Chapter 248 - Living in a house worth hundreds of millions, everyone was envious

Chapter 248 of 299 chapters

“Qiuqiu, so Lin Fan lives in the Lake Heart Villa in the Blue Wave Bay district. It’s worth more than 200 million. Oh my god…” Chen Jing looked at Xia Wanqiu and said.

“Mmm, it’s alright. It’s just that the house is a little big. It’s not too special,” Xia Wanqiu said.

“How is that a little big? I saw that the Lake Heart Villa covers an area of more than a thousand square meters. It’s almost two thousand square meters. The houses we live in are only dozens of square meters.” Chen Jing looked envious.

“Oh my god, is Lin Fan’s house so big?”

“Qiuqiu, you must be very happy in the future.”

“I’m crying. He’s living in a villa and driving a sports car. How can Lin Fan be so awesome…”

The girls exclaimed. Even Li Long and Zhao Ming were shocked.

This already exceeded their knowledge.

They had thought that Lin Fan wouldn’t earn much as an artiste.

At most, he would earn hundreds of millions. It was impossible for him to compare to people like them who opened big companies.

Now that they had really seen Lin Fan, they were completely crushed by him.

Another girl looked at Xia Wanqiu and asked, “Qiuqiu, when are you and Lin Fan planning to get married?”

Hearing this, Xia Wanqiu blushed.

Wang Zhiwen also looked at Xia Wanqiu.

Were they f**king… already about to get married?

Once they got married, he would never have a chance again.

Wang Zhiwen had come here mainly to show off, but now, he felt a little desolate.

His life was so bleak.

The girl he liked was going to marry Lin Fan.

What era was this?

Xia Wanqiu looked at Lin Fan with her beautiful eyes and smiled sweetly. “That depends on him.”

Looking at such a girl, Lin Fan smiled. “I still have to listen to my parents-in-law’s opinions. Wanqiu and I can get married anytime.”

Xia Wanqiu looked at Lin Fan fiercely and turned around. She hadn’t agreed to marry Lin Fan yet, but Lin Fan said that they could get married anytime.

In front of outsiders, Xia Wanqiu didn’t refute Lin Fan.

As a qualified girlfriend, she would give Lin Fan enough face outside.

But at home, she had to be on top.

In everyone’s opinion, the two of them had basically tacitly agreed to get married.

Under the cheers of the crowd, Wang Zhiwen felt his heart ache.

Such a life could be said to be tragic.

“Come and eat. I’ll treat all of you today.” Wang Zhiwen patted his chest. If he lost in terms of relationship, he might as well fight his way back at the meal. When the time came, he would drink with Lin Fan. He didn’t believe that Lin Fan could even beat him in drinking.

Wang Zhiwen clapped his hands and the waiters walked in with the dishes.

The New Dynasty Hotel was indeed a five-star hotel. Just by looking at the name of the dishes, one could tell that it was delicious.

Jiangnan Eight Happiness Platter, Fragrant Tender Chicken, Abalone with Shark Fin, Braised White Prawns in Soup, Sautéed mussels in Sauce, Steamed abalones in Black Bean Sauce, Garlic Crispy Chicken, Chicken-Flavored Ground Beef, Boneless Wings, Snow Bamboo River White Fish, Mountain Fungus Stewed Duck, Black Fungus With Vegetables, Unique Glutinous Rice, Egg Tarts and Sesame Balls, Lotus Seed Red Bean Paste, and Fresh Fruit Platter.

When they saw so many dishes, the girls’ eyes lit up.

“Wang Zhiwen is also very rich. He treated us to so many dishes.”

“Brother Wang is awesome!”

“Brother Wang, let’s drink. It’s not easy for us to meet, how can we not drink?”

Everyone looked at Wang Zhiwen, making him feel better.

After all, he was the one who initiated this class reunion. It was no big deal to spend hundreds of thousands to treat everyone to a feast.

Otherwise, Lin Fan would have stolen the limelight.

He was worth tens of billions after all. Even if he lost Xia Wanqiu, he could still flirt with other girls.

For example, Su Xiaoyu was not bad, but Su Xiaoyu did not attend this class reunion, which made Wang Zhiwen feel a little regretful.

Looking at so many dishes, everyone was happy.

Some were drinking, some were eating, and some were chatting.

The focus also shifted from Lin Fan and Xia Wanqiu to Wang Zhiwen.

Lin Fan and Xia Wanqiu were immersed in their own small world.

The two of them ate spicy crayfish together.

The spicy crayfish in this New Dynasty hotel was quite delicious.

Although the other dishes were not bad, Xia Wanqiu was not interested after a few bites.

Although it was a five-star hotel, the hotel was full of master chefs.

However, the feasts made by these chefs were still inferior to Lin Fan’s.

But the taste of the spicy crayfish was not bad.

After all, whether the crayfish were delicious depended on the chef’s skill and whether the crayfish were delicious.

Xia Wanqiu sat there and grabbed the crayfish tail with both hands. With a gentle turn, the head and tail were easily separated.

Before eating the crayfish, the most satisfying part was peeling the crayfish.

The red crayfish tasted exceptionally good.

The crayfish meat was even more delicious. When she took a bite, it left a lingering aftertaste.

Finally, she ate the crayfish tail and slowly finished the entire crayfish.

After peeling the crayfish, Xia Wanqiu held the crayfish and looked at Lin Fan.

“Here you go~” Xia Wanqiu smiled gently.

“My wife even knows how to peel crayfish for her husband. You’ve improved,” said Lin Fan with a smile.


“Open your mouth and eat. Otherwise, I won’t peel crayfish for you next time,” Xia Wanqiu said.

“Alright.” Lin Fan opened his mouth and ate the peeled crayfish.

The texture was smooth and spicy. It was as if he had reached the peak of his life.

This was the first time Xia Wanqiu took the initiative to peel crayfish for him.

Usually, there was no such good treatment.

Xia Wanqiu was a superstar and the goddess that countless people liked.

The goddess took the initiative to peel crayfish for Lin Fan…

Wang Zhiwen, Li Long, and Zhao Ming saw this scene.

They were too envious of such a life.

Lin Fan and Xia Wanqiu’s relationship was too good.

After eating the crayfish, Lin Fan touched Xia Wanqiu’s flat stomach.

“Why can’t you get fat from eating anything? You’re already full but your stomach is still so flat,” said Lin Fan with a smile.

“Hmph, I want to eat more too, but I have to maintain my figure ~” Xia Wanqiu said. She only ate a few crayfish and some vegetables. She controlled her appetite very well.

After eating these crayfish, she had to exercise for a long time at night.

“Wife, you’re not like this at home,” said Lin Fan with a smile.

“Then what happened?” Xia Wanqiu looked at Lin Fan.

“You eat very quickly, afraid that others will snatch everything away for you,” said Lin Fan with a smile.

Xia Wanqiu’s cheeks were slightly red as she said, “Who asked you to make the food so delicious? Bad guy, I’ve already gained two pounds. I have to lose weight when I go home tonight.”

Lin Fan nodded. He had been eating a lot these few days. “Then let’s go home tonight and lose weight together.”

Xia Wanqiu smiled sweetly. “Then let’s do two-person exercise tonight ~”

Hearing Xia Wanqiu say that,

Wang Zhiwen felt his heart shatter.

Damn it, forget about showing off their love here. Forget about calling her wife.

He could tolerate Xia Wanqiu feeding Lin Fan crayfish.

However, when he heard about this two-person exercise, Wang Zhiwen still felt his heart ache.

Xia Wanqiu was the goddess he liked. It had been like this for many years.

In the eyes of many, Xia Wanqiu was beautiful, cute, pure, flawless, and perfect.

But what did Wang Zhiwen hear?

Two-person exercise.

Xia Wanqiu lived with Lin Fan and would go home to exercise together with him at night. What kind of exercise could it be?

Thinking about how his favorite goddess had become Lin Fan’s woman, Wang Zhiwen sighed.

If showing off love was only a first-level injury,

The two-person exercise that Xia Wanqiu mentioned was simply a critical hit!