Chapter 237 - Goodbye, Lin Fan. Su Xiaoyu's Farewell

Chapter 237 of 299 chapters

Lin Fan opened his eyes and looked at the blushing girl in front of him. He smiled brightly.

Lin Fan couldn’t take it anymore. He pulled her slender waist into his arms and wanted to kiss her red lips.

Xia Wanqiu blushed, lowered her head, and gently closed her eyes.

She tacitly agreed.

In the past, she would have rejected him.

At this moment,

There was a knock on the door.

“Go work. Someone’s knocking on the door.” Xia Wanqiu pointed at the door.

“Damn it, I almost kissed you,” said Lin Fan.

“Hmph, you only know how to bully me. But you should go to work first. It’s still working hours. We can’t do this in the office.” Xia Wanqiu lowered her head shyly. The cat ears hat was also very cute.

“Mmm, I’ll look for you after work. Then, I’ll rest for a day.” Lin Fan smiled and rubbed Xia Wanqiu’s head.

Lin Fan opened the curtains and the door. Lin Qianwei was standing at the door.

“Brother Fan, the staff of QQ Music and NetEase Music just contacted you. They want to make an appointment with you to record the song ‘My Old Deskmate’. After the recording is done, the two companies can promote this song,” Lin Qianwei said.

“This is the time and place they provided for the recording. They wanted to ask if you had time. Initially, they didn’t want to rush you, but the fans were too enthusiastic and were waiting for this song to be released every day.” Lin Qianwei held a stack of information and asked.

“Then my fans are quite enthusiastic. Let me check my schedule,” said Lin Fan with a smile. He had sung this song at Jinghua University and it had caused a huge reaction.

Now, many fans wanted to hear Lin Fan’s songs, so they went to QQ Music and NetEase Music’s platform to leave comments.

Such popularity had always been rising.

After hearing the version of him singing in the livestream on the Internet, although it sounded nice, it was too inconvenient to listen to it.

If it was recorded in a recording studio and it was really produced into a song, the popularity of this song would be even higher.

“Alright.” Lin Qianwei handed the information to Lin Fan.

“Three in the afternoon today? Sure,” said Lin Fan with a smile.

After all, he had received eight million yuan from two companies, so he still had to record this song.

Furthermore, after “My Old Deskmate” was released, if there were good sales, Lin Fan would be able to receive a lot of dividends.

“Are you going to record a song at three in the afternoon?” Xia Wanqiu blinked and looked at Lin Fan.

“Mmm, it’s only ten in the morning. There are still four hours. Come home with me first. I’ll make you a feast.” Lin Fan smiled brightly.

“Hmph, who wants to go home with you?” Xia Wanqiu blushed.

Even so, Lin Fan was still in the office. He held Xia Wanqiu’s hand and walked out of the door.

The rest of the people looked envious.

Especially Yuehua Entertainment’s male compatriots, they could only sigh helplessly.

Everyone was similar to Xu Yang back then.

Xu Yang also looked at Xia Wanqiu’s back view silently.

After not seeing her for so long, Xia Wanqiu was still so pretty.

After all, she was the woman he had once liked.

For some reason, he felt a little bitter in his heart.

As a single dog, he was always stuffed with dog food. His life was too bitter.

“Xu Yang, what are you looking at?” Lin Jingjing stood beside Xu Yang and smiled.

“Ah… nothing.” Xu Yang quickly explained.

“Hmph.” Lin Jingjing snorted and turned to leave.

“Jingjing, let me explain,” Xu Yang said as he ran towards Lin Jingjing.

“I won’t listen to a pervert’s explanation,” Lin Jingjing said and returned to her office.

“Jingjing, am I a pervert in your heart?” Xu Yang was a little anxious when he arrived at Lin Jingjing’s office.

It was human nature to look at beauties, and it was even more instinctive.

Similarities repelled each other, and opposites attracted each other. This was taught in high school physics.

Beautiful girls would always attract the attention of boys. If the boys did not look at these beautiful girls, it meant that this man was abnormal.

Xu Yang had only done something very normal, but in Jingjing’s eyes, everything was different.

“What else?” Lin Jingjing looked back at Xu Yang.

“I was in the office too. I was with you every day, but you didn’t look at me much. When Qiuqiu came back, you kept staring at her.”

“Whether it’s when we were filming Joy of Life, the Legend of Sword and Fairy, or every time you see her, you have to look at her. But have you considered my feelings?” Lin Jingjing’s eyes were a little red.

Xu Yang’s mind seemed to explode as he looked at the girl in front of him, Lin Jingjing.

Xu Yang was not a fool. The girl in front of him had revealed her feelings to him. Even a fool would know who Lin Jingjing liked.

Lin Jingjing’s eyes were red and she looked pitiful. She was usually such a strong and optimistic girl who liked to sing, but today, she was a little sad.

Without any hesitation, Xu Yang hugged Lin Jingjing and kissed her lips.

At this moment, the space seemed to freeze.

Xu Yang hugged Lin Jingjing’s waist, snatched her first kiss, and hugged her tightly.

When filming “The Legend of Sword and Fairy”, Xu Yang and Lin Jingjing acted as a couple.

It turned out that Xu Yang realized that there was such a kind girl waiting for him.

After kissing for a long time, Xu Yang looked at the girl who was still crying in his arms and gently held Lin Jingjing’s hand.

“Xu Yang, let go of me. You’re bullying me.” Lin Jingjing cried.

“Jingjing, it was all my fault previously.”

“In the past, I did like Wanqiu a lot, but later on, I had already officially announced to Lin Fan that I had withdrawn from this battle. Lin Fan is my brother, and I won’t snatch my brother’s woman.”

“I’m just envious of Lin Fan and Wanqiu’s relationship. I just ignored the people around me.”

“So… Jingjing, be my girlfriend. Although I don’t have such a grand confession ceremony or such meticulous preparations.”

“But I want to tell you that I like you.” Xu Yang held Lin Jingjing’s hand, his eyes filled with love.

“Hmph, you’re a playboy. You like to look at other girls. I don’t want to say yes.” Lin Jingjing tilted her head and rejected him.

“I swear that I won’t be a playboy anymore. I’ll only have eyes for you,” Xu Yang said with a smile.

“That depends on your performance in the future. If you don’t perform well, I’ll break up with you.” Lin Jingjing smiled sweetly and looked at Xu Yang.

“I have a girlfriend… I, Xu Yang, also have a girlfriend now. Haha…”

Xu Yang smiled brightly. He had let go of everything.

He hugged Lin Jingjing in his arms and felt the warmth of the girl in his arms.

He did not have the aura of a male lead and could not woo the girl he once liked the most.

When he turned around, he realized that there was also such a sweet, beautiful, optimistic, and positive girl beside him, Lin Jingjing.

Not all girls liked the male lead and would revolve around him. That was what happened in harem novels.

But this was reality, real reality.

He could feel the inseparable relationship between Lin Fan and Xia Wanqiu, and he could also feel Lin Jingjing’s love for him.

With such a girl by his side, how could he not cherish her?

Xu Yang kissed Lin Jingjing’s lips again.

At Yuehua Entertainment, Xu Yang, Lin Jingjing, Xia Wanqiu, and Su Xiaoyu had known each other for three years.

Lin Jingjing had liked Xu Yang for three years.

Now, she was finally with the boy he liked.

Hearing the cheers in the office, the others from Yuehua Entertainment smiled.

Everyone could tell that Xu Yang liked Xia Wanqiu and Lin Jingjing liked Xu Yang.

But no one pointed it out.

Now, Lin Fan had Xia Wanqiu, and Lin Jingjing and Xu Yang had finally gotten together.

Everyone was happy for these two people.

However, the men from Yuehua Entertainment felt a little bitter.

Another beautiful girl had become someone else’s girlfriend.

In an office,

Su Xiaoyu also smiled sweetly.

She stood by the window and looked out, holding a photo in her hand.

It was a photo of Lin Fan and her.

Her smile was very, very sweet.

But for some reason, as she smiled, a tear fell on the photo.

She carefully placed the photo in her most precious bag and completely sealed it.

Her eyes turned red as she curled up on the table and picked up the cute bear. It was the bear she had taken from Lin Fan’s house.

Her red lips kissed the bear.

In her hand was a contract termination letter from Yuehua Entertainment.

In her hand was a plane ticket to Los Angeles.

On the termination letter, she signed her name, Su Xiaoyu.

Putting on her sunglasses, she returned to her former self and restrained all her emotions.

She walked to another office.

It was CEO Li’s office.

“Xiaoyu, are you sure?”

“If you continue filming the second season of Joy of Life and the third season of the Legend of Sword and Fairy, your popularity will increase a lot and you can earn a lot of money,” CEO Li said. He looked at Su Xiaoyu reluctantly.

After all, Su Xiaoyu had been in the company for three years.

“No need. Apologize to the fans. Dad’s company in Los Angeles wants me to go over and help, so I might not be able to continue being a celebrity in the future,” Su Xiaoyu said with a smile and placed the contract termination letter in front of CEO Li.

“You’re leaving this afternoon. Aren’t you going to say goodbye to Lin Fan and Xia Wanqiu?” CEO Li asked again.

Su Xiaoyu shook her head gently. “No need. Help me apologize to Master and Sister Wanqiu ~”

“Sigh, your family doesn’t lack money either. Xiaoyu, Yuehua will always be your home. You can come back anytime,” CEO Li said with a smile and signed his name on the termination letter.

“Yes, yes. CEO Li is the best ~” Su Xiaoyu nodded obediently.

After terminating the contract, she walked out of Yuehua.

She looked back and smiled. She looked at the place where she had always been working, Yuehua Entertainment.

However, here, she had fallen for someone she shouldn’t have.

She took out a photo of Lin Fan. It was the photo she had taken of him when she was in Paris.

Looking at this photo, Su Xiaoyu’s eyes were filled with fondness.

It was great to meet him.

She was really happy to be able to accompany him to Paris and pretend to be his girlfriend for a day.

She arrived at the airport.

Su Xiaoyu looked back at this familiar place.

There were people she was familiar with here.

There was familiar scenery.

But she didn’t belong here.

Goodbye, Sister Wanqiu.

Goodbye, her past.

Goodbye, Lin Fan.