Chapter 177 - Who's Your Wife? Xia Wanqiu's Face Turned Red _ 1

Chapter 177 of 299 chapters

“How can the CEOs of LV and Chanel personally visit him?”

“They’re men standing at the peak of luxury goods companies in the world. This photo should be fake.”

“No matter if this photo is real or fake, if the people in this photo are really the CEOs of the two big companies, Lin Fan’s identity will be awesome!”

“Lin Fan might have the same important identity as the CEOs of the two big companies!”

“This… this isn’t possible. If he’s really that amazing, then Lin Fan is almost comparable to Alibaba’s CEO Ma.”

“No matter what, Lin Fan has confirmed the endorsement of LV and Chanel for Xia Wanqiu. This is something none of us can do!”

Everyone was shocked.

As the photo was blurry, everyone was still unwilling to believe that Lin Fan knew the CEOs of the two companies.

These were two top luxury brands in the world. Why would their CEOs come to China personally?

The appeal of these two CEOs was not something ordinary people could compare to.

Lin Fan’s current results were enough to shock these people.

CEO Li looked around at the crowd and smiled. “This is Lin Fan’s power and status. You should understand now.”

“Even if the people in this photo aren’t the CEOs of LV and Chanel, Lin Fan has still roped in LV and Chanel.”

“To be able to get these two companies to sign a spokesperson in our country, this is a historic breakthrough!” CEO Li smiled.

He suddenly understood why Lin Fan was so amazing.

So this was Lin Fan’s true background?

The strength of Lin Fan was on par with the bosses of the two luxury goods companies.

Others might not believe Lin Fan, but CEO Li did.

“Inform Wanqiu to cancel all her appointments for the afternoon and ask her to come to the office to sign a contract with LV and Chanel,” CEO Li said.

“Alright.” Manager Wang nodded.

When it was three in the afternoon, Lin Fan was already sitting in his office.

Actually, Lin Fan didn’t have much work to do. He just came to Yuehua to sit down for a while.

Most importantly, he could see Xia Wanqiu here.

When it was past three in the afternoon, Xia Wanqiu held two contracts and walked to Lin Fan’s office alone.

Initially, with such a good opportunity, as long as she could sign the contracts, Xia Wanqiu could become the global spokesperson for LV and Chanel. At the same time, she could get a high endorsement fee.

She had seen the contracts and there were no problems with them.

Faced with such good benefits, Xia Wanqiu did not sign the contracts directly.

“Stupid Lin Fan, tell me. Did you do something bad? The endorsement fee is 120 million. LV and Chanel are both internationally famous luxury brands. You want me to endorse two awesome companies like them?” Xia Wanqiu raised her beautiful eyes and looked at Lin Fan.

“Your husband is amazing.” Lin Fan smiled. Looking at Xia Wanqiu questioning him, he found it a little cute.

“Ahwooh! Fierce, tell me honestly, or I won’t sign the contracts~” Xia Wanqiu put on a fierce expression.

“Actually, I sold myself. After all, two girls from LV and Chanel came to look for me. They saw that I was too handsome and said that if I sold myself, they could help you sign endorsement deals with the two companies,” said Lin Fan with a smile.

Xia Wanqiu smiled sweetly and walked in front of Lin Fan. She pinched him gently. “Did it hurt when you sold yourself?”

Lin Fan felt aggrieved. This was the first time Xia Wanqiu had pinched him. Although it didn’t hurt, her fierce look made Lin Fan’s heart almost melt. He could only agree with Xia Wanqiu. “It hurts.”

“Tell me the truth!” Xia Wanqiu was angry. She stomped her feet and her chest heaved up and down.

Lin Fan looked at Xia Wanqiu and smiled. “They’re so big.”

Xia Wanqiu blushed and turned around. “I’m not talking to you anymore!”

Lin Fan tugged at Xia Wanqiu’s hand. He knew that Xia Wanqiu was worried about him.

These two contracts and the astronomical contract fee made Xia Wanqiu feel that something was wrong.

She was afraid that in order to help her get endorsement deals, Lin Fan would reach an agreement with other companies that would be disadvantageous to him.

If it was someone else, they might have signed the contract for 120 million without even blinking.

Xia Wanqiu did not.

She was more concerned about Lin Fan.

Lin Fan held Xia Wanqiu’s hand and said softly, “Actually, it’s not difficult to negotiate. After all, you’re so pretty, so good looking, and so popular. It’s only right for you to earn 60 million a year. I’ve been negotiating with them for two days and two nights. It’s quite tiring, but we’ve finally reached an agreement.”

Lin Fan explained. He couldn’t say that he had the system and had suddenly become a major shareholder of the two companies. Xia Wanqiu wouldn’t believe him even if he said that. Furthermore, Lin Fan couldn’t explain it properly.

For the past two days, Lin Fan hadn’t slept well. On one hand, he was writing new scripts at home or playing games. On the other hand, he was still planning how to give Xia Wanqiu a surprise on her birthday.

Therefore, Lin Fan’s mental state wasn’t that good. It looked like he had really been negotiating for a long time.

Xia Wanqiu looked at Lin Fan and let him hold her hand. She asked softly, “You didn’t suffer, right? If they dare to make any excessive requests of you, I won’t sign the contract with them.”

Lin Fan shook his head and held Xia Wanqiu’s other hand.

Although they weren’t together yet, Lin Fan would still hold Xia Wanqiu’s hands.

With his wife in front of him, no matter how calm Lin Fan was, he couldn’t help it.

“Of course not. Don’t worry, it’s just right for my wife to sign these two endorsements,” said Lin Fan with a smile.

“Mmm, then I’ll sign them~”

“Also, who’s your wife? Lin Fan, you’re holding my hand too naturally. Have you held other girls’ hands in the past?” Xia Wanqiu asked with a red face.

“No, of course not,” said Lin Fan.

“Then hurry up and let go. Hmph, you’re getting worse now.” Xia Wanqiu’s cheeks were slightly red as she lowered her head and said.

“Look at how hard I’ve worked. Do you have any rewards for me?” Lin Fan let go of Xia Wanqiu’s hand and looked at the girl in front of him.

“What reward do you want?” Xia Wanqiu looked back, revealing her beautiful face.

“I want all the rewards,” said Lin Fan with a smile as he moved closer to Xia Wanqiu.

“I won’t give them to you~” Xia Wanqiu turned around and left, preparing to sign the contracts.

Looking at Xia Wanqiu’s blushing back view, Lin Fan was a little angry.

Damn woman, it’s fine if you don’t give it to me, but why are you so seductive?

He hadn’t gotten her yet. After he did, Lin Fan wanted Xia Wanqiu to feel the same way.

Not long after signing the contracts, Lin Fan received a transfer message on his phone.

LV and Chanel transferred the endorsement fee to Lin Fan’s bank account at the same time.

He had received 120 million just like that!

Lin Fan was shocked.

He helped Xia Wanqiu find two endorsements, but Xia Wanqiu asked LV and Chanel to transfer the money to Lin Fan’s account.

Lin Fan immediately went to Xia Wanqiu’s office.

Xia Wanqiu was sitting in her office, looking at the scenery in the distance.

Under the setting sun, she had a perfect side profile.

The warm sun shone on the girl’s body, outlining her slender figure.

She sat beside the chair and silently looked at the scenery on the horizon.

Lin Fan walked to Xia Wanqiu’s side and placed a hand on her shoulder. He asked, “Why did you fill in my bank account details instead?”

Xia Wanqiu stood up and looked at Lin Fan. Her smile was enough to topple cities. “It’s fine. Just safekeep the money for me. Anyway, my money will be yours in the future ~”

Lin Fan looked at Xia Wanqiu.

At this moment…

He really couldn’t hold it in anymore!

Such a beautiful, obedient and cute girl who did not care about money.

Where could he find a girl like that!!