Chapter 198 - Bugatti's Sincerity, Giving Lin Fan a sports car worth hundreds of millions!

Chapter 198 of 299 chapters

The entire Bugatti Corporation was shocked.

To be able to become the third-largest shareholder of the Bugatti Corporation, he had an absolutely extraordinary status.

The largest shareholder of the Bugatti Corporation rarely bothered with company matters anymore. Many of the company’s matters were handled by the company’s second-largest shareholder.

The company belonged to the big boss on the surface and he was the second-largest shareholder of the Bugatti Corporation.

And Lin Fan had become the company’s third-largest shareholder. This meant that Lin Fan was equivalent to a vice president in the company!

It was extremely difficult to become a shareholder of the Bugatti Corporation. Even if he had money, he might not be able to do it!

Bugatti was a top luxury brand. In the world, the most important thing about Bugatti was its brand. In terms of profits, it was not as high as luxury brands like LV and Chanel.

After Lin Fan became a shareholder of the company, he became the company’s vice president.

Furthermore, Lin Fan was a Supreme VIP client of the Bugatti Corporation.

Not long after signing in for the Bugatti Corporation’s shares, a call came to Lin Fan’s phone.

“Hello, Boss Lin. I’m the assistant of the CEO of the Bugatti Corporation. I’m here to contact you. Can you leave your Bugatti La Voiture Noire to us? The company is willing to repair it for you for free. Although it won’t be as perfect as the first time, it’s still a top-notch sports car,” the assistant said respectfully.

Lin Fan nodded. “Mmm, sure. Then find time to come to my house to pick up the car. I’ll send you the address later.”

The assistant continued, “Boss Lin, you’re already equivalent to the vice president of our company. Therefore, the CEO of our company wants to meet you personally. You’re also our company’s supreme VIP client. It’s very meaningful to our company’s future development.”

When Lin Fan heard that, he just smiled and said, “I’m not interested in the development of the entire company or the market prospects of Bugatti. I believe that the CEO of the company can do this very well. If the CEO wants to see me, he’s welcome to come to Shanghai anytime.”

The assistant smiled and said, “Boss Lin, I understand what you mean. You’re the vice president of our company and also our company’s VIP customer. According to the boss, he knows that you like sports cars, so the company is willing to hire the best designer to specially design a limited edition sports car for you. Do you have any special requirements and settings? You can send them to us in detail.”

Lin Fan pondered and said, “A sports car is indeed pretty good. I don’t need any special requirements or settings. I just need to increase the safety of the sports car. As for whether it’s a limited edition sports car or not, it’s not really important.”

In Lin Fan’s opinion, no matter what sports car it was, it was just a means of transportation. At most, he would be able to show off when he drove it out. However, Lin Fan wasn’t interested in showing off.

Showing off was something only nouveau riche would do. Those who had reached Lin Fan’s position were already immune to these things.

However, with a top Bugatti designer personally designing the sports car, Lin Fan wouldn’t reject it. It wouldn’t do him any harm.

The assistant nodded and said, “Boss Lin, it will take a lot of time to repair your previous Bugatti La Voiture Noire because many of the accessories are already out of production and have to be produced again. The company’s designer just designed a top Bugatti sports car some time ago. It was originally only a concept car and would not be released. I think this sports car is most suitable for you.”

“This sports car is called the Bugatti Veyron Ettore Bugatti. It’s worth 223 million yuan. It’s the only limited edition sports car in the world and I’m willing to sell it to you personally. Since you’re a shareholder of the company, I’m willing to give you this car for free ~” the assistant said with a smile.

In other words, this sports car was specially designed for Lin Fan.

The Bugatti Veyron Ettore Bugatti was also the world’s top sports car. It was the kind that was priceless. Previously, it was a concept car and wasn’t sold. Today, because of Lin Fan’s appearance, the entire upper echelons of the Bugatti Corporation decided to officially sell this car to Lin Fan.

Among the upper echelons of the Bugatti Corporation, what kind of status did Lin Fan have? Would he lack this 223 million?

To be able to become a major shareholder of LV and Chanel, Lin Fan’s assets could no longer be measured by numbers.

In the eyes of everyone overseas, Lin Fan was now a big boss, a tycoon, and a man with an extremely strong background.

In reality, how could Lin Fan have that much money?

He didn’t take on any endorsements or shoot any advertisements. The money he earned from filming television dramas also needed some time to come in. In reality, Lin Fan only had about 100 million in savings.

At the end of the day, Lin Fan wasn’t as rich as his wife.

It was said that a couple had to be well-matched in terms of social status. Even if Lin Fan had the system now, he still couldn’t compare to his wife.

Lin Fan nodded. “Sure, then I’m thanking the entire company here.”

The assistant smiled even more sweetly. “Boss Lin, it’s our entire company’s honor to have you as the third-largest shareholder of Bugatti. It’s also our honor to be able to design an exclusive sports car for you. Other than that, the company’s top designer will also design another top sports car for you, but it might take a year or two before it can really be delivered to you.”

Lin Fan smiled brightly. The Bugatti Corporation’s attitude towards him was simply too good.

First, they would give him a world-renowned sports car. Then, they would do an exclusive design for him. However, this would take a long time.

The assistant continued, “Boss Lin, the Bugatti Veyron Ettore Bugatti has not been released yet, so you need to come to Paris personally to participate in the company’s launch event. Only cars that have been launched will be recognized by everyone in the world. This is a process that has to be gone through. Please understand.”

Lin Fan understood what the assistant meant.

To give the simplest example, for example, Apple had already developed the iPhone 12. If you already had an iPhone 12 without going through a launch event, would it be recognized by the market?

In that case, not only would people not acknowledge you, but they would also mock you for buying fake goods.

Therefore, a phone and a sports car both had to go through these procedures.

This way, the popularity of this sports car would truly rise!

Furthermore, many things required a process. The Bugatti Corporation said that if they gave this car to Lin Fan, they wouldn’t be able to send it to him in the next second.

Lin Fan nodded. “Sure. Send me the details. After I’m done, I’ll book a flight to Paris.”

The assistant smiled and said, “Alright, I look forward to your arrival in Paris. The company will send someone to pick you up. I’ll give you a little suggestion. The company’s launch event is equivalent to a large-scale banquet for the top tycoons, so I suggest that you bring a beautiful female companion ~”

This was the custom of Europe. Usually, one would bring a beautiful female companion to accompany them at banquets. At such a large banquet, they could occasionally drink red wine and dance. These customs in Europe were quite good.

Lin Fan nodded. After all, the launch event would take a long time. Not only would it be pleasing to the eye to have a female companion, but most importantly, it wouldn’t be too boring to have such a beautiful girl in front of him. It wouldn’t be bad to chat occasionally.

Sometimes, he could even dance to music. When he met the other party’s big boss, it would be very nice to have a pretty girl by his side.

Lin Fan understood these principles.

Xia Wanqiu was still working in Europe and filming endorsements. She definitely could not come.

So… where could he find a beautiful female companion?

Even if he found one, his wife would not agree!