Chapter 18 - 840,000 Rent in Hand, Shocking Everyone!

Chapter 18 of 299 chapters

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New Era Lisheng Hotel.

As one of the top five-star hotels in Shanghai, the decorations were luxurious. The dishes here were also expensive, and of course, the taste was delicious.

There was no need to mention the service at Lisheng Hotel.

Lin Fan rode his tricycle to the hotel.

The two waiters at the door smiled at Lin Fan. They bowed slightly and said softly, “Welcome.”

What surprised Lin Fan was that the service attitude here was surprisingly good. They didn’t look down on him just because he was riding a tricycle.

As soon as he entered the hotel, he was greeted with a red carpet.

Many of the surrounding waiters bowed to Lin Fan and greeted him in unison.

Lin Fan headed straight for the room Gao Lixiong told him to go to.

As for why these waiters had such good attitudes, it was because they had just received a message from the headquarters.

There was a picture of Lin Fan and a picture of him riding a tricycle. It also showed that Lin Fan was the second-largest shareholder in the company.

Yan Xue knew that Lin Fan kept a low profile, so she specially instructed everyone in the company not to intentionally emphasize Lin Fan’s identity or call him Mr Lin because Lin Fan didn’t like it.

Therefore, even though these waitresses knew that Lin Fan was the second-largest shareholder of the company, they didn’t expose him. Instead, they chose two of the most beautiful waitresses to welcome Lin Fan at the entrance.

Such an invisible action made Lin Fan have a good impression of this company.

As expected, Yan Xue, who was able to become the company’s largest shareholder, wasn’t an ordinary person.

When the waitresses saw Lin Fan, they were stunned.

Because… Lin Fan was way too handsome.

When Lin Fan walked in, he attracted the attention of all the waitresses. They also knew that Lin Fan was a big shareholder and was very rich.

Lin Fan was also very polite and had a good character. Moreover, he was so handsome that the waitresses liked him a lot more.

“Mr Lin is so handsome.”

“He’s still so low-key and humble. No one else can compare to him. This is the first time I’ve seen such a handsome person. I love him.”

“Shh, don’t speak too loudly. It’s good that you know in your heart. Otherwise, Mr Lin will be unhappy. We just need to serve him silently.”

“Quick, take good care of Boss Lin’s tricycle. Nothing must go wrong.”

Before Lin Fan knew it, Lisheng Hotel had already made all the necessary preparations.

It could be said that today’s Li Sheng Hotel was fully equipped with top VIP services for Lin Fan.

When Lin Fan pushed open the door, he saw some familiar faces.

Naturally, the girls cheered.

Because Lin Fan was really… too handsome.

However, Zhao Lele and Xie Yutong scoffed at him. So what if he was handsome? He was still poor.

“Brother Fan, come, come, have a seat.” Gao Lixiong immediately welcomed him warmly.

“Lin Fan, did you come here on a tricycle? How could you do that? You should have let Lixiong pick you up. It’s so tiring to ride a tricycle.” Xue Yaoting patted Lin Fan on the shoulder.

Xue Yaoting was a little unhappy when he saw the girls cheering for Lin Fan.

It wasn’t easy for him to hold a class reunion, and this was his home ground. With so many girls here, he had to brag.

“Riding a tricycle is pretty good too.” Lin Fan didn’t really care.

“Sigh, it’s too difficult to find a job nowadays. I heard that Lixiong has already bought a car and a house. His annual salary is 500,000 to 600,000, right?” Xue Yaoting said with a smile.

Many girls turned to look at Gao Lixiong, Xue Yaoting’s words immediately diverted their attention.

After all, after graduating from university, everyone would ask each other where they worked, whether they’ve bought a car, whether they’ve bought a house, and when they’ll get married.

“It’s alright. It’s only 500,000 to 600,000 a year. My car is only a BMW 5 Series. I’m not doing very well,” Gao Lixiong said with a smile. He then showed off. After all, Zhao Lele was still by his side.

Moreover, this was the truth. He wasn’t trying to show off.

Jack Ma said in front of so many people that he wasn’t interested in money. As for Chief Wang, he even said that 100 million was just a small goal. This was all because they had reached that level.

“Not bad, Lixiong.” Xue Yaoting laughed.

“Haha, I guess.” Gao Lixiong laughed.

Zhao Lele looked at Gao Lixiong approvingly.

Xie Yutong sat beside Xue Yaoting.

“Xue Yaoting, how’s your job now?” Xie Yutong’s weak voice was heard. There was some anticipation in her eyes. Xue Yaoting should be a rich man too.

“Aiya, it’s just so-so.” Xue Yaoting shook his head and sighed.

“Xue Yaoting, tell us, where do you work?” a girl asked.

“I work in QQ, and my annual salary is only about 800,000 yuan. I drive a Porsche and bought three houses. I also have to pay over 20,000 yuan a month in loans. I’m so poor,” Xue Yaoting said.

Gao Lixiong and Xue Yaoting flattered each other, which shocked Zhao Lele and Xie Yutong.

So Xue Yaoting and Gao Lixiong were both so outstanding.

Indeed, Lin Fan could not compare to these people.

“We’re not going to listen to them show off. Lin Fan, come and sit with us. Seriously, this is a class gathering. All of you only know how to show off.” A girl looked at Lin Fan and said.

Many girls started discussing amongst themselves as they surrounded Lin Fan.

As for Gao Lixiong and Xue Yaoting’s showing off, many girls were too lazy to watch and listen to them.

Many girls looked at Lin Fan like little fangirls.

“Lin Fan, you’re really handsome now. Do you have a girlfriend?”

“You’re still the best. You’re not like those two simple-minded fools who only know how to posture.”

“I heard that you have a small restaurant now. Where is it? We will definitely go and support you!”

Many girls surrounded Lin Fan. Lin Fan smiled and chatted with his classmates.

They were all classmates. Although Xue Yaoting and Gao Lixiong would occasionally posture, they wouldn’t publicly belittle or mock Lin Fan. That would be foolish behavior.

After chatting for a long time, Xue Yaoting looked at the girls and said with a smile, “Lixiong was the one treating today, but let me treat instead.”

“I’ve already ordered the dishes for everyone. There’s Auspicious platter, golden soup oat seafood, steamed prawns with silver garlic, stir-fried sliced squid with celery, ginger and garlic crab noodles, salted pork trotters, American frogs in sour soup and spicy veal legs. There are also many lobsters for everyone to eat freely,” Xue Yaoting said generously.

It was normal for Xue Yaoting to take the initiative to treat them to a meal to show off. He finally took back the initiative, and many girls began to praise Xue Yaoting for his generosity.

Many waiters started to serve the dishes.

At the same time, Lin Fan’s phone rang.

The person who called was the couple who wanted to rent his house that day.

“Mr Lin, we have thought it through. We will rent your house for 840,000 yuan a year for six consecutive years. The rent will be paid once a year. Is that okay?” Zhao Bingqi asked.

“Sure.” Lin Fan nodded. If he were to rent his house for six consecutive years, it would be 5,040,000 dollars. That would be quite a sizable income.

“Then can we sign the contract now? The contract has been drafted. I’ll go find you right away.” Zhao Bingqi asked. After all, the contract was more important when it came to renting a house.

“Sure, I’m on the sixth floor of Lisheng Hotel.” Lin Fan nodded.

“Alright, Mr Lin. I’m nearby. I’ll be right there.” Zhao Bingqi replied.

Lin Fan was a little excited. What was the point of bragging to his classmates here? He just wanted to meet them and catch up. It wasn’t as practical as earning money.

Although Lin Fan owned mansions and sports cars worth billions and was the second-largest shareholder of Lisheng Hotel, the shareholders’ dividends still had to be done periodically.

This yearly rent of 840,000 dollars was equivalent to a large sum of money after six consecutive years of renting. It was perfect for Lin Fan’s urgent need for money.

As long as he signed the contract, he would get the 840,000 yuan rental fee!

“Lin Fan, who wants to come here?” a girl asked.

“A tenant is coming to look for me to sign a contract,” Lin Fan smiled and said.

“A tenant? Don’t tell me, Lin Fan, you bought a house in Shanghai?” The girl was shocked. The property prices in Shanghai were easily a few million.

“It’s just a small house.” Lin Fan didn’t explain further.

Zhao Lele and Xie Yutong sat together. They looked at Lin Fan helplessly with disappointment in their eyes.

Poverty was only temporary. They would not despise someone who was too poor.

But it would be too much if someone like Lin Fan, who was very poor, still hired an actor to help him show off.

Zhao Lele and Xie Yutong didn’t believe that Lin Fan, who rode a tricycle and had an ordinary family background, would buy a house in Shanghai.

Luckily, Lin Fan knew his limits and said it was only a small house. It was probably only about ten over square meters. Otherwise, Zhao Lele and Xie Yutong would have started to scold him.

Of course, Lin Fan didn’t care about what Zhao Lele and Xie Yutong were thinking.

He was concerned about the rent of 840,000 yuan.

Xue Yaoting and Gao Lixiong did not pay much attention to this small episode. They were still eating.

Not long after, a middle-aged man arrived on the sixth floor.

Zhao Bingqi was here.

Moreover, he had a contract that had already been drafted.

Zhao Bingqi, who was eager to rent a room, immediately came to look for Lin Fan to sign the contract. The verbal agreement might be changed, but the contract couldn’t be changed.

“Mr Lin, I’m sorry to disturb you. The contract is right here. If you see that there’s no problem, you can sign the contract. I’ll transfer the yearly rental fee of 840,000 to you immediately,” Zhao Bingqi said.

When they heard Zhao Bingqi say 840,000 RMB a year in rental fees, everyone was stunned.

Oh God…

What kind of house would cost 840,000 yuan a year to rent?

840,000 a year. In other words, the monthly rent was 70,000!

Zhao Lele and Xie Yutong were thunderstruck.

This… was unlikely.

Even if Lin Fan was acting, his acting was way too fake.

Did he find an actor to help him show off here? Zhao Lele was still in disbelief.

When everyone leaned over to look at the contract, they saw the house district marked on the contract…

Begonia Garden District 606, 100 square meters…

Begonia Garden… Isn’t this the famous high-end school district in Shanghai?

Every house in Begonia Garden District cost at least ten million yuan!

As for Lin Fan’s house, just its valuation alone had exceeded 20 million!

Many classmates stared at the contract in disbelief.

“Oh my god, this is a house in Begonia Garden District. It’s the best school district in Shanghai.”

“Lin Fan, you’re actually the owner of a house in Begonia Garden District?”

“Oh my god… A 100-square-meter house is worth at least 20 million yuan! Even if you just pay the downpayment, it will cost at least 6 million yuan!”

“Lin Fan, when did you become so rich?”

“D*mn, the houses in Begonia Garden District are the ones I want to buy even in my dreams. But who can afford that house? Lin Fan, you’re so low-profile and you even have a house here.”

Many of the girls were shocked. This contract was very complete and it couldn’t be faked. The way these girls looked at Lin Fan had completely changed.

So, Lin Fan was the richest person here!

With a house worth 20 million, Lin Fan was already a multi-millionaire!

Zhao Lele and Xie Yutong looked at everything in shock. Their eyes were blank. They wanted to say something but did not dare to.

What if… what if this is real?

Lin Fan really had a house in the Begonia Garden district.

“There’s no problem with the contract. I’ll sign it. Pleasure doing business with you.” Lin Fan looked at the contract carefully and signed his name.

Now, the contract was legally binding.

“Alright, Mr Lin. Pleasure doing business with you. I’ll immediately contact someone to transfer the money to you.” Zhao Bingqi shook hands with Lin Fan. Both parties revealed satisfied smiles.

After Zhao Bingqi left, everyone in the room looked at Lin Fan as if he was a monster.

The houses in Begonia Garden District could be said to be extremely expensive.

Even Gao Lixiong and Xue Yaoting, who earned hundreds of thousands a year, might not be able to afford a house here.

Gao Lixiong earned 600,000 a year. Just the down payment alone would require ten years of savings.

Who would have thought that Lin Fan, who rode a tricycle to this place, was actually a hidden multi-millionaire!

Zhao Lele and Xie Yutong felt that Lin Fan was acting.

But when the two of them saw the message on Lin Fan’s phone, all their thoughts disappeared.

[You received 840,000 yuan into your savings account ending in 6115 on June 27, 7.41pm. Your balance is 875, 214 yuan. [Construction Bank]]

Everyone was stunned.

The rent of 840,000 yuan had been paid!