Chapter 223 - Lin Fan's God-level Culinary Skills Shocks Everyone (1)

Chapter 223 of 299 chapters


“Brother, this is eight million. You earned eight million at once. I’m so envious.” Lin Yushi looked at Lin Fan and exclaimed.

What kind of concept was eight million yuan?

He could buy four to five houses in a small county. If it was a smaller county, he could buy more than ten houses.

Eight million was a sum that ordinary people would never be able to earn in their entire lives.

And in just a few minutes, Lin Fan had already earned eight million.

This was too exaggerated.

“It’s only eight million. It’s not a lot.” Lin Fan smiled. He didn’t really care.

“Brother, now that you’ve become rich, you’ve changed. How can eight million not be a lot? How can ordinary people earn so much money?” Lin Yushi blinked, her eyes filled with admiration.

“In addition to the two songs I sang at Jinghua University and the three million yuan appearance fee, I have a total of 11 million yuan.” Lin Fan looked at the amount in his bank account and smiled brightly.

“Ah ah ah, Brother, you’re too rich.”

“But that’s only right. Who asked my brother to sing so well?” Lin Yushi smiled.

“It’s not that nice. I just sang casually and wrote songs casually. I’m not too focused on being a singer,” said Lin Fan casually.

Lin Yushi:”…”

Lin Yushi said, “Brother, if you can focus on singing, hold concerts, and participate in commercial performances, you will earn even more money. Also, if you want to focus on this industry, you will definitely become a big singer. You might even become a superstar in the future!”

Lin Fan patted Lin Yushi’s head and smiled. “Mmm, I’ll consider it in the future. Wanqiu isn’t back yet and I can’t be with her. When she comes back, we still have to film the third season of ‘The Legend of Sword and Fairy’ and the second season of Joy of Life.”

At that time, once they started filming, they would be busier.

Lin Fan and Lin Yushi walked in this quiet school.

The surface of the lake was sparkling, reflecting the flowers and trees in the school.

The university looked really pretty.

Not long after, Lin Yushi looked at Lin Fan and asked, “Brother, I have a few good friends who want to see you. Can you accompany me?”

Lin Fan immediately rejected, “They’re girls again right?”

Lin Yushi nodded. “There are also a few boys. They’re all your fans.”

“My best friend, Qianqian, has always been your fan. She really wants to see you. She also has a small restaurant at home. She’s waiting for you to go there today~”

Lin Yushi was also asking for Lin Fan’s agreement.

After all, if Lin Fan didn’t want to go, there was nothing she could do.

“Mmm, I can go. I have to give your best friend face,” said Lin Fan with a smile as he walked to the car.

When he went out this time, he did not drive the Bugatti Veyron Ettore Bugatti again. The last time he did, he was chased and intercepted by a large crowd. That memory was still vivid in his mind.

Lin Fan was driving the repaired Bugatti La Voiture Noire.

Lin Fan took out his keys. Then, the doors on both sides of the Bugatti La Voiture Noire opened at the same time like butterfly wings spreading.

There were already many students beside the car.

These were all students from Jinghua University. There were men and women, and the girls were quite pretty.

“Ah ah ah… Lin Fan is here, Lin Fan!”

“Lin Fan is so handsome. I’ve finally seen the superstar in person!”

“I really want to be like Lin Yushi and have such a brother.”

“This sports car is also super cool. I recognize this sports car. It was even trending on Weibo previously. This sports car is called Bugatti La Voiture Noire.”

“It’s a sports car worth hundreds of millions. Although there was a car accident last time, this car was repaired and it’s still so cool.”

“Oh my god, Lin Fan’s sports car is too handsome. I’m so envious.”

Many people looked at Lin Fan in admiration.

The quality of the students was very good. They only gathered at the side to see the car and didn’t block Lin Fan’s car.

After all, the students of Jinghua University were very cultured.

When Lin Fan walked over, many girls blushed.

After all, Lin Fan was their Prince Charming.

Among them, a young couple was holding hands and looking at Lin Fan.

The girl was already blushing.

The boy could only sigh. “You like Lin Fan?”

The girl shook her head and hurriedly denied it. She held the boy’s hand. “No, I just saw that Lin Fan is more handsome.”

Although she said that, her eyes were fixed on Lin Fan. Her face was filled with admiration and the girl’s shyness couldn’t be faked.

The boy sighed again. Although his girlfriend was holding his hand and saying such things, anyone with a discerning eye could tell that the girl liked Lin Fan very much.

The boy smiled and held the girl’s hand. He smiled and said, “It’s fine. I like Lin Fan too. Lin Fan is also my idol. Furthermore, Lin Fan is so handsome. It would be abnormal if girls didn’t like him.”

Seeing how magnanimous the boy was, the girl smiled and nodded softly.

Love in university was still very beautiful.

Then, just as Lin Fan was about to get into the car, a girl in simple clothes who was about 8/10 in looks ran in front of Lin Fan. She wasn’t wearing any makeup and was quite pretty.

“Lin Fan, I’m your fan. My name is Zhang Junxia. I really like your television dramas. Can I… have your autograph?” Zhang Junxia looked at Lin Fan with admiration.

“Sure.” Lin Fan took the pen and paper and signed his signature for the girl.