Chapter 240 - This Is Lin Fan's Influence!

Chapter 240 of 299 chapters

Everyone was praising Lin Fan. Lin Fan just smiled and didn’t say anything.

He also sang this song seriously and immersed himself in it.

Whether everyone liked it or not, Lin Fan just enjoyed the process of singing.

“How is it?” Lin Fan looked at the star tuner.

The star tuner opened his eyes and looked at Lin Fan. He gave him a thumbs up.

“This song is really too nice. I’ve worked for so many years, but I’ve never heard such a nice song.” The star tuner smiled.

“In the past, when many people sang, I had to make minor adjustments, even Heavenly King Zhou. Although Heavenly King Zhou is very strong, in order to achieve a comprehensive effect, he also needs to be tuned.”

“But after hearing your song, this song doesn’t need any adjustments. The song you sang is the most perfect,” the star tuner said. He looked at Lin Fan with admiration.

“Thank you. It’s fine as long as I can produce a good song for the audience.” Lin Fan smiled.

“Mr. Lin, your song is really perfect. I don’t know what kind of popularity it will have if it spreads online,” Liu Haoran said.

Wang Mengmeng nodded as well. “Your singing is really good. When you hold a concert, can you give me a ticket? I want to listen to you sing live too.”

Lin Fan smiled and said, “I don’t have any intention of holding a concert for now. I only know how to sing a few songs now. How can I hold a concert? Since I’m done, it’s time for me to leave.”

He arrived at 3 pm. It was only 3.30 pm, but he had already completed all the work.

What he had to do now was to go home and continue playing Chinese chess.

If he wanted to increase his Chinese chess abilities, he had to learn and play repeatedly.

Otherwise, Lin Fan couldn’t guarantee that he could defeat Xia Wanqiu’s father.

Xia Wanqiu’s father was already at a professional level. It was not easy to surpass him.

“Mr. Lin, this way please,” Liu Haoran said and extended his hand.

“It’s our honor to be able to work with Mr. Lin. If Mr. Lin produces other singles, contact us again,” Wang Mengmeng said with a smile.

“Sure.” Lin Fan smiled.

After Lin Fan left,

NetEase Music and QQ Music quickly went online to release Lin Fan’s song, “My Old Deskmate”.

People also had to pay to download this song by Lin Fan.

The audience could only listen to it free for 20 seconds. If they wanted to download the entire version, they had to pay.

But this still did not stop the fans’ enthusiasm.

When “My Old Deskmate” was uploaded to the two music platforms, it caused another uproar on the Internet.

“It’s out, it’s out. Lin Fan finally released another single!”

“My Old Deskmate is finally on NetEase and QQ Music. Why do we still need to pay? You actually want two yuan for a song. That’s too much.”

“Let’s listen to it for 20 seconds first. I’m done listening… It’s really nice. It’s just two dollars. It’s only the price of a packet of jerky. I’ll buy it!”

“Lin Fan didn’t release many songs to begin with. I can already listen to this song on repeat. Ahhh, how can every song Lin Fan releases be so nice?”

“I beg Lin Fan to release a few more new songs. These few songs aren’t enough.”

Countless comments appeared on the Internet, all praising Lin Fan’s songs.

Three hours after the single was released, in just three hours, “My Old Deskmate” had already reached the top of the new song charts!

All the songs of other singers were suppressed by Lin Fan’s song.

The fans on the Internet were too enthusiastic. Countless fans had been waiting for this day for too long.

Then, the rankings of the Rising List and the Hot Songs List rose rapidly.

The staff of QQ Music and NetEase Music were filled with disbelief.

However, this was too exaggerated.

In three hours, Lin Fan’s song had already reached the top of the two rankings.

“D*mn, I’m really shocked. It’s only been three hours, but ‘My Old Deskmate’ is already first place on the new song rankings. It’s even first place on the Rising List and second place on the Hot Songs List.”

“Lin Fan’s song has once again surpassed Heavenly King Zhou’s! Heavenly King Zhou’s new single isn’t as popular as Lin Fan’s song.”

“There’s nothing we can do. The song ‘My Old Deskmate’ is so nice. Coupled with Lin Fan’s huge audience, many people came to listen to Lin Fan’s song. I have to say that Lin Fan’s singing ability is really amazing.”

“I’m already stunned. Your Deskmate is ranked second on the Hot Singers List. Do you know who’s ranked first on the Hot Songs List?”

“First place on the Hot Songs List is also Lin Fan’s song, ‘Love Confession’!”

The data for QQ Music and NetEase Music were rising rapidly.

The Internet was also filled with good comments.

The two music companies never expected that the song they each spent four million yuan on would once again lead the trend.

Lin Fan’s songs were unique and crushed all the other singers.

In the music industry, this was impossible.

But today, Lin Fan’s two songs crushed all the popular music in the world.

Lin Fan had created a brand new music trend and era.

And in just one day, there were five million downloads!

The downloads on NetEase Music and QQ Music exceeded five million in a day.

And if the two companies’ download counts were added together, it would be ten million!

According to the 70-30 split, after deducting the advertising fees and so on, Lin Fan could earn more than six million yuan!

This was only one day’s worth of sales. Although the sales on release day would definitely be very high, Lin Fan’s achievements really shocked the two companies.

Especially Wang Mengmeng from NetEase Music, she felt even more regretful.

If she had known earlier, she would have signed Lin Fan’s “Love Confession”. Now that she saw such good results, NetEase Music was shocked.

“Holy sh*t…”

“F*ck, we earn five million yuan a day at NetEase Music. If we give Lin Fan three million yuan, our company will have a profit of 1.5 million yuan. And this is only after a day…”

“If it’s a month or a year, how much profit can this song create? This is only one song, and it doesn’t include all the advertising fees for the subsequent songs. Otherwise, the money will be even more,” Wang Mengmeng said.

They had bought the right to use this song for four million yuan. It was indeed very high in the music industry, but in reality, they had not lost out at all.

The moment his song was released, it attracted countless fans!

This was the influence Lin Fan had!