t help but think of Xia Wanqiu.

Lin Fan smiled brightly and became even happier.

These people had hit the nail on the head. When he thought of the cat, Lin Fan’s smile curled up.

Xia Wanqiu was so beautiful and cute. Anyone would like her.

“Eat first. I have some good red wine here too. Romanée Conti. It tastes pretty good too,” said Lin Fan with a smile as he took out a few bottles of red wine.

“That’s great, Boss Lin. Haha, then let’s get drunk today!” When the two big bosses saw the good red wine, they smiled.

In their hearts, they praised Lin Fan even more.

Lin Fan’s hospitality, the naturalness they could see from him, and his humility made them feel that he wasn’t an ordinary person.

Only a true big boss would reach such a realm and return to one’s original nature.

He was not like those nouveau riche who wanted the entire world to know that they were rich.

Lin Fan’s status was already so high, but he was still so low-profile.

The smell of dinner wafted out.

The two beautiful assistants stood at the side, drooling.

They were all very cultured. Not to mention a feast, even if there were millions of yuan in front of them, their hearts would not be moved.

To be able to become the assistants of the two big bosses, they had seen all sorts of things.

But the two girls lost their composure today.

This was because Lin Fan’s feast was really too delicious.

Just the smell alone made the two female assistants unable to resist.

You can try walking past a few restaurants serving delicious food when you’re hungry after school at noon. The smell was simply one of the greatest pleasures of the mortal world.

The two female assistants were still trying their best to hold it in.

The fragrance of dinner spread all the way to the door.

Many of the security guards standing at the door could not help but purse their lips.

They remained where they were, in good posture.

Everyone experienced their first test in their professional lives.

And this test was actually the test Lin Fan’s feast gave them.

Who could resist such a delicious thing after smelling it?

All the security guards were quiet.

The saliva flowing out the side of a fat man’s mouth had already betrayed him.

This f*cking… smelled too good.

If only he could be Lin Fan’s security guard.

Almost all the security guards had the same thought.

After dinner, the two big bosses wiped their mouths and looked at Lin Fan.

Although they had drunk some red wine, they were not drunk.

After dinner, it was time to get down to business.

Lin Fan perked up.

“CEO Bruno, CEO Bernard, as everyone knows, LV and Chanel are the top luxury brands in the world. Such products have long formed a brand effect.”

“Although I’ve become the second-largest shareholder of LV and Chanel, I have no interest in the internal affairs of these two companies. The future direction of the companies has already been set as well. I don’t need to make any changes.”

“Also, I believe that under the leadership of CEO Bruno and CEO Bernard, both companies will develop better and better. This is also why I chose to become the second-largest shareholder of your companies,” said Lin Fan as he looked at the two CEOs.

The two CEOs were shocked and nodded silently. Indeed, Lin Fan had the ability to become the largest shareholder of the two companies.

This meant that their previous guess was right. The number of companies Lin Fan was a shareholder of and his assets were definitely not just what they seemed on the surface.

“What I want to tell you guys here is that please don’t worry. I won’t interfere with any of the company’s matters. Every year, the company will distribute dividends to me according to the corresponding number of shares I hold. I have a universal bank card here. The company can transfer all the money into the card.”

“Second, I don’t want anyone outside your companies to know that I’m a shareholder of your two companies. I don’t like to be high-profile,” said Lin Fan with a smile.

The two CEOs looked at Lin Fan and nodded.

When Lin Fan said these words, the two CEOs were shocked.

This was Lin Fan’s style.

Even if he became the second-largest shareholder of the two companies, he was not interested in the internal development of the companies.

Lin Fan’s words were not only to tell the two major shareholders that he wouldn’t fight with them for power in the company, but also to tell them that the things Lin Fan had behind him might far exceed those of these two luxury brands!