Chapter 222 - Lin Fan's Song Became Popular, Top Music Companies Kneeled To Beg To Work With Him!

Chapter 222 of 299 chapters

The livestream had already been switched off.

All the fans in the livestream had gone crazy.

The comments section had yet to recover. Lin Fan sang two songs, causing all the comments functions in Douyu to collapse.

More and more people gave Lin Yushi gifts.

At the same time, in Paris.

The employees of LV and Chanel were a little excited.

“It’s too difficult. Mr. Lin Fan’s singing is actually so good. It’s too amazing. It’s even better than many singers in Paris!”

“Lin Fan is a superstar, a superstar in China!”

“His singing stunned us. The lyrics and melody of the two songs were really well sung.”

“If I have the chance, I really want to go to China to attend Lin Fan’s concert. I’ll be even more shocked to hear Lin Fan sing up close.”

“Miss Xia’s boyfriend is so talented. I’m crying…”

The ordinary employees of LV and Chanel didn’t know that Lin Fan was a major shareholder of the two companies.

If they knew, these people would probably be even more shocked.

They wouldn’t call him Mr. Lin Fan but Boss Lin.

Xia Wanqiu sat there and smiled cutely. “His singing… is really nice.”

She smiled sweetly. After hearing Lin Fan’s voice, she didn’t feel tired anymore.

It was a blessing to be able to hear Lin Fan’s voice.

For a moment, Xia Wanqiu missed Lin Fan.

She had to finish her work early and then go home to see Lin Fan.

It had been almost half a month since she went overseas. According to her schedule, she could go home in another half a month.

Then… she would meet Lin Fan.

And give him a surprise.

In these six months, she would work hard with Lin Fan.

In half a year, he could meet her parents.

Then… she could get engaged to him.

“Can we continue filming the endorsement?”

“I want to work harder these few days, then I can go home earlier.” Xia Wanqiu smiled and looked at the surrounding staff.

“Of course.” A manager walked over and bowed slightly to Xia Wanqiu. Although he knew that Xia Wanqiu was Lin Fan’s girlfriend, the endorsement had to be completed.

Xia Wanqiu was endorsing the world’s top luxury products. She represented China’s image and was also the global spokesperson for the two products. Therefore, she had to complete her work seriously.

Looking at such a beautiful girl, the manager did not dare to refuse.

Most importantly, Xia Wanqiu was Lin Fan’s girlfriend.

And Lin Fan was a major shareholder of the company.

Others did not know Xia Wanqiu’s identity, but the manager did.

They also had to work overtime and accompany Xia Wanqiu to complete her work.

“Miss Xia, if you work harder every day, you can finish filming in about five days.”

“The original plan required a month. Now, the filming will be completed in about twenty days.” The manager bowed slightly and smiled.

“Oh, okay.” Xia Wanqiu stood up and prepared to continue working.

No matter how hard it was for her, she just wanted to see Lin Fan earlier.

Who asked Lin Fan to be her boyfriend?

With Lin Fan around, Xia Wanqiu was very motivated no matter what she did.

She finally had a man she could rely on.

China, QQ Music.

The person in charge of operations was shocked. “Lin Fan’s new song is too awesome. He just finished singing it in the livestream for less than ten minutes and it has already become extremely popular on the Internet.”

“This ‘My Old Deskmate’ has already become popular throughout Tiktok. How can there be such a nice song? Lin Fan created another godly song. The key is that this song is still so nice,” the person in charge of operations said.

“What? Really? Lin Fan just livestreamed?”

“That’s right. Lin Fan just livestreamed two songs on Douyu. It was only about ten minutes. One of the songs was ‘Love Confession’, and the other was ‘My Old Deskmate’. I have to say that this song is really amazing.”

“I didn’t even watch the livestream. Lin Fan’s new song must be very nice, right?”

All the employees of QQ Music were shocked.

They were all working, so not many people watched this livestream.

Initially, many people didn’t know about Lin Fan’s livestream. However, in just ten minutes, Lin Fan’s two songs had already become a trending topic on Weibo.

Other than that, Lin Fan’s song had also started trending on Tiktok.

The employees of QQ Music immediately went to Tiktok to watch Lin Fan’s livestream.

Then… many employees of QQ Music were shocked.

“D*mn… The lyrics of this song, ‘My Old Deskmate’, are very good and the mood is also very good. Although there isn’t any flowery language, when Lin Fan sings this song, it feels like a song from the heavens.”

“This song is popular again. Every song Lin Fan composes can become popular.”

“Oh my god, Lin Fan is too awesome. I don’t know if you guys saw the audience’s reaction, but they all like Lin Fan’s song too much.”

“Contact Lin Fan immediately and buy the copyright to this song. Isn’t Lin Fan an actor and director? How come every song he sings can become extremely popular?”

“That’s because Lin Fan sings well. The two songs he sang seem to have opened up a brand new trend.”

The two songs Lin Fan sang were trending on Tiktok, QQ Music, NetEase Music, Weibo, Zhihu, and the entire Internet!

Even the Tieba forum was discussing “My Old Deskmate”.

Anyone who had gone to school had a deskmate before.

And this song deeply moved many people.

Coupled with Lin Fan’s perfect singing, this song became extremely popular!

At this moment, Lin Fan and Lin Yushi were walking by Jinghua University’s lake.

Most of the students from Jinghua University were attending the gala, and there weren’t many people on campus.

After walking for a few minutes, Lin Fan received a call from NetEase Music’s staff.

“Hello, Mr. Lin. I’m a staff member of NetEase Music. Your song ‘My Old Deskmate’ has already started trending all over the Internet. This song is really too good. Our company also likes your song very much. Can we buy the copyright to your song?” the staff member of NetEase Music asked.

“We were unable to buy Mr. Lin’s ‘Love Confession’ last time and are deeply regretful. Therefore, we especially want to buy the copyright of this song. We are willing to pay 3.5 million for it.”

“Even if we can’t compete with QQ Music, we still want your song. Our company promises to help you promote this song well. We will give you a certain percentage of all the profits,” the staff of NetEase Music said sincerely.

“I’ll consider it,” said Lin Fan with a smile. He was used to such situations.

“Alright, Mr. Lin. If you need anything, you can tell our company,” the staff of NetEase Music replied.

Just as he hung up, Lin Fan received a call from QQ Music.

“Mr. Lin, our company will offer 3.6 million this time! All the contracts will be drafted according to the ones we already have with you. Your song is too amazing. QQ Music will definitely promote it better than any other company,” the operations department head of QQ Music said.

“How about this? I can sell you the right to use and promote this song for four million yuan, but the exclusive copyright will be in my hands.”

“The staff of NetEase Music have also contacted me to buy ‘My Old Deskmate’. I think it’s better to promote it on multiple platforms. What do you guys think?” Lin Fan smiled.

The copyright of every song should be in Lin Fan’s hands. If NetEase Music and QQ Music both bought the right to use this song, the price would double. Other than that, if the two companies promoted it together, Lin Fan’s song would generate more copyright income in the future.

“Of course, Mr. Lin. It’s our honor to work with you. Are you still at Jinghua University? We’ll immediately send someone to sign a contract with you. However, if we only buy the right to use the music, the dividends might change from 82% to 73%. However, your income won’t decrease because many music platforms can promote your song together,” the person in charge of QQ Music said.

“Mmm, I’m at Jinghua University now. You can call me when you come.” Lin Fan smiled.

At the same time, the staff of NetEase Music were a little anxious.

The last time, after they bid, Lin Fan was snatched away by the staff of QQ Music.

Today, after making the call, they immediately brought the contract to Jinghua University.

NetEase Music could not miss such a god of singers this time.

They were also a top music platform in the country. If they missed out on a god of singers like Lin Fan again, their losses would be immeasurable.

In less than three minutes, the staff of NetEase Music called again.

There were branches of these two companies near Jinghua University, so the staff of NetEase Music rushed to Jinghua University as soon as possible.

“Mr. Lin, the staff of NetEase Music have already arrived at Jinghua University. Have you come to a decision?”

“If you’ve thought it through, you can sign the contract now. You can increase the price. Our company really doesn’t want to miss out on a genius singer like you again,” the staff of NetEase Music said respectfully.

“Four million. You can sell the right to use and operate this song together with QQ Music. If it’s decided, my new song will be released on both your platforms in the future,” said Lin Fan.

When the staff of NetEase Music heard that, they were a little excited. “That’s great, Mr. Lin. We’ve been dreaming of signing a contract with you. Our company likes every song you sing too much. Please decide on a location and we can sign the contract directly.”

“Alright.” Lin Fan hung up.

Then, in a classroom of Jinghua University, NetEase Music and QQ Music signed contracts with Lin Fan.

The right to use and operate the song My Old Deskmate was sold to these two companies. Of course, Lin Fan still had to go to the recording studio to record this song again twice. Then, it could officially go online and there would be a lot of profits.

Not long after signing the contract, Lin Fan received a transfer from the two companies.

A total of eight million yuan was in his hands!

Lin Yushi was already stunned.

She had just done a livestream. There were so many people watching the livestream, but the gifts she received were only worth a few hundred thousand yuan.

But her brother, Lin Fan, was too awesome.

He had only sung one song and he had already earned eight million yuan!