Chapter 173 - I Have No choice but to pamper my wife _ 1

Chapter 173 of 299 chapters

Lin Fan looked at the two big bosses and continued, “Of course, since I’ve become a shareholder of the company, I don’t have many requests. I hope that Chanel and LV can choose a Chinese female celebrity to be their spokesperson.”

Lin Fan smiled and revealed his true motive.

Lin Fan wasn’t interested in managing the tedious matters of the company, participating in market competition, or even participating in business wars.

It would too tiring to do so.

Although Alibaba and Tencent’s CEOs were very rich, they were usually very tired from work and did not have much free time. They were the center of attention wherever they went.

Lin Fan just wanted to lie at home quietly and collect rent. He also wanted to collect the company’s dividends. Then he would manage his finances and look at the numbers change in his bank account.

He could even make time to accompany Xia Wanqiu and watch movies or television shows with her, have dinner with her, go on a Ferris wheel with her, watch the sunrise and sunset with her, sleep in the villa with her and make a baby with her.

Such a life was filled with joy.

Ordinary people could still work from nine to five. They might occasionally work overtime, but a big boss like CEO Ma probably did not have any time to rest.

Lin Fan wasn’t interested in that kind of life.

It would be great to be with Xia Wanqiu.

Lin Fan wanted to accompany her to see her parents, get married, and have children with her.

When he was bored in the future, he could hug his wife’s long legs to sleep at home, or hug her while watching television and raise a few kittens.

Lin Fan could imagine his future.

Actually, he could do that now.

As long as he could woo Xia Wanqiu, the money he and Xia Wanqiu earned would be enough for the rest of their lives.

However, Xia Wanqiu had her own dreams. Her dream was to act. Therefore, Lin Fan wouldn’t stop her from chasing her dreams for his own hobbies.

Since she liked acting, he would accompany her into the entertainment industry.

Until the day she didn’t want to do it.

When Lin Fan said his true motive, the eyes of the LV and Chanel CEOs lit up.

There was no need for Lin Fan to say this. They also wanted to sign a superstar as their spokesperson in China.

It was just that there was never a suitable candidate.

After all, LV and Chanel were both internationally renowned brands and the top choices for the world’s richest people.

“Boss Lin, we’ve received your suggestion. To be honest, we also want to choose a Chinese spokesperson, but we’ve been too busy for so long and haven’t had time to develop the market here.”

“However, it’s not easy to choose a spokesperson in China. First of all, this celebrity needs to be famous and popular, and she needs to meet the requirements of LV and Chanel. Secondly, this female celebrity must be beautiful and have a good temperament. In that case, she will receive a lot of good reviews in the market here,” the CEO of Chanel said.

What the CEO of Chanel said made sense.

He couldn’t possibly look for Sister Feng to be his spokesperson in China, right?

Even if there were no heavenly beauties like Bao Si, Diao Chan, or Xi Shi, the celebrity had to at least be good-looking and have a good figure. These were all basic standards.

Otherwise, it would damage the brands of LV and Chanel and become a laughing stock in the industry.

The LV CEO was extremely smart. He did not say the same thing as the CEO of Chanel.

The LV CEO could tell that after Lin Fan became a major shareholder of the two companies, he didn’t say anything and wasn’t interested in the companies’ development.

However, Lin Fan only emphasized one thing. He wanted to help LV and Chanel find a spokesperson in China.

This meant that Lin Fan valued this matter very much!

In fact, Lin Fan already had a candidate for this position in his heart.

However, the CEO of Chanel said the criteria for choosing a spokesperson.

She had to be pretty, have a good temperament, and be famous.

The CEO of LV already knew. Lin Fan didn’t say this because he needed their opinions. Instead, it was equivalent to informing them directly.

However, his tone was more polite. The words of the CEO of Chanel definitely couldn’t enter Lin Fan’s heart.

When the LV CEO came, he had already searched for information on Lin Fan.

Lin Fan was a big star in the country. He was an outstanding actor and a scriptwriting master. He also had strong directing skills.

Lin Fan was a superstar, so there must be beautiful female celebrities around him.

This meant that Lin Fan had long thought of who was suitable to be the spokesperson for these two companies.

The CEOs of LV and Chanel were both top-notch bosses. Their IQ and EQ were also very high. However, the two of them focused on different perspectives. Of course, they would follow Lin Fan’s words.

Immediately, the LV CEO smiled and said, “Boss Lin, we should find a big star to be our spokesperson in China. However, we don’t really understand the market here. You happen to live here. Why don’t you recommend someone? No matter who you recommend, we will do as you say!”

Look at the LV CEO. His words were so comforting.

The LV CEO was very smart. He knew that Lin Fan wasn’t a fool.

How could Lin Fan let Sister Feng be the spokesperson of a top luxury company?

Lin Fan would definitely find a beauty. However, the effect would be the same no matter which superstar he found.

As long as the big star put on some makeup, lights were shone on her properly, a filter was turned on, and her photos were edited, no matter how ugly she was, she could become very pretty.

As for who would be the spokesperson, was it really that important?

This was a good opportunity to rope Lin Fan in.

Lin Fan had only made this request. Of course, the LV CEO would try his best to satisfy it.

After the Louis Vuitton CEO finished speaking, the Chanel CEO also reacted and hurriedly said with a smile, “CEO Lin, it’s like this. If you name a candidate, this matter will be settled. Our two companies are also willing to pay a high endorsement fee.”

The CEO of Chanel was also a smart person. He knew that he had said something wrong and immediately corrected himself.

When Lin Fan heard that, he smiled calmly.

It was simple and comfortable to talk to smart people. There was no need to beat around the bush.

Lin Fan said, “Since you’ve said so, let me recommend a candidate. This girl has hundreds of millions of fans in the country and is very famous. She’s also very pretty. I believe she fits the requirements of the two companies for a spokesperson.”

“There are a few photos of her here. You can take a look. If she’s suitable, we’ll settle on her. But don’t tell her that I’m a major shareholder of the company,” said Lin Fan with a smile. Since he had become a major shareholder of LV and Chanel, he had found the most suitable spokesperson. He had no choice but to dote on his wife.

Then, Lin Fan took out two photos and handed them to the CEOs of Chanel and LV.

These two photos were of the same person.

When the two CEOs saw the girl’s photo, they were stunned.

The girl in the photo was simply too beautiful. She was devastatingly beautiful, had a unique temperament, and looked a little cute.

If they used her as their spokesperson, it would be perfect!

It was Xia Wanqiu!