Chapter 174 - My Wife Is So Beautiful, I Have to Get Her! _ 1

Chapter 174 of 299 chapters

When the CEOs of Chanel and LV saw Xia Wanqiu’s photo, they could not help but be shocked.

The main thing was that Xia Wanqiu was too beautiful.

She was completely qualified to be the spokesperson for LV and Chanel.

“Boss Lin, this must be your girlfriend. Your girlfriend is really pretty. She shall be our company’s spokesperson,” the LV CEO said.

“That’s right, Boss Lin. Your girlfriend is really devastatingly beautiful. Her figure, temperament, and looks are all too good. I agree that she should be the company’s spokesperson,” the CEO of Chanel said with a smile.

“Thank you,” said Lin Fan with a smile. He didn’t refute the words of the CEOs of LV and Chanel.

Was there a need to say that his wife was pretty?

Looking at the entertainment industry, there were many beautiful women such as Lin Jingjing, Chu Yaoyao, and Lin Kexin.

Lin Fan had many pretty girls around him, such as Xu Shiyin, Zhao Lele, and his other high school classmates. Even his sister, Lin Yushi, was very pretty.

These people were all girls with looks above 90 points. But in Lin Fan’s eyes, they couldn’t compare to Xia Wanqiu.

Su Xiaoyu was also very pretty, and her cuteness was not inferior to Xia Wanqiu’s. However, her breasts were small, so her overall score was not as high as his wife’s.

Don’t ask how Lin Fan knew that Su Xiaoyu had small breasts, and don’t ask how Lin Fan knew that Xia Wanqiu had big breasts.

Lin Fan wasn’t interested in the future development of LV and Chanel.

He just needed these two companies to give him money. It would be so comfortable to lie at home and earn money.

Some time ago, many endorsements in the country sent Xia Wanqiu a contract termination notice. Xia Wanqiu might even have to pay a huge compensation fee.

These people had a way of kicking someone when they were down. It was because of this that Lin Fan wouldn’t let Xia Wanqiu work with these endorsements a second time.

Even if he lost twenty endorsements and tens of millions, Lin Fan didn’t care.

Tens of millions of yuan was indeed a lot, but Lin Fan didn’t want anyone to bully Xia Wanqiu.

In the past, he did not have the ability to do so.

Now that he had the ability, it was fine to lose tens of millions for Xia Wanqiu.

Coincidentally, Lin Fan had helped Xia Wanqiu become the spokesperson for the game “The Legend of Sword and Fairy”.

At the same time, Lin Fan contacted LV and Chanel.

Since the CEOs of these two companies had come, Lin Fan would make his request.

It was a win-win situation to be the spokesperson for LV and Chanel.

On one hand, these two companies also needed to develop China’s market. On the other hand, if Xia Wanqiu could endorse these two products, not only could she earn money, but she could also surprise everyone.

Not everyone could endorse luxury goods from such big brands.

After settling the endorsement, the CEO of Chanel looked at Lin Fan. “Boss Lin, since she’s your girlfriend, we won’t lower the price. The company is willing to pay the highest endorsement fee in the industry. We will pay 60 million a year to invite Miss Xia Wanqiu to endorse our Chanel products.”

The CEO of LV also looked at Lin Fan and said, “Boss Lin, LV is also willing to offer the highest endorsement fee in the industry, 60 million a year, to invite Miss Xia Wanqiu to become the future spokesperson for LV products.”

“CEO Bernard, CEO Bruno, nice working with you.” Lin Fan smiled and shook hands with the two big bosses.

“CEO Lin, it’s a pleasure to work with you. Furthermore, you’re also the second-largest shareholder of our two companies. You have the right to choose the spokesperson for the Chinese market. We all believe in your judgment,” the LV CEO said with a smile.

“Boss Lin, if you have any suggestions for the company’s development in the future, or if you need anything, you can contact us. Chanel will try our best to satisfy you,” the CEO of Chanel said with a smile.

“As will LV.” The LV CEO looked at Lin Fan.

“Haha, that’s good. Next time I ask for your help, you’re not allowed to reject me.” Lin Fan smiled. For some reason, the television dramas he filmed often didn’t have investors anymore. He might even face such a situation in the future.

If there were investors who wanted to sleep with Xia Wanqiu or Su Xiaoyu in the future, Lin Fan could just invest in his dramas himself.

Now, Lin Fan had two more financially strong companies behind him. These two companies were equivalent to Lin Fan’s companies. Although they weren’t under Lin Fan’s name, he already had a very important position in the companies.

If he wanted to make a decision, as long as it was not particularly ridiculous, the two big bosses would usually accept it.

The doors of LV and Chanel would forever be open to Lin Fan!

“Alright, Boss Lin. We’ll be coming to eat your feast next time. You can’t reject us.” The LV and Chanel CEOs smiled. When they thought of the feast, they still had a lingering taste and couldn’t forget it.

“Of course.” Lin Fan smiled. It wasn’t bad to build a good relationship with the two big bosses. He hadn’t actually paid much.

“We’ll let the person-in-charge of our branch company sign the contract with Miss Xia Wanqiu. It won’t be convenient for the two of us to appear. Otherwise, it will cause a stir in the business world again,” the LV CEO said.

“Sure.” Lin Fan nodded.

After everything was settled, the two CEOs left very quietly.

The person in charge of the Shanghai branch could totally sign a contract with Xia Wanqiu.

After all, the two big bosses couldn’t appear easily. Lin Fan didn’t want Xia Wanqiu to know that he was a big shareholder of the two companies.

It was mainly because it was not easy to explain it to Xia Wanqiu.

He couldn’t possibly say that he had a system that allowed him to sign in and receive large companies’ shares and beautiful ladies and lolis…

If that was the case, Lin Fan would probably be bitten to death by his wife.

The next day, Lin Fan woke up, signed in and received a bottle of mineral water and received a call from the LV and Chanel branch managers.

“Hello, Mr. Lin. I’m the manager of the LV branch in Shanghai. May I ask if we can sign the endorsement contract with Miss Xia Wanqiu today?” the LV branch manager asked.

“Sure. Come to Yuehua Entertainment at three in the afternoon. I’m in charge of Wanqiu’s endorsements. Come to the company and officially sign the contract with her,” said Lin Fan with a smile.

“Alright,” the LV branch manager said respectfully.

Others might not know Lin Fan’s identity, but the LV branch manager knew.

Even the CEOs of LV headquarters and Chanel headquarters personally went to Lin Fan’s house.

With Lin Fan’s status, how could he dare to offend him?

Lin Fan was the one who decided to sign a contract with Xia Wanqiu.

In order to prevent others from not doing things well, the manager of the LV branch in Shanghai wanted to personally handle this contract signing. He had to do what the CEO had personally instructed him to do well!

At the same time, the manager of the Chanel branch called. Lin Fan had also decided on the same time.

After everything was done, Lin Fan drove the Bugatti and prepared to go to the office. Lin Fan was even looking forward to it.

If Xia Wanqiu knew that he had helped her settle two endorsements worth 120 million yuan, he wondered if she would reward him again.

As for the money, his wife’s money was equivalent to his money anyway.

If there was still a reward from his wife this time, Lin Fan wouldn’t tolerate it. He had to seize the opportunity to woo her!