Chapter 200 - Lin Qianwei Was Stunned, Bugatti's Higher-ups Welcomed Lin Fan!

Chapter 200 of 299 chapters

The next morning, Lin Qianwei arrived at the entrance of Lin Fan’s Lake Heart Villa.

She was Lin Fan’s manager and the security guards knew her. She could enter the Blue Wave Bay district directly.

When Lin Fan opened the door and saw Lin Qianwei waiting for him, he smiled.

“You’re here so early. Have breakfast before you leave. There’s still time,” said Lin Fan with a smile as he looked at Lin Qianwei.

“I’ve eaten a little,” Lin Qianwei said. Although it was her first time being Lin Fan’s manager, her work ability was outstanding and she was quite punctual. She was a very qualified manager.

“That won’t do. You can’t eat breakfast too casually. Come in. This is my house. You don’t have to be too restrained,” said Lin Fan with a smile.

“Alright.” Lin Qianwei nodded and walked in. When she saw Lin Fan’s villa, she was stunned.

Her boss, Lin Fan, had a huge house.

Such renovation and such luxurious decorations.

The room was filled with everything. There was a leather sofa and a central air conditioner. There were famous paintings on the wall and a luxurious crystal chandelier.

Not long after entering, there was a table. Lin Qianwei was very restrained. She sat quietly on a chair with her legs together, her eyes filled with surprise.

In the past, she knew that Lin Fan was very rich. Now, she knew exactly how rich he was.

Lin Fan’s house was too big. Was this… a real villa?

Not long after, Su Xiaoyu arrived at Lin Fan’s house.

Unlike Lin Qianwei, Su Xiaoyu could directly open Lin Fan’s door.

“Master ~ Good morning.” Su Xiaoyu smiled sweetly. She was dressed very ordinarily today. She was holding a small suitcase and wearing a baseball cap and denim shorts. She was exceptionally beautiful and her long legs were even more eye-catching.

“Come, have breakfast,” said Lin Fan with a smile. Breakfast was ready.

Breakfast was very simple. There was some bread and milk. Lin Fan even made a fish soup, dried potato slices, and fish-flavored shredded pork.

He had no choice but to eat better for breakfast.

Lin Fan was just casually making breakfast. This was already considered very simple.

Especially with a little foodie like Su Xiaoyu, cooking two dishes was enough.

“Wow… delicious, delicious. Master’s cooking is even better now.” Su Xiaoyu took a bite of the potato and a sip of the fish soup. It was simply delicious.

“It’s really… delicious.” Lin Qianwei’s beautiful eyes widened as she looked at Su Xiaoyu.

Although she was Lin Fan’s manager, this was the first time she had eaten Lin Fan’s feast.

Such a feast was too delicious.

The taste was just right. It wasn’t greasy, but it was delicious.

She took a gentle bite and the delicious soup entered her throat. Then, she took a sip of the fish soup and felt that her stomach was very warm.

Furthermore, the bread in Lin Fan’s house wasn’t bought from the supermarket.

The bread was also super delicious.

Lin Fan knew how to make bread himself. The bread he made was ten times better than those bought in supermarkets!

Not long after, Su Xiaoyu and Lin Qianwei finished the breakfast Lin Fan made.

There was no other reason, it was just too delicious.

“If I continue eating like this, I’ll get fat,” Su Xiaoyu said aggrievedly. “It’s all your fault for cooking so well.”

Lin Qianwei nodded as well. “This is the first time I’ve eaten such a delicious feast. So what those people in the company said is true. Brother Fan’s breakfast is really delicious. It’s the first time I’ve seen someone make even bread so delicious.”

Lin Fan smiled. “Alright, there’s no need to praise me anymore. If you want to eat a feast, I’ll make you guys a feast in Paris. It’s time to leave for the airport.”

The moment he opened the door, the property agent, Xia Ranran, was already waiting at the door.

When she saw Su Xiaoyu and Lin Fan, Xia Ranran’s eyes lit up.

Lin Fan was a superstar now. Su Xiaoyu was also a superstar and she was super pretty.

Xia Ranran bowed politely. “Mr. Lin, I’ve already prepared a car for you. Get in. Let’s go to the airport now.”

Lin Fan nodded. “Mmm, sure. Get in.”

The service attitude of the property agent of Blue Wave Bay was also very good. Furthermore, Xia Ranran was Lin Fan’s fan.

After arriving at the airport, they finally arrived in Paris after a twelve-hour flight.

For the past twelve hours, Lin Fan had a good sleep.

After leaving the airport, Lin Fan, Su Xiaoyu, and Lin Qianwei formed a scenery on the road.

Even the passers-by in Paris were shocked when they saw Lin Fan and Su Xiaoyu.

“Is he from China? He’s really handsome.”

“Especially this boy. He’s super handsome. Ahhh, I’m already tempted. His complexion is really good and his figure is superb. Most importantly, he’s so tall.”

“This girl is too pretty. Are they a couple?”

Then, a bunch of passers-by picked up their phones and took photos.

Paris was rich in beauties and handsome men, but when these passers-by saw Lin Fan and Su Xiaoyu, they couldn’t help but exclaim.

Although Lin Qianwei was beautiful, she was still inferior to Su Xiaoyu. It was difficult to compare their figures and temperament.

There was no need to mention Lin Fan’s looks. The moment he came out, he had already defeated everything.

“Um, the one in front, move aside. I want to take a photo too,” a girl said.

“Don’t block me. I want to go up and take a photo with them. Don’t leave. Why are you leaving?” another girl said.

Lin Fan sweated.

It was really amazing.

When he was in China and rode his tricycle to buy groceries, he was often chased by a group of aunties who wanted Lin Fan’s contact details.

When he drove the Bugatti out, there was always a group of girls screaming.

When Lin Fan became a celebrity, he became even more popular. Lin Fan didn’t even dare to go out to buy groceries.

If he went out to buy groceries, he would definitely be surrounded.

When he arrived in Paris, he thought that he could be quiet. Who would have thought that the passers-by here would take photos of him too?

He was too handsome. There was nothing he could do.

If Xia Wanqiu were to walk here, many people would probably want to take photos of her too.

Just as they reached the entrance of the airport, a black super luxury car stopped at the entrance.

There was a long red carpet at the entrance of the airport.

There were more than twenty security guards around. They were wearing black suits and standing respectfully on both sides.

This place seemed to have formed an aura, high-end and luxurious.

Only when a real big boss appeared could there be such a scene.

It was dignified and poised, as if it was welcoming an important person.

Many passers-by at the airport automatically avoided this scene.

Then, Lin Fan walked out. Behind him were Lin Qianwei and Su Xiaoyu.

Everyone looked at Lin Fan, who was walking in the middle.

All the attention in the world was on Lin Fan.

Lin Fan was handsome, suave, and had an unparalleled aura. When he walked out, everyone in the airport seemed to dim in comparison.

A woman with white skin stood at the entrance of the airport. The company had already obtained Lin Fan’s photo, so she was waiting for him.

When the woman saw Lin Fan, she walked forward warmly. “Welcome to Paris, Boss Lin. I’ve already prepared a car for you.”

The surrounding twenty-odd security guards bowed to Lin Fan at the same time and spoke in Chinese in unison.

“Welcome, Boss Lin!”

“Welcome, Boss Lin!!”