Chapter 228 - Lin Fan Isn't A Simple Person (1)

Chapter 228 of 299 chapters

“D*mn, Brother Fan bought a school district block here…”

“What’s the price of this school district block? It should be at least a billion.”

“If the school district houses in block A1 cost 8 million each, the block is worth at least 1.6 billion yuan.”

“This doesn’t make sense. How can Brother Fan be so rich…”

“This is a real big boss. We can’t compare to him.”

The security guards gathered together, their eyes filled with shock.

If it was just a house, they could still understand.

But these were 200 houses!

It was a whole block!

They had seen today what a true tycoon was.

He drove the Bugatti La Voiture Noire with a beautiful girl in it.

No wonder the security captain told them not to spout nonsense about Lin Fan.

Lin Fan was a huge property owner in the district. Who would dare to offend him?

In the entire Star Garden district, the school district houses in block A1 were also the most valuable.


After getting out of the car, Lin Fan saw the property agent here.

The property agent of Star Garden was the girl who had gone on a blind date with Lin Fan previously, Xie Tingting.

When she saw Lin Fan, Xie Tingting walked over. “Lin Fan, good morning.”

Lin Fan just smiled and shook hands with Xie Tingting. “Hello.”

Although he had gone on a blind date with this girl before, Lin Fan didn’t have any other thoughts about Xie Tingting.

Xie Tingting was not as pretty as his manager, let alone Xia Wanqiu.

Xie Tingting looked at Lin Fan in shock. “When I received the news previously, I was already stunned. Someone actually bought a block in Star Garden. So it’s you.”

Lin Fan nodded. “Mmm, I didn’t expect you to be a property agent here. We’re quite fated.”

Xie Tingting was a little tempted.

She felt a little regretful.

Previously, when she was set up on a blind date with Lin Fan, she didn’t even go to see him. In the end, she missed such a handsome man.

Xie Tingting asked, “Lin Fan, do you have a girlfriend? If not, it’s not bad to consider the people around you.”

Xie Tingting did not pay much attention to Weibo and rarely watched television dramas. She was usually busy with work.

Lin Fan smiled and said, “I have a girlfriend.”

Xie Tingting couldn’t help but feel a little sad, but she still smiled. “That’s even better. Come with me. There are already many tenants waiting there.”

Seeing Lin Fan and Lin Qianwei walk in, Xie Tingting could only sigh.

If you missed some people, you would miss them for an entire lifetime.

In the room, Lin Fan did not go to meet the tenants immediately.

Sitting on a chair, Lin Fan picked up the information on the entire block A1.

All the houses here had been rented out, and without exception, all of them had to renew their rental leases.

Furthermore, the renewal had to be for more than a year. Only then could the true value of the school district houses be reflected.

“Brother Fan, the previous rent was 25,000 a month, a total of 300,000 a year. The houses in the school district here are about 70 to 80 square meters. In order to make it easier to collate, the rent is at this price,” Lin Qianwei said.

“Mmm, I understand. Call those tenants in,” said Lin Fan.

When the tenants entered and saw Lin Fan, their eyes lit up.

This was the superstar, Lin Fan.

In other words, Lin Fan didn’t lack money.

However, although Lin Fan was a celebrity, he wasn’t as popular as Xia Wanqiu.

Right now, most of the people who liked Lin Fan were young people. These old tenants weren’t that sensitive to young hunks.

However, there were a few people who were tempted. Anyway, big celebrities did not lack money. They might even be able to reduce their rent.

“Hello, I’m Brother Fan’s manager. I’m here today to discuss the renewal of the rental leases, so if anyone has any objections, you can speak freely now.” Lin Qianwei smiled sweetly and looked at the many tenants present.

It was no exaggeration to say that the tenants here wanted to be able to go to the schools around Star Garden.

The schools here were also the best.

Therefore, many parents chose to rent houses here for their children’s growth.

Buying a house here was too expensive. Ordinary people could not afford it.

But this also meant that the rent here was very expensive!

25,000 a month and 300,000 a year were already a considerable price.

Therefore, a few tenants wanted to cause trouble here.

The tenants looked at each other. As long as they told Lin Fan their conditions first and instigated the crowd to go up together, Lin Fan would have to lower the price no matter what.

Would a superstar lack this bit of money? As a superstar, he was so rich. Couldn’t he lower their rent?

If he could give them the house and do good deeds, that would be even better. After all, Lin Fan was a superstar.

“Mr. Lin, hello. I’m a tenant here. My name is Wang Dalong. For the past few years, we’ve been renting this place in order for our child to go to school. But the rent of Star Garden is too high.”

“A monthly rent of 25,000 yuan. Who can afford that? Mr. Lin, why don’t you lower the rent for us?” Wang Dalong said.

Just as Wang Dalong said that he wanted to reduce the rent, a few other tenants immediately stood up.

“Yeah, Wang Dalong is right. Mr. Lin, you’re also a big star. You usually earn tens of millions from filming a television drama. You definitely don’t lack money. If only you could lower the rent again.”