Chapter 227 - 200 School District Houses, Lin Fan Is Going to Be Rich! (2)

Chapter 227 of 299 chapters

Lin Fan immediately contacted his manager, Lin Qianwei.

“Qianwei, come to my house tonight.” Lin Fan sent Lin Qianwei a WeChat message. As the company was on break these few days, Lin Qianwei went home.

If she waited until tomorrow, Lin Qianwei might not be able to rush back.

Lin Qianwei: “???”

Go to Lin Fan’s house overnight?

Her boss, Lin Fan, had a girlfriend. Could it be that he wanted to…

For a moment, Lin Qianwei held her phone and did not know what to do.

Lin Qianwei: “Alright.”

After hesitating for a long time, Lin Qianwei decided to go.

No matter what task Lin Fan wanted to assign her, she had to do it.

After all, she was Lin Fan’s manager.

If Lin Fan wanted to do something to her… what else could she do?

How could a girl resist Lin Fan?

At 10 pm, Lin Qianwei arrived at Lin Fan’s house.

Her pretty face was a little red.

After all, men all had needs in that aspect.

Perhaps her boss, Lin Fan, had some thoughts about her.

Otherwise, why would he make her come to his house at night?

Although she knew what was going to happen, Lin Qianwei could not help but feel nervous.

Should she resist later?

Or… was she just going to let her boss do whatever he wanted with her?

Lin Qianwei raised her beautiful eyes and looked at Lin Fan. “Boss…”

Lin Fan was holding a piece of bread and said, “Come in and take a shower.”

Lin Qianwei blushed even more when she heard that.

Could it be that Lin Fan really wanted to…

Lin Fan walked forward and touched Lin Qianwei’s forehead. “Your face is so hot. Don’t tell me you have a fever?”

Lin Qianwei shook her head. “I don’t have a fever.”

Lin Fan said, “Then come in quickly. Do you think I’ll eat you up? Take a shower, eat something, and rest early. I have a very important mission for you tomorrow.”

Lin Qianwei looked at Lin Fan and asked, “Boss, I thought you wanted to…”

Lin Fan: “???”

Would he be that kind of person?

Although Lin Qianwei was indeed good-looking, Lin Fan didn’t have any such thoughts.

He was going to be a landlord tomorrow and collect rent.

Once he collected the rent, he would get 60 million. He would be facing 200 tenants, so he would still be very busy.

For some reason, Lin Qianwei actually thought of this.

Lin Fan: “You think I want to sleep with you?”

Lin Qianwei nodded aggrievedly.

Lin Fan looked at Lin Qianwei. “In your eyes, is your boss such a person?”

“Besides, I have a girlfriend now. Find a room and sleep well. Don’t think about all this. I have something big to do tomorrow.”

Lin Qianwei asked, “What?”

“Collect rent!”


The next day, Lin Fan drove the Bugatti La Voiture Noire along the roads of Shanghai.

Lin Qianwei sat in the front passenger seat and asked, “Boss, how many tenants are we collecting rent from?”

As Lin Fan drove, he said, “About 200.”

Lin Qianwei was a little surprised. “Two hundred?”

Lin Fan nodded. “The rent of 200 tenants is about 60 million in total.”

The shock in Lin Qianwei’s eyes deepened. “Boss, do you have an entire block?”

Lin Fan said, “Not much. It’s just a school district block in Star Garden.”

Lin Qianwei:”…”

She had heard of Star Garden before.

The property prices there were very high.

Even a school district house that was only dozens of square meters could be sold for a high price.

Star Garden had a very good location in Shanghai and was surrounded by a few good schools. Because of this, it was extremely difficult to buy a house in Star Garden.

Ordinary people could not afford a house in Star Garden. The cheapest house there cost eight to nine million yuan. A slightly bigger house would cost tens of millions.

But Lin Fan owned a block in Star Garden.

He was too rich…

How could a normal person have so many houses?

Lin Qianwei was completely stunned.

She was even a little infatuated with Lin Fan.

Her boss was so rich and had so many houses…

If only she could find such a boyfriend in the future.

Lin Qianwei could only sigh. She had thought about so many things last night, but Lin Fan didn’t care about her at all.

When she was showering, Lin Fan was playing games.

When she was sleeping, Lin Fan didn’t even look at her.

The villa was so big. Lin Fan only let Lin Qianwei stay here for a night so that it would be convenient for her to work the next day.

As for Lin Fan rushing into her room and doing something to her, that wouldn’t happen.

At the entrance of Star Garden,

When the security guards saw Lin Fan’s Bugatti La Voiture Noire, they were shocked.

“Wow, there’s actually such a handsome and cool sports car…”

“This is a Bugatti, right? I think I saw it on Weibo before. It’s a sports car worth hundreds of millions.”

“D*mn? Is it really a sports car worth hundreds of millions? Then our new owner, Lin Fan, is too awesome.”

“Then Lin Fan has a few houses here. In that case, he’s too awesome. If he drives such a sports car, he should at least have one or two houses.”

A few security guards said together, their eyes filled with shock.

Could someone who could drive a sports car be poor?

The Bugatti drove straight into Star Garden. The security guard did not stop it.

When the security guards saw that it was Lin Fan who got out of the car, they were even more shocked.

“Look, look. Isn’t that the superstar, Lin Fan?”

“Ah ah ah, my idol, Lin Fan. From now on, Brother Fan will be the new owner of our district!”

“Impressive, I have to say that the girl beside Brother Fan is really pretty. She’s his manager, right?”

“It’s a pity that we didn’t see the superstar Xia Wanqiu. Xia Wanqiu is Brother Fan’s girlfriend. She’s super pretty.”

“Brother Fan actually bought a house here too? Then won’t we be able to see Brother Fan every day in the future?”

While the security guards were discussing, the security captain walked over with a serious expression.

“Don’t discuss about Brother Fan here. Keep your voice down.”

“Do you guys know that Brother Fan is a big customer of our district?” the security captain said.

“I know, Captain. Brother Fan must have bought a house here. After all, Brother Fan is someone who can drive a Bugatti sports car and is a big star. It’s very easy for him to buy a school district house here.”

“That’s right, Captain. We also know that Brother Fan is a big client of our district. No one is stupid. We definitely won’t offend Brother Fan.”

When the security guards wanted to say something, the security captain’s gaze became even sterner.

“No, you’re all wrong. Brother Fan didn’t buy a house here.”

“He bought a school district block in Star Garden, and it’s block A1. It has the most floors and the most residents!” the security captain said.

All the security guards were stunned. Everyone’s eyes were filled with shock.

The security guards were completely dumbfounded.

This was not a school district house, but a school district block!!!

What kind of concept was a school district block?

And it was Block A1. It was equivalent to Lin Fan having 200 school district houses!

These security guards had all seen what a true tycoon was.

Everyone widened their eyes. They had heard of some demolition companies having a block, and they had also heard of those big shots who wore flip-flops and pretended to be pigs to eat tigers.

Demolition companies were indeed rich and could be landlords in peace.

However, it was truly unbelievable that someone could buy block A1 in Star Garden.

Because… this was Shanghai.

This was the most prosperous school district in Shanghai.

Some people could afford some houses in the outer ring, but it did not mean that they could afford so many houses in the school district.

The price of a school district house was at least 1.6 billion!

Other than those super tycoons, could ordinary people afford a house here?

The security guards present all widened their mouths in disbelief.

Previously, they thought that Lin Fan would at most buy a school district house. Who knew that Lin Fan would buy a block directly!

Was this… the difference between people?