Chapter 197 - A Major Shareholder of the Bugatti Corporation, Alarming the European higher-ups

Chapter 197 of 299 chapters

“I’m off~” Xia Wanqiu smiled lightly. There was a hint of redness on her face, but she was enjoying this period of time.

“Mmm, go ahead.” Lin Fan gently rubbed Xia Wanqiu’s head.

Yang Qing also smiled.

Such love was really wonderful.

Although Lin Fan and Xia Wanqiu were both very young, the relationship between the two of them made Yang Qing envious.

“Sister Yang, I’ll leave Wanqiu in your care for this month.” Lin Fan smiled brightly and looked at Yang Qing.

“Don’t worry, Qiuqiu will be fine,” Yang Qing said with a smile.

After watching Xia Wanqiu leave, the surrounding fans erupted into cheers.

“There’s so much love…”

“I knew it. Lin Fan and Xia Wanqiu are the most compatible with each other.”

“Lin Fan is so handsome and nice. He’s my Prince Charming!”

“Lin Fan, can I take a photo with you? Can I get your autograph?”

The fans were very enthusiastic, but Lin Fan didn’t stay here for long. Otherwise, he would block the traffic at the airport.

After walking out of the airport, Lin Fan drove the Koenigsegg One home.

Looking at Xia Wanqiu’s photo, Lin Fan didn’t know how to spend this month.

When Xia Wanqiu was around, Lin Fan could still hold her hand, hug her, and kiss her.

Now that Xia Wanqiu had gone overseas to work, Lin Fan could only look at her photos and endure for a month.

However, since Xia Wanqiu was going to work, Lin Fan could write scripts seriously.

When Xia Wanqiu returned from work, Lin Fan could film the second season of “Joy of Life” and the third season of “The Legend of Sword and Fairy” with her.

Lin Fan had already written the script for the second season of “The Legend of Sword and Fairy”. However, the second season wasn’t suitable for television dramas and was only suitable for adaptation into a game.

However, the development time of the game was very slow. Even the game “The Legend of Sword and Fairy” had not been released yet, let alone “The Legend of Sword and Fairy 2”.

For the entire day, Lin Fan was seriously writing scripts.

At night, Lin Fan turned on his phone but didn’t see Xia Wanqiu’s WeChat message.

Just as Lin Fan was about to shower and sleep, the system’s sound sounded.

“Ding… Congratulations Master for completing the mission to woo Xia Wanqiu.”

“Master’s life has changed because of a girl. Therefore, this system has automatically changed from a system for experiencing life to a system for enjoying life.”

“The rules for signing in have also changed. You can choose to sign in once every two weeks. After signing in, the system will enter cooldown mode. However, what I can confirm is that the system will always give you good things and you won’t be able to sign in and receive mineral water and coke.”

“For every mission given by the system, if Master completes it, it will change your life greatly.”

“The next mission: Marry Xia Wanqiu. If you complete the mission, the system will undergo the final upgrade.”

“Master, do you want to sign in?”

Lin Fan immediately nodded. “Sign in.”

“Ding… Signed in successfully. Congratulations Master for obtaining an epic-level gift bag!”

“Gift bag opened. Congratulations Master for obtaining 13% of the Bugatti Corporation’s shares and officially becoming the third-largest shareholder of the Bugatti Corporation!”

“Note: This world is a parallel world. The Bugatti Corporation is a very large listed company with a market value of tens of billions. If one obtained 13% of the Bugatti Corporation’s shares, they could receive a considerable amount of dividends every year.”

“Note: Due to the uniqueness of the industry Bugatti is in, the profits might not be as much as the profits brought by other luxury goods. But in Europe, it represents a kind of status. There are very few people who can obtain the shares of the Bugatti Corporation.”

When Lin Fan found out that he had become a major shareholder of the Bugatti Corporation, his eyes lit up.

Bugatti was one of the top luxury brands in the world. Furthermore, they developed top sports cars and enjoyed a very good reputation worldwide.

It was an honor to be able to become a shareholder of this company!

As one of the top sports car companies in the world, the Bugatti Corporation had a powerful team, outstanding designers, and research and development masters. Their industries were spread all over the world, and their annual profits were very considerable.

Lin Fan’s Bugatti La Voiture Noire had been damaged in a car accident a few days ago.

Lin Fan hadn’t gone to repair it yet. Unexpectedly, he had become one of the major shareholders of the Bugatti Corporation so quickly.

In that case, he could earn a lot of money in the future.

The current Lin Fan had become a major shareholder of Chanel, LV, and Bugatti among the top luxury brands.

In the Bugatti Corporation, even if he became the third-largest shareholder, he would still be quite valued!

Immediately, the news that the third-largest shareholder of the Bugatti Corporation had been replaced spread throughout the entire upper echelons of the company.

“Oh my god, the third-largest shareholder of our company has actually retired. A young man has become the third-largest shareholder of our company. His name is Lin Fan!”

“Oh my god, Lin Fan is the third-largest shareholder of our company? I know the name Lin Fan. He’s a VIP of Bugatti. Some time ago, the limited-edition Bugatti La Voiture Noire designed by the company was under Mr. Lin Fan’s name.”

“I saw the news a few days ago. Mr. Lin Fan got into a car accident to save someone. The Bugatti La Voiture Noire was damaged.”

“I didn’t expect Mr. Lin Fan to become a major shareholder of our company in just a few days!”

“No, you can’t call him Mr. Lin Fan anymore. You should call him Boss Lin. Boss Lin is too rich. If you want to become a shareholder of our company, not only do you need strength, you also need experience and background. I’m afraid Lin Fan’s background isn’t that simple.”

“I’ve found out a secret. Only the top executives of the company know about it. That is… Boss Lin is not only a major shareholder of our company, but also the second-largest shareholder of Chanel and LV!”

“Oh my god, how can Boss Lin be so awesome?”

“Why do you think Boss Lin became a major shareholder of our company? For Boss Lin to be able to become a major shareholder of LV and Chanel, it means that Boss Lin’s financial resources and background cannot be underestimated. He became a shareholder of our company because the Bugatti La Voiture Noire was damaged previously. Boss Lin might want a new Bugatti sports car.”

“Quick, immediately call the company’s top designer to design a limited-edition Bugatti sports car for Boss Lin!”

“Also, contact Boss Lin immediately. Our company wants to customize a real luxury sports car for Boss Lin!”

Instantly, Lin Fan became a major shareholder of the Bugatti Corporation. The entire company was shocked.

They knew that Lin Fan was a big boss who didn’t lack money and knew his status.

It was because of this that the Bugatti Corporation wouldn’t neglect Lin Fan.

The current Lin Fan had an absolutely extraordinary status in the Bugatti Corporation!

Before they could contact Lin Fan, the Bugatti Corporation was already prepared to design a brand new sports car for him.

In their opinion, it was their honor to design a sports car for Lin Fan!

After Lin Fan became a major shareholder of Bugatti, as the top CEOs of the top luxury brands, the bosses of LV and Chanel knew some private information. The two big bosses looked at each other.

“Boss Lin, this is too scary…”

“D*mn, he took over the shares of the Bugatti Corporation so easily and even became the third-largest shareholder of the company.”

“I don’t know why, but I suddenly feel like I’m worshipping Boss Lin. Boss Lin’s girlfriend, Xia Wanqiu, has already come to Europe. We have to receive her with the highest etiquette. Of course, we can’t let Xia Wanqiu know about Boss Lin’s background. This was specially instructed by Boss Lin.”

“The entire company has to keep this strictly confidential. Not only do we have to be respectful to Ms. Xia Wanqiu, but we also have to keep Boss Lin’s secret. On the other hand, our company has to protect Ms. Xia Wanqiu’s safety. She’s Boss Lin’s girlfriend and will be Boss Lin’s future wife!”