Chapter 226 - 200 School District Houses, Lin Fan Is Going to Be Rich! (1)

Chapter 226 of 299 chapters

After eating the feast and bidding farewell to everyone,

Lin Fan and Lin Yushi walked together. Lin Yushi’s eyes were a little dim.

She was going to be separated from Lin Fan for a short period of time.

Her short summer vacation was over. She was going to go back to school.

“Brother, you have to work hard and film the third season of ‘The Legend of Sword and Fairy’ and the second season of ‘Joy of Life’ for me. Then, I can watch dramas ~” Lin Yushi said.

“Mmm, I will. Don’t worry,” said Lin Fan with a smile.

“Also, Brother, you have to marry Sister Wanqiu as soon as possible. She’s so beautiful. You can’t let others get to her first.” Lin Yushi blinked.

“That’s only a matter of time.” Lin Fan smiled brightly.

“Then I’ll leave first. Let’s meet at home during the new year,” said Lin Fan.

“Yes!!” Lin Yushi nodded and looked at Lin Fan’s back view as he left.

Lin Fan drove the Bugatti sports car and left Jinghua University.

Unknowingly, half a month had passed.

In another half a month, Xia Wanqiu could come back.

Lin Fan smiled.

When his wife returned, he could really film a television drama.

After half a month, it was time to sign into the system.

“Ding… Congratulations Master for signing in successfully. You have received a Star Garden School District block. The relevant title deed has been issued to the system inventory. Master can withdraw it at any time.” The system’s voice sounded.

Lin Fan’s eyes lit up. He had signed in to a school district block in Star Garden.

A school district block, not just one house.

If it was a school district house, it would be worth at most ten to twenty million yuan.

But a school district block was completely different.

A school district block could accommodate at least two hundred households.

Lin Fan took out the title deed and took a closer look.

Lin Fan was a little excited.

Star Garden was also a high-end district in Shanghai. This school district block had 200 households.

If each house was worth eight million, two hundred houses would be equivalent to 1.6 billion!

Lin Fan owned a school district block worth 1.6 billion.

However, the system stipulated that he could not sell it. The most he could do was rent it out. Otherwise, Lin Fan would have already become rich.

He confirmed with the system again. The properties he received from the system still could not be sold and could only be rented out.

In other words, although Lin Fan had 1.6 billion yuan in property rights, he couldn’t sell all these school district houses. He could only rent them out.

If he rented them out, the price of the houses in the school district would not be as high.

However, Lin Fan had no choice. At least after this system was upgraded, he could sign in once every half a month and get something good.

“System, I can’t even sell this property. I can only rent it out. I won’t be able to earn much money, right?” Lin Fan complained.

The system didn’t respond. It didn’t have any self-awareness. After Lin Fan said that, a document appeared in front of him.

Due to the special policy of Shanghai, the property prices in the school district near Star Garden were too high. For this, the government issued a series of policies.

As long as one had a temporary residence permit in Shanghai, if they wanted to rent a school district house in Star Garden, the prerequisite was that they had to rent it for more than a year and have a rental contract. Then they could study in the schools around Star Garden.

This was understandable. The property prices in Shanghai’s school district were not something that ordinary people could afford.

With such a policy, it meant that the rental market around Star Garden had suddenly become quite high.

“Such a policy is not bad.”

“Then rent out all 200 houses. If the rent for a house is 300,000 a year, then 200 houses can earn 60 million a year!”

Lin Fan’s eyes lit up. The money he earned from singing previously was all small-scale.

Now that he had the property rights to a school district block, he could use it to collect rent.

Although he was a superstar, it wouldn’t stop Lin Fan from being a landlord.

60 million a year was 600 million in ten years!

Furthermore, the property prices in Shanghai would increase.

Lin Fan had also confirmed with the system that any assets received from the system could be sold after he held them for ten years.

In other words, ten years later, Lin Fan would be rich.

What would the property prices be like in ten years?

Shanghai’s property prices had always only increased.

Over the years, property prices had been the most stable.

With so many properties, it was difficult not to become a billionaire.

Immediately, when Lin Fan obtained so many properties, someone called him.

“Hello, Mr. Lin. We are the property management of Star Garden. Now, you have a block in the school district under your name. The lease on the block in this school district is about to expire and we need to renew the lease with you. Therefore, we specially came to contact you to see when you have time,” the property management asked.

“Tomorrow. Let’s arrange a time and place,” said Lin Fan.

“Alright, then tomorrow at nine in the morning. I’ve already sent you the address. If you need anything, you can contact us,” the property management of Star Garden said.

“Mmm.” Lin Fan nodded.

After hanging up, Lin Fan’s eyes lit up.

He did not expect this system to be so reliable.

He had just signed in for a property and all the previous residents’ leases were up.

Previously, the rent for houses in the school district was 25,000 a month. The price was not low. If all the houses could be rented out for 300,000 a month, 60 million would be transferred to his account!