Chapter 202 - Mua ~ Master Is So Nice (1)

Chapter 202 of 299 chapters

Today was the launch of the Bugatti’s new car.

As a top luxury goods company, the launch of the new car attracted the attention of countless people.

Only true tycoons were qualified to participate in this sales event.

Therefore, this sales meeting was equivalent to a large-scale gathering.

At Blake’s invitation, Lin Fan, Su Xiaoyu, and Lin Qianwei walked in.

There were many VIP seats in the exhibition. The environment was beautiful and the decorations were luxurious. There was a gorgeous crystal chandelier on the roof.

On the high platform in the center, there was a red curtain covering the new car that the Bugatti was preparing to launch.

Many people were already sitting in the VIP seats.

When Lin Fan walked in, many people’s gazes gathered on Lin Fan and Su Xiaoyu.

The main thing was… Lin Fan was too handsome.

Also, Su Xiaoyu was very pretty.

“Wow, there’s actually such a handsome Chinese man, and he’s so young.”

“His name is Lin Fan. I’ve checked and he’s a Chinese celebrity. He’s very famous and he’s so handsome.”

“Lin Fan is also a rich man. Those who can come here are all rich.”

“Lin Fan’s two female companions are also super beautiful. Oh right, the girl beside Lin Fan is called Su Xiaoyu. She’s indeed very beautiful.”

Everyone exclaimed. Just as Lin Fan sat down, a few tycoons walked over with smiles on their faces.

“Hello, Mr. Lin. I’m Louis. I work at LV. It’s my honor to see you today.” Louis smiled and looked at Lin Fan.

Others didn’t know Lin Fan’s identity, but Louis did.

If most of the people here were tycoons, no one could compare to Lin Fan.

Lin Fan was the second-largest shareholder of LV Company and the big boss of their company.

Just this identity alone had already crushed many rich people present.

“Hello.” Lin Fan smiled and shook hands.

“Hello, Mr. Lin. I’m Jeffrey. I run a company…”

“Hello, Mr. Lin. You’re really handsome. Can I have a drink with you?”

“This Miss Su is also very pretty. Is she Mr. Lin’s girlfriend?”


Many tycoons came to Lin Fan’s side and greeted him.

After all, those who could come here were all rich people. They might even have some business dealings in the future.

Su Xiaoyu was by Lin Fan’s side and could handle the event easily. With her by his side, many rich people valued Lin Fan even more.

Su Xiaoyu attracted the attention of many tycoons.

Most importantly, Su Xiaoyu was too beautiful.

Su Xiaoyu was Lin Fan’s female companion and had already crushed countless girls present.

Lin Fan sat down. Su Xiaoyu and Lin Qianwei were beside him.

With these two girls by Lin Fan’s side, he had some face.

Unfortunately, Xia Wanqiu was not around.

If Xia Wanqiu was here, she would probably be able to beat everyone.

“Master, I want to eat ~” Su Xiaoyu looked at Lin Fan and raised her beautiful eyes, revealing a pitiful gaze. She had drunk some red wine but she hadn’t eaten yet.

“Then I’ll go get you some fruits.” Lin Fan smiled brightly and looked at Su Xiaoyu.

“Boss, I want fruits too.” Lin Qianwei looked at Lin Fan. She was a little nervous here, but fortunately, Su Xiaoyu was around and she wasn’t afraid.

“Alright, the two of you are not allowed to run around.” Lin Fan smiled. There were many people here and Lin Fan didn’t want to lose sight of Su Xiaoyu and Lin Qianwei.

This was a grand banquet, so there would be a lot of fruits and some delicious food.

The feasts held here were all very luxurious.

However, he had to get these fruits himself.

After Lin Fan left, a young man walked in front of Su Xiaoyu and Lin Qianwei. He held half a bottle of wine and smiled.

“Miss Su, my name is Pittman. I’m from the Pitt family. We own a jewelry business. Miss Su, you’re so pretty. Can I have a drink with you?” Pittman said. He looked at Su Xiaoyu with a hint of fondness in his eyes.

Su Xiaoyu had a slender waist, long legs, a good figure, and an outstanding appearance. When she was outside, Su Xiaoyu was natural and unrestrained. She was very appropriate and would only show some cuteness in front of Lin Fan.

Such a girl made people feel that she was very pure and beautiful. Coupled with such a beautiful face, it was difficult for others not to like her.

“Hello.” Su Xiaoyu smiled and looked at Pittman. She would not offend anyone here. She gently took a sip of the red wine in the bottle and was very polite.

“Miss Su, you’re so pretty. Can we take a photo together?”

“When we take a photo together, can I hug your shoulder? It’s my honor to be able to take a photo with Miss Su.” Pittman smiled and took out his phone.

In his opinion, he was a member of the Pitt family. The Pitt family was considered a noble family in Paris. Furthermore, their jewelry business had already achieved tens of billions in assets.

The Pitt family was very rich. Pittman usually liked to flirt with girls. He was used to flirting with European girls. When he saw Su Xiaoyu today, he was naturally tempted.

“I’m sorry, you can’t,” Su Xiaoyu shook her head and said politely. However, her expression had already changed.