Chapter 217 - This Will Be A True Visual Feast (2)

Chapter 217 of 299 chapters

Lin Fan opened the book and started studying Chinese chess.

There was still half a year to go. Lin Fan still had time to study Chinese chess and settle his father-in-law.

Only then could he really marry Xia Wanqiu.

Lin Fan studied until 1am and prepared to rest.

His talent was not bad, and he had remembered many of the opening moves of Chinese chess.

At this moment, he received a WeChat message from Xia Wanqiu.

[Xia Wanqiu: “You have to work hard for half a year. Other than Chinese chess, it’s good to earn more money ~ This way, when you stand in front of my father, he can’t say anything. After all, not everyone can become a big boss ~”]

Seeing this WeChat message, Lin Fan smiled brightly.

Xia Wanqiu was helping him conquer her father.

The first was Lin Fan’s character. There was naturally no problem with that.

The second was to play Chinese chess well. After all, his future father-in-law liked to play Chinese chess the most.

Third, Lin Fan had to earn some money and have a successful career. At least in the future, when he faced his father-in-law, he would be able to stand tall.

[Xia Wanqiu: “In half a year, if you have more savings than me in your bank account, after we get married, you’ll be on top. Otherwise, I’ll be on top. I’ll be the biggest at home.”]

Lin Fan: “!!!”

This matter concerned a man’s dignity.

Of course, he had to occupy the position of the head of the family. His status had to be high. How could he be suppressed by his wife?

Lin Fan immediately decided to work hard to earn money!

In half a year, Lin Fan wouldn’t be able to receive dividends and profits from his companies. In other words, Lin Fan wouldn’t be able to earn much money from these businesses.

The rent Lin Fan earned from his school district houses wasn’t much.

In order to fight for the position of the head of the family, Lin Fan had to work hard to earn money.

The current Lin Fan had decided to become a money-making maniac.

What salted fish? That didn’t exist.

Xia Wanqiu had at least 500-600 million in savings. She was also a very popular celebrity and her salary was not little.

It was because of this that Lin Fan had to work harder to earn money. No matter what, he couldn’t lose to his wife.

The next morning, Lin Fan woke up and turned on his computer to officially start writing scripts.

The script for the second season of Joy of Life and the script for the third season of the Legend of Sword and Fairy could be sold for a lot of money.

Since Xia Wanqiu wanted to fight him, Lin Fan wouldn’t give in.

Now that Xia Wanqiu was filming an endorsement outside, Lin Fan had to work hard.

What if he was always suppressed by his wife in the future?

In the afternoon,

Lin Yushi knocked on Lin Fan’s door. “Brother, you’re still working?”

Lin Fan closed his notebook and smiled. “Mmm, I worked for a while.”

Lin Yushi looked at Lin Fan and smiled. “Brother, our school has a gala where many people will perform. You’re my brother, so the school invites you to participate in the performance and sing a few songs ~”

“The school also said that they would give you an appearance fee of 1.5 million yuan. You just need to sing two songs,” Lin Yushi said.

Lin Fan’s eyes lit up.

1.5 million, two songs.

To Lin Fan, who was short of money currently, it was perfect.

Furthermore, Lin Fan had written a few songs. He could sing them.

“Sure. When?” Lin Fan smiled.

“Tomorrow night. But if we want to go, we have to leave today,” Lin Yushi said with her hands behind her back.

“It’s mainly because the principal of our school likes to hear you sing. Your singing is really too good. Also, the students in our school like your singing very much,” Lin Yushi said.

“Mmm, then pack up and leave. Singing two songs to earn some money is not bad,” said Lin Fan.

If it was just to sing two songs, it wouldn’t take Lin Fan long.

On the way, Lin Fan could still write scripts. When the scripts were written, he could earn a lot of money.

Most importantly, Lin Fan had already written two new songs. It wouldn’t be bad if he sang them.

After singing, he could even sell the copyrights of these two songs and sell an album. He could earn millions to tens of millions again.

Half a year was not a long time. It would take some time to film two television dramas.

Unknowingly, half a year had passed.

Lin Fan also wanted to show Xia Wanqiu’s father his results.

He wanted to let Xia Wanqiu’s parents know that he had the ability to marry her.

This also concerned his future family status.

As a man, Lin Fan had to take the initiative.

Xia Wanqiu, just you wait!

Unknowingly, time passed and it was time for Lin Fan to attend Lin Yushi’s school gala.

There was an annual gala at Jinghua University.

Today, Lin Fan was dressed simply but he had already prepared two songs. One was “Love Confession”, which had already become popular previously. The other song was “My Old Classmate”. Both songs were original songs.

When the gala was about to end, the students of Jinghua University only knew that the school had invited a mysterious singer to sing for everyone, but they did not know who this mysterious singer was.

“Did you know that a singer will be coming to our school today?”

“I think it’s a famous singer. The kind that sings very well.”

“Really? Our principal loves to hear people sing. It’s good to hear a few songs.”

“Maybe this will be a heavyweight guest. Sigh, if only Lin Yushi’s brother could come here. He’s a real superstar and his singing is super good. I’m already his fan.”