Chapter 19 - Romanée Conti La Romanée-Conti

Chapter 19 of 299 chapters

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When everyone saw Lin Fan’s message, they were all stunned.

In the time it took to have a meal, he received 840,000 yuan.

The 840,000 RMB and the contract just now were enough to prove that Lin Fan had a property in the Begonia Garden district.

It was worth at least 20 million!

“D*mn, that’s 20 million.”

“Brother Fan, when did you become so awesome? The key is that you’re still so low-profile. I have to work for ten years before I could afford the down payment for a house in the Begonia Garden district. Brother Fan, you already have a house that costs 20 million dollars.” Gao Lixiong looked at Lin Fan in shock.

“A house in the Begonia Garden district is not something that ordinary people can afford. Lin Fan, how can you be so amazing?”

“You have such a good house but you’re still so low-profile. You said that you’re just living in a random place but you have such a good house. Lin Fan, when did you get rich?”

Many girls surrounded Lin Fan and looked at him in surprise.

They knew about Lin Fan’s family background but Lin Fan’s house was worth 20 million dollars.

Many people dreamed of owning a property in a high-end school district.

“I’m not that rich. It’s just a few houses. It’s nothing much. Everyone, eat your food.” Lin Fan waved his hand and didn’t really care.

“Look at him. He’s so low-key.”

“This is what you call a tycoon. It’s just a few houses. Or does Lin Fan already have a few houses like this?”

“D*mn, one apartment costs 20 million. Five apartments mean 100 million! Lin Fan, how many houses do you have in Shanghai?”

“You’re all underestimating Lin Fan. Think about it. He rented out a house that costs 20 million dollars. What kind of house does he live in?” A few girls gathered together and said.

Initially, Xue Yaoting had ordered a bunch of delicious food and wanted to show off. But now, everyone’s attention was on Lin Fan.

Especially Zhao Lele and Xie Yutong, their eyes were wide open.

Lin Fan… Lin Fan was actually so rich.

They instantly understood. No wonder Lin Fan was riding a tricycle and opening a small restaurant. He didn’t care about the customers.

Gao Lixiong wanted to give Lin Fan a job with a monthly salary of over 8000 dollars but Lin Fan did not reply him.

A school district house worth 20 million yuan, just renting it out would cost 70,000 yuan a month in rent. This was already more than most people’s salary, not to mention that the rent would increase!

In a few years, it was very likely that the price of the houses in the school district would double.

Twenty million to forty million…

If Lin Fan had five school district houses… wouldn’t his assets go from 100 million to 200 million?

“Lin Fan, what kind of job are you doing? How can you be so amazing? I wanted to show off in front of everyone but now, I can’t. You’ve stolen the limelight.” Xue Yaoting was impressed.

He only wanted to show off occasionally. He had a good personality. When he saw how outstanding Lin Fan was, he immediately gave him a thumbs up.

They were all businessmen. If Lin Fan became awesome, they might have business dealings in the future. Lin Fan might even be able to help him.

“I don’t have much work and I don’t have much money either. Didn’t you see that my savings are only about 800,000? I have a small restaurant and I entertain myself every day and collect rent. That’s how I live my life.” said Lin Fan.

“Wow, so you’re experiencing life. We work so hard, but our annual salary is only a few hundred thousand. We can’t compare to others.” Xue Yaoting sighed.

Zhao Lele sat beside Lin Fan. She looked at Lin Fan and said in a hushed voice, “Lin Fan, I didn’t expect you to be so outstanding. Actually, when I was in high school, I thought that you were quite good. You will definitely do great things in the future.”

Zhao Lele immediately felt that Lin Fan was on a whole new level. He was much better than Gao Lixiong.

After all, Lin Fan was so low-key, handsome and rich. She believed that with her looks, it shouldn’t be too difficult for her to catch up to Lin Fan.

“I’m not that outstanding. I’m just riding a lousy tricycle. I can’t really say that.” Lin Fan shook his head.

“Actually… when you were riding the tricycle, you were also very charming.” Zhao Lele blinked her eyes and looked at Lin Fan. Her cheeks were a little pink.

Now, she felt that Lin Fan was really handsome.

Lin Fan:”…”

Xie Yutong said, “I think Lele is right. Lin Fan, where do you live? If you have time, can you bring us over to take a look? I can ride on your tricycle.”

The two girls immediately expressed their enthusiasm towards Lin Fan.

Gao Lixiong and Xue Yaoting were envious.

After all, these two girls were very good-looking. If they were willing to go home with him, they would have probably tacitly agreed to it…

Perhaps, as long as Lin Fan was willing, he could woo them very easily.

“No need. I’m usually quite busy. I have to open a restaurant and work.” Lin Fan smiled and rejected the two girls.

Although they were high school classmates, he could still tell what Zhao Lele and Xie Yutong were implying.

Take them home? Lin Fan?

Even if they took the initiative, Lin Fan wasn’t interested.

At the very least, Zhao Lele and Xie Yutong could not be bothered with him when he was riding the tricycle. Now that he had a school district house worth 20 million, they immediately came looking for him again.

Although Zhao Lele and Xie Yutong were good-looking, in Lin Fan’s eyes, character was more important.

Furthermore, Lin Fan didn’t lack women around him.

When it came to girls, Xu Shiyin’s character was much better than theirs. Xia Wanqiu was even more so. The catgirl had always been Lin Fan’s deskmate. Tonight, Lin Fan had to make her a vegetable salad.

“Um, can I add you on WeChat? I suddenly realized that I don’t have your WeChat.” Zhao Lele looked at Lin Fan and continued chasing after him. As long as he added her on WeChat, she would have a chance.

Lin Fan was just about to say something when a waiter opened the door.

Two beautiful waitresses stood at the door, holding several bottles of red wine.

Behind the beautiful waitress was a manager.

The manager personally served the red wine.

The manager walked in and bowed to Lin Fan. The two beautiful waitresses placed the red wine on the table and stood quietly at the side.

No one spoke the entire time.

However, the crowd present were all in a state of confusion.

This was especially true for Xue Yaoting, who immediately cried out.

“This is… Romanée Conti La Romanée-Conti!”

“Romanée-Conti is a premium wine produced by the Romanée-Conti winery. For the sake of taste, only a few thousand bottles are produced every year. This premium wine has been ranked first among the top ten most expensive wines in the world many times. Its price is above 100,000 RMB!”

“A bottle of wine is worth 100,000… There are six bottles here, that is 600,000!”

“Who ordered this? Are you kidding me? I didn’t order this kind of wine.” Xue Yaoting stood up and looked at the Romanée-Conti. Although he really wanted to drink it, his annual salary would be gone after these six bottles.