Chapter 218 - This Will Be A True Visual Feast (3)

Chapter 218 of 299 chapters

“You’re talking about Lin Fan, right? Lin Fan’s songs are super nice, but I’ve never heard Lin Fan sing live before. If only I could hear him sing once.”

Many students from Jinghua University were Lin Fan’s fans.

However, it was very difficult for them to see Lin Fan. After all, Lin Fan was already a big star.

And at this moment…

The lights in the venue turned dark.

The entire hall turned dark.


Everything around the students stopped completely.

The host’s voice sounded on stage.

“Students, everyone might have heard of the last guest our school invited today.”

“His songs are very good. They even became popular throughout Tiktok. On QQ Music, his songs went to the top of the rankings and suppressed Heavenly King Zhou.”

“He’s also acted in two television dramas. One is called Joy of Life, and the other is called The Legend of Sword and Fairy.”

“His name… is Lin Fan!”

“Let’s invite Lin Fan to bring us his first song—Love Confession.”

When the host’s voice sounded,

All the students present were stunned and could not believe their ears.

Their idol, Lin Fan, was actually here!

Other than having godly acting skills, Lin Fan was also a singer.

The song “Love Confession” that he sang had long become a song that countless people played on repeat.

And today, what shocked everyone was…

Lin Fan was really here!

“Ah ah ah, Lin Fan is here!”

“Oh my god, my idol, Lin Fan. I can actually hear Lin Fan sing live.”

“Lin Fan’s “Love Confession” is super good. Being able to see Lin Fan in my lifetime, I’ll be able to die with no regrets!”

“Lin Fan, Lin Fan, Lin Fan!!!”

Countless students were cheering and screaming.

This was no longer a school gala.

It was as if it was a real concert.

And Lin Fan was the true protagonist.

At this moment,



All the lights on the stage suddenly lit up.

Then, a familiar accompaniment sounded.

This was the accompaniment of Love Confession.

A white figure slowly appeared.


All the beautiful lights on the stage were focused on Lin Fan.

Lin Fan slowly walked out with a microphone in his hand. He was wearing a simple white shirt, but he was handsome and suave.

He was like an immortal who had walked out of a painting.

He had a unique temperament and handsome looks.

The moment he appeared, he attracted everyone’s attention.

The surrounding scenery, all the lights, and even everything on the LED screen lost their color.

Holding the microphone and accompanied by the sound of music, he stood in the middle of the stage elegantly and the students were all reveling in his singing.

Everyone present was stunned.

How could there be such a handsome person in the world?

When Lin Fan walked out, even the starlight couldn’t block his brilliance.

Lin Fan’s voice rang out.

[Coffee on the left bank of the Seine]

[I’ll taste your beauty with one cup in my hand.]

[The mouth that left a lipstick mark]

[Who wrote the wrong name for the roses in the flower shop?]

An ethereal voice, accompanied by music, entered the ears of all the audience.

At this moment,

All the audience present heard a true heavenly voice.

All the audience couldn’t help but stand up, intoxicated by Lin Fan’s singing.

After seeing Lin Fan, there was no time to cheer, speak, or even scream.

All the audience,

Even the principal and teachers of Jinghua University

All the students,

They were all immersed in such a heavenly voice.

They were already engrossed and had forgotten all their troubles.

A unique voice entered everyone’s minds along with the lyrics.

Everyone present sank into oblivion.

In the livestream,

All the audience watching the livestream were completely intoxicated.

The God of Singers, Lin Fan, appeared in front of everyone.

This scene was incomparable!

The visual effect was completely explosive, and everyone’s hearts were completely stunned.

This would be a true visual feast!