Chapter 182 - Xia Wanqiu, Happy Birthday

Chapter 182 of 299 chapters

All the gazes in the world seemed to be gathered here.

Xia Wanqiu stood at the door and her eyes were already stunned.

The one who reserved the Crystal Restaurant a few months ago was Lin Fan.

Lin Fan even said he did not know her birthday.

So Lin Kexin was right.

When judging a man, don’t look at what he said, but at what he did.

A person’s gaze and the things they did would never lie.

For so many years, she never had the chance to celebrate her birthday with Lin Fan.

Today, he was here.

It was supposed to be a blissful and touching matter.

But Xia Wanqiu’s beautiful eyes were red.

No wonder she felt a sharp pain in her chest previously.

That was because Lin Fan got into a car accident two hours ago.

Lin Fan, who had gotten into a car accident, still came here to celebrate her birthday with her.

How could Lin Fan be so silly?

Xia Wanqiu’s eyes turned slightly red.

Everyone in the director team sighed.

They had originally wanted to help Lin Fan hide until the last moment, and they wanted Lin Fan to give Xia Wanqiu a surprise.

But now, they had to tell Xia Wanqiu.

They had to tell Xia Wanqiu what Lin Fan did.

On the Internet, it was a grand live broadcast on Zhejiang Television.

The scene froze on Xia Wanqiu.

Many of the livestream viewers saw the trending topic on Weibo at night.

In order to save a little girl’s life, Lin Fan actively hit a van that had lost control.

The Bugatti worth hundreds of millions had been scrapped.

Lin Fan was also injured.

It was worth mentioning that the driver was also slightly injured, and the little girl was not injured.

Lin Fan’s actions saved their lives.

This was a big star in the entertainment industry and the idol of many fans, Lin Fan!

“Wow, I’m crying…”

“So the person who reserved the Crystal Restaurant for Xia Wanqiu’s birthday was Lin Fan.”

“How is Lin Fan? I think that Bugatti is already scrapped. Lin Fan saved two lives. I didn’t become a fan of the wrong person. From now on, Lin Fan is my idol, my Prince Charming!”

“Boohoo, Lin Fan is already injured and hospitalized but he still came to look for Xia Wanqiu because… today is Xia Wanqiu’s birthday.”

“What a sweet love. As a big star, Xia Wanqiu never filmed kissing scenes because of Lin Fan. She didn’t take on any scripts for more than a year. It was only when Lin Fan entered the entertainment industry that Xia Wanqiu started to film kissing scenes and relationship scenes with him. The relationship scenes they filmed were so sweet. I love them.”

“I originally thought that their relationship scenes were sweet enough. Now that it’s in real life, I realize how sweet these two people are. Even if Lin Fan was in a car accident, he still wanted to celebrate Xia Wanqiu’s birthday with her.”

“Xia Wanqiu, Lin Fan, please get together now!”

“You two are the best couple in the entertainment industry. There were even rumors previously. How is this a rumor? This is such a blissful love.”

“Lin Fan, Lin Fan, Lin Fan!”

The popularity of the livestream was rising rapidly.

One million, two million, three million…

Soon, the popularity of the livestream reached tens of millions!

Today, the entire world was paying attention!

Today was also Xia Wanqiu’s birthday.

Too many things had happened today.

Among the audience in the livestream, many fans were already moved to tears.

At the scene, Su Xiaoyu, Xu Yang, Lin Jingjing, and Tang Xinran were all silently looking at Xia Wanqiu’s back view with a smile.

Su Xiaoyu’s eyes were filled with tears.

This was the love between Lin Fan and Xia Wanqiu.

She did indeed appear at the wrong time.

But so what? In the eyes of others, it was enough that she was that cute dog, Su Xiaoyu.

Xu Yang smiled. Once, the person he liked was Xia Wanqiu.

Later, when Xia Wanqiu was in danger and an investor wanted to sleep with her and force her to drink. He did not stand up to offend the investor.

But Lin Fan stood up for her.

Every time Xia Wanqiu encountered a crisis, the person standing beside her was Lin Fan.

Xu Yang finally understood what true love was.

He also understood why Xia Wanqiu was so cute in front of Lin Fan.

This was the best look a couple could have.

Perhaps from a long time ago, the person in Xia Wanqiu’s heart was Lin Fan.

No one could replace him.

So she had such a cute side. She also had a side that cried for him.

When she pushed open the door, she was greeted with luxurious decorations and warm light.

The surrounding decorations were very warm.

There was a wooden floor, a gorgeous crystal chandelier, and gentle light.

On the floor was a long red carpet.

Xia Wanqiu’s photos were everywhere in the room.

There were all sorts of decorations around.

There was a large rectangular sign.

There were a few words written on it.

[Xia Wanqiu, happy birthday.]

Looking at this scene, Xia Wanqiu’s heart trembled slightly.

He was here.

He was really here.

This was the first time everyone had seen such a heartwarming arrangement.

Su Xiaoyu, Lin Kexin, Lin Jingjing, and many other girls were touched.

All these arrangements were probably personally designed by Lin Fan.

Today was Xia Wanqiu’s birthday.

To Lin Fan, it was the most important day.

The fans in the livestream exploded again.

“Xia Wanqiu, happy birthday!”

“I love it, I love it. Lin Fan is so thoughtful ~”

“How can you two not get married right now?”

“Xia Wanqiu, Happy Birthday to you!”

“If only I could have such a good boyfriend. I’m so envious ~”

“Today, Xia Wanqiu is the female lead. Happy birthday Qiuqiu!!!”

The comments in the livestream were so dense that they could not be seen clearly.

Xia Wanqiu walked in and saw a piano in front of her.

In front of the piano sat a man in a suit.

Lin Fan never wore suits normally.

This was because he was very carefree in his normal life. He just needed to wear comfortable clothes.

But today, in his eyes, this was a formal occasion.

Lin Fan sat there. All the scenes were focused on him.

Lin Fan, who was wearing a suit and a tie, had a perfect figure and sharp edges. He also had a handsome face and an extraordinary aura.

Sitting here, it was as if everything in the world had lost its color.

The current Lin Fan was really handsome.

His temperament and his sitting posture were all carefully carved by the heavens.

However, the current Lin Fan wasn’t perfect.

There was a layer of white gauze on his head.

It was a mark left behind after treatment.

But in everyone’s hearts,

In the eyes of all the director team staff present,

And in Xia Wanqiu’s heart…

The current Lin Fan was the most perfect person!