Chapter 201 - The 200-million-yuan sports car launch begins, Lin Fan's Home Field!

Chapter 201 of 299 chapters

“Hello, Boss Lin. I’m Shirley, the manager of the Bugatti Corporation. I’m here to receive you.” Shirley smiled respectfully.

When she saw Lin Fan’s photo, she was surprised at first.

Because the third-largest shareholder of the Bugatti Corporation was actually so young and handsome.

When Shirley saw Lin Fan in person, the surprise in her eyes was indescribable.

Lin Fan was way too handsome.

Furthermore, the two female companions beside Lin Fan looked super pretty.

“Hello, this is my manager, Lin Qianwei. This is my good friend, Su Xiaoyu.” Lin Fan introduced the two girls beside him.

“Hello, Miss Lin and Miss Su.” Shirley shook hands with the two girls warmly and led everyone into the black luxury car.

When they got into the car, Su Xiaoyu looked at Lin Fan with her beautiful eyes.

She hadn’t expected Lin Fan to be so amazing.

Although Lin Fan didn’t say the reason why he came to Paris to participate in the Bugatti sports car launch, Su Xiaoyu didn’t ask. When she arrived, Su Xiaoyu understood everything.

The manager of the Bugatti Corporation called Lin Fan, Boss Lin.

In other words, Lin Fan had a high status in the Bugatti Corporation.

If she called him Boss Lin, it meant that Lin Fan had a high status in the Bugatti Corporation!

At least… he was at the level of a big boss.

He was a major shareholder!

Only the top three shareholders of the Bugatti Corporation could receive such treatment.

Su Xiaoyu had already checked. 51% of the Bugatti Corporation’s shares were held by a car company, and 16% were in the hands of a foreigner. The company was usually handled by this foreigner.

Lin Fan was very likely the third-largest shareholder of the Bugatti Corporation.

When did her master become so amazing?

He was even a major shareholder of the Bugatti Corporation now.

Su Xiaoyu thought of a terrifying fact. Lin Fan might even be a shareholder of LV and Chanel. Otherwise, why would these two companies sign an endorsement contract with Xia Wanqiu at the same time?

Other than being a superstar, Su Xiaoyu was usually very cute and smart.

At this thought, Su Xiaoyu looked at Lin Fan and said, “Master, how are you so awesome? You’re the third-largest shareholder of the Bugatti Corporation and a major shareholder of LV and Chanel. Master is too rich.”

Lin Fan looked at Su Xiaoyu in surprise and smiled. “How did you know?”

Su Xiaoyu smiled at Lin Fan. “Dogs have very sharp noses. Master is too awesome. Even my father might have to respect you.”

Lin Fan looked at Su Xiaoyu and said, “Actually, I’m not that rich. Don’t think so highly of me.”

Su Xiaoyu shook her head. “Whether Master is rich or not, you’re still the best!”

Lin Qianwei was already stunned. This was too exaggerated…

Her boss, Lin Fan, was a major shareholder of the Bugatti Corporation. He was actually a shareholder of LV and Chanel as well.

Lin Qianwei suddenly understood why Lin Fan didn’t accept so many endorsements.

There was only one reason, he didn’t need them!

As they were speaking in Chinese, the driver did not understand.

Lin Fan said, “Don’t tell Wanqiu. I don’t want her to know so much yet. I just want to be a celebrity and act with her.”

Su Xiaoyu nodded. “Master, don’t you believe me?”

Lin Qianwei immediately said, “I’m Boss’s subordinate. I definitely won’t betray him.”

Looking at the two girls, Lin Fan smiled and said, “The highlight of my trip to Paris this time is to participate in this launch event. Follow me closely and don’t get lost. I brought you out and I don’t want you to be bullied. If anyone bullies you, don’t be afraid.”

Even if he was overseas, Lin Fan wasn’t afraid.

Su Xiaoyu and Lin Qianwei were both too beautiful. It was safer for them to follow him.

Unknowingly, the car had stopped.

After stopping, there was another grand welcoming ceremony.

There was another long red carpet on the ground.

At a glance, this was a golden hotel with 72 floors.

The decorations were luxurious and had the symbol of high-end luxury. The surrounding scenery was beautiful and the greenery was very good. There was also a park and the air was quite fresh.

And the cars parked in this hotel were all luxury cars.

Not only did the Bugatti Corporation send luxury cars to welcome them, but they also arranged a famous hotel for them.

The name of the hotel was Hotel Rafael. It was one of the most luxurious hotels in Paris.

And in this hotel, one could look down at the Eiffel Tower.

There was also a great restaurant on the roof that provided delicious food.

“Boss Lin, I’ll arrange for you to rest here. The launch event will begin tomorrow night. Please be prepared. A car will pick you up tomorrow night.”

“Your sports car, the Bugatti Veyron Ettore Bugatti, will appear at the finale of the launch. At that time, it will be announced that the sports car belongs to you alone. Of course, there will be many tycoons coming for the launch. You can also get to know each other and expand your connections.” After Shirley said that, she left.

Then, the manager of the Rafael Hotel took the initiative to welcome them.

The waiters in the hotel were all very polite.

The most luxurious presidential suite in this top-notch hotel was booked for the launch event.

There was only one presidential suite, but it was very big.

After arriving at the presidential suite, Lin Fan saw the true luxury of this hotel.

In the hotel, one could see the charming scenery of Paris on the roof. It had an amazing interior with brocade wallpaper and grand antiques. The hotel retained some luxurious antiques, such as large closets and high windows.

Needless to say, the presidential suite was luxurious.

It was not bad to enjoy life here, and Lin Fan didn’t need to spend money.

When they arrived at the hotel, Su Xiaoyu stretched and said, “Master, the scenery here is really good. I can even see the Eiffel Tower.”

Lin Fan nodded. “Have a good rest. Tomorrow night, we’ll go to the launch event. I suddenly understand why I had to bring you guys here. This way, it won’t be too boring.”

Su Xiaoyu stuck out her tongue. “Master, so we’re here to accompany you to relieve your boredom?”

Lin Fan smiled and said, “I guess so. With you guys around, it won’t be too boring to go out.”

Su Xiaoyu was angry. “Ahwooh, Master, the dog wants to bite you.”

Finally, the next day arrived.

When Lin Fan saw Su Xiaoyu and Lin Qianwei, he was shocked.

Su Xiaoyu was too beautiful tonight.

Lin Qianwei was dressed well too.

The two girls followed beside him. Lin Fan smiled.

Su Xiaoyu and Lin Qianwei probably didn’t want him to be inferior to others.

After all, this sales event was equivalent to a large banquet. If they were beaten by the female companions of other rich people, it would be embarrassing.

Looking at how beautifully the two girls were dressed, Lin Fan smiled.

Unfortunately, Xia Wanqiu could not come here.

If Xia Wanqiu were to accompany him to the banquet, his wife would probably be even more beautiful!

Lin Fan missed Xia Wanqiu a little after attending a large banquet in a foreign country.

Most importantly, when he was with Xia Wanqiu, he could hold her hand and show off his love for her.

When it was time for the launch, a male manager from Bugatti, called Blake, personally came out to welcome Lin Fan.

When Blake saw Su Xiaoyu and Lin Qianwei, he smiled respectfully.

“Boss Lin, your female companion is really beautiful. Is this your girlfriend?” Blake bowed slightly and looked at Lin Fan.

“No, they’re my good friends. My girlfriend is still working,” said Lin Fan with a smile as he followed Blake to the venue.

“Then your girlfriend must be pretty too,” Blake said with a smile.

“Boss Lin, tonight’s launch event might take longer, about an hour and a half.”

“And the most important goal of this launch event is to launch your Bugatti Veyron Ettore Bugatti, a sports car worth more than 200 million yuan.”


“Today’s launch event is actually your home ground!”