Chapter 192 - Shocking Everyone, The Most Popular Actor Award Winner, Lin Fan!

Chapter 192 of 299 chapters

The moment the announcement was made,

The entire livestream platform was filled with comments.

There was thunderous applause.

The Golden Eagle Award’s television drama of the year was Lin Fan’s “The Legend of Sword and Fairy”!

Lin Fan’s television drama received the highest evaluation and recognition from the officials!

The Legend of Sword and Fairy had really won an award!

The host continued, “The television drama ‘The Legend of Sword and Fairy’ has a very perfect script, and the theme of this television drama is predestination. It is also the first Xianxia drama in the country to reach its peak, and it has pioneered Xianxia television dramas. Every character in the television drama is made of flesh and blood, and is very three-dimensional.”

“Such a television drama has a viewership of 7.53%, becoming a true classic masterpiece!”

“Such a classic work’s script was written by Lin Fan.”

“The director of this television drama is also Lin Fan.”

“Even the male lead in this television drama is Lin Fan.”

“It can be said that the success of this television drama cannot do without Lin Fan!”

As soon as the host finished speaking, the comments in the live broadcast room, all the staff of Yuehua Entertainment, and the venue erupted in applause.

“The Legend of Sword and Fairy” received an award and everyone’s approval!

Furthermore, the officials gave Lin Fan an extremely high evaluation.

It could be said that without Lin Fan, there wouldn’t be a television drama like “The Legend of Sword and Fairy”!

“6666666, Brother Fan is too awesome. The television drama ‘The Legend of Sword and Fairy’ actually won an award!”

“That goes without saying. Don’t you know who Brother Fan is? He’s our company’s genius director and a master-level screenwriter!”

“I’m already stunned. Brother Fan is too awesome. Every television drama he filmed became popular. Now, ‘The Legend of Sword and Fairy’ has even achieved such results!”

“Haha, I said back then that Lin Fan’s script would definitely become popular. At that time, the entertainment companies outside weren’t optimistic. Now, Lin Fan has proven something to everyone. No one can surpass the scripts he write!”

“He won, He won. The Legend of Sword and Fairy is the television drama of the year!!!”

Countless fans were very excited.

At the same time, it caused a stir in the entertainment company.

All the directors and major entertainment companies were shocked.

“Oh my god, he really won an award. Lin Fan is a true genius director. How can he be so amazing? Both television dramas are so popular.”

“I’m so impressed with Lin Fan. He just debuted not long ago and has already achieved such results in two television dramas.”

“Lin Fan is really a winner in life. Not only did he win an award, but he also has such a beautiful girlfriend. Who wouldn’t be envious?”

“Hurry, hurry, hurry. We’ll find Lin Fan’s contact details immediately. After he’s done, he’ll contact Lin Fan immediately. Regardless of price, we must ask Lin Fan to direct our television drama.”

“We can’t let go of a talent like Lin Fan. Let him be the main lead of our television series and give the highest remuneration in the industry!”

“It’s good to ask Lin Fan to help us write a script. When will Lin Fan write a new script? I’m looking forward to it!”

Today, all the major entertainment companies finally realized Lin Fan’s value.

Previously, some of them didn’t believe Lin Fan and didn’t believe that “The Legend of Sword and Fairy” could become popular.

Today, when they saw the truth in front of them, they finally understood how big the difference between them and Lin Fan was.

Everyone could not help but think of the artist, Van Gogh.

When Van Gogh was alive, his paintings were called junk and no one bought them.

At that time, no one in the world could understand Van Gogh.

In their eyes, Van Gogh was a fool.

After Van Gogh died, people in the future gradually discovered the value of each of his paintings.

Only later generations knew that Van Gogh was such a genius.

Others laugh at me for being too crazy, but I laugh at them for not being able to see through me.

Today, Lin Fan was exactly the same.

Under the circumstances where no one, not even the investors, thought highly of him, Lin Fan changed his fate and created a classic television drama in Chinese history!

It was extremely popular across the entire Internet and the viewership ratings broke history!

Now, this television drama had even become the television drama of the year and received the highest-level award in the country!

These entertainment companies were not fools. They had not discovered the popularity of “The Legend of Sword and Fairy” previously because they could not understand it.

Now, everyone understood.

Lin Fan was a talent, a genius in the entertainment industry!

From today onwards, every script that Lin Fan wrote and every drama that he directed would have an endless stream of investment. There would also be countless entertainment companies who wanted to buy the rights to every script that Lin Fan wrote.

Because he was Lin Fan.

He was someone that many top screenwriters in the country respected.

Countless directors in the country also admired Lin Fan.

Many actors in the country liked Lin Fan too.

Such a genius was worth roping in!

Although Lin Fan hadn’t become a true superstar in Chinese history, he already had such a status in everyone’s hearts!

Countless entertainment companies were envious of Yuehua for having a talent like Lin Fan.

At the same time, Lin Kexin had an idea.

She had yet to sign a contract with any entertainment company.

However, she only wanted to become an artiste under Lin Fan.

She felt that by being at Lin Fan’s side, her future would be even brighter.

Even if she had to fork out money, she wanted to sign with Lin Fan.

The former number one female artiste in China, the school belle of Beijing Film Academy, Lin Kexin, had already had such thoughts.

If Lin Fan didn’t already have a girlfriend, then Lin Kexin… might take the initiative to woo Lin Fan.

He was such a handsome person with such a good character, how many girls wouldn’t like him?

Everyone was clapping for Lin Fan.

Xia Wanqiu looked at Lin Fan with her beautiful eyes and smiled blissfully.

Everything that Lin Fan had today was what he deserved!

Lin Fan walked to the center of the stage. Just as he was about to speak, the host smiled again.

“Mr. Lin Fan, don’t be anxious.”

“The awards haven’t all been given out yet. Now, I’ll announce the next award.”

“The nomination for the television drama of the year—Joy of Life!”

“The most popular television drama on the Internet—The Legend of Sword and Fairy!”

“TV series song award—Lin Fan’s ‘A Will Forever’!”

“The most promising newcomer in China—Lin Fan!”

“The nomination for Best Actor in Performing Arts—Lin Fan!”


All the audience were stunned.

All the actors present were shocked.

Even Yuehua’s staff and CEO Li were shocked.

Su Xiaoyu, Xu Yang, Lin Jingjing, and Xia Wanqiu looked at everything in front of them in disbelief.

Today’s award ceremony seemed to exist for Lin Fan!

Until now, he had already given Lin Fan a total of sixteen awards!

A total of 16 awards!

Just getting nominated for some of the awards was enough to prove their approval of Lin Fan!

The host was still talking.

Everyone was stunned.

Was this… not over yet?

It had already been sixteen awards, but it was still not over!

Lin Fan had received too many awards.

The protagonist of the Golden Eagle Award today was none other than Lin Fan!

Even the fans in the livestream were stunned.

Their idol, Lin Fan, was actually so outstanding!

The host smiled and looked at Lin Fan. “Now, let’s announce today’s seventeenth and most important award!”

“At the 21st Golden Eagle Awards, the most popular actor award goes to…”

“Lin Fan!!!”