Chapter 25 - My Cat Was Bullied, Hit Him!

Chapter 25 of 299 chapters

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When Lin Fan drove the Bugatti to the Xiang Yunyan Restaurant, the restaurant’s service staff immediately welcomed him.

The two waitresses looked at Lin Fan in shock.

Because… Lin Fan was way too cool!

Furthermore, Lin Fan was driving a sports car. Although the two waitresses didn’t recognize the model of the sports car, they knew that such a sports car was worth at least a few million dollars!

Lin Fan was a rich second-generation heir. When he arrived at the restaurant in his sports car, he was immediately sent to the VIP room.

“Hello, is there anything I can help you with?” The waitress asked with a smile.

“I’ll have a coffee. I’m waiting for someone,” said Lin Fan.

This blind date was mainly to give his mother face.

Otherwise, he would not have come for the blind date.

Furthermore, Lin Fan had driven a Bugatti over this time. He didn’t really want to go on a blind date with her.

Otherwise, Xia Wanqiu would probably bite him.

Opening Xia Wanqiu’s WeChat, Lin Fan sent a message.

Lin Fan: “I’m on a blind date.”

[Xia Wanqiu: “?”]

[Xia Wanqiu: “Fierce!!!”]

Lin Fan: “My Mom introduced her. She’s the neighbor’s daughter. I’m showing my Mom face.”

[Xia Wanqiu: Angry.jpg]

[Xia Wanqiu: Furious.jpg]

Lin Fan: “I’m just carrying out a mission. Mom has been urging me to find a girlfriend. Why don’t you come home with me and lie to my mom?”

[Xia Wanqiu: “Dream on!”]

[Xia Wanqiu: “Is she… pretty?”]

Lin Fan: “I don’t know. I haven’t seen her yet. No matter how pretty she is, she can’t compare to you.”

Xia Wanqiu:”~~~~”

[Xia Wanqiu: “You’re so good at talking? I’ll reward you one candy.”]

Lin Fan: “Actually, I don’t want to go against my conscience. But I accepted your money.”

[Xia Wanqiu: “Angry!!!” ]

[Xia Wanqiu has activated friend verification. You are not her friend yet. Please send a friend verification request first. You can only chat after the other party has verified it.]

Lin Fan:”…”

Why was he blocked?

He immediately added her as a friend again.

Lin Fan: “I’ll make you two vegetable salads next time.”

[Xia Wanqiu: “Hmph.” ]

Lin Fan: “Three vegetable salads.”

[Xia Wanqiu: “And braised fish!!”]

Lin Fan: “Alright.”

Xia Wanqiu:”~~~~”


Looking at Xia Wanqiu’s WeChat, Lin Fan smiled.

When he was with Xia Wanqiu, she felt completely different from other girls.

As for this blind date, Lin Fan was even more indifferent.

If his mother forced him again, he would bring Xia Wanqiu home and see what else his mother had to say.

It was already 4.30 p.m.

The other party had not arrived yet.

Lin Fan drank a cup of coffee and waited patiently.

It was 5 in the afternoon. They were already half an hour late, and the other party had yet to arrive.

Lin Fan could not wait any longer. His time was precious.

He didn’t know how many girls wanted to see him. Zhao Lele and Xie Yutong had sent him many WeChat messages. They wanted to ask him out for a meal but Lin Fan rejected them.

Lin Fan immediately sent a message to Xie Tingting.

Lin Fan: “Why are you half an hour late?”

Xie Tingting: “Oh, I have something to attend to, but I don’t think there’s a need for me to come. I’ll get straight to the point and ask you a few questions.”

Lin Fan: “Alright.”

[Xie Tingting: “You know that people who want to get married are very interested in houses and cars. I’m not materialistic. Do you have a house in the outer ring of Shanghai?”

Lin Fan: “No.”

[Xie Tingting: You should have a car. Do you have an Audi A7?]

Lin Fan: “No…”

[Xie Tingting: How much is your monthly salary? Do you have insurance and money?]

Lin Fan: “I… don’t have a salary, nor do I have insurance and money.”

Lin Fan: “Where is she?”

[Xie Tingting has activated friend verification. You are not her friend yet. Please send a friend verification request first. You can only chat after the other party has verified it.]

Lin Fan:”…”

What Xie Tingting said was indeed true. Nowadays, which girl wouldn’t want a car and house after getting married? The questions she asked were also very normal. The main thing was that Lin Fan didn’t even have time to speak.

He really did not have a house in the outer ring, nor did he have an Audi A7, nor did anyone give him a salary. Naturally, he did not have insurance or money.

But the main thing is…

Lin Fan had a Lake Heart Villa that was worth over a hundred million dollars. He had a sports car that was worth over a hundred million dollars and two houses in the Begonia Garden school district.

The total assets alone were close to four hundred million yuan.

Furthermore, Lin Fan was the second-largest shareholder of the five-star hotel, New Era Lisheng Hotel!

Before he could say anything, he was removed as a friend?

Lin Fan had originally thought that since he had driven the Bugatti over, the other party would at least not resort to some old-fashioned face-slapping tactics.

But now, the other party didn’t even give him a chance to speak.

But it was just as well. Lin Fan couldn’t be bothered to explain. I’ve completed the mission!

After paying, Lin Fan sent the chat record to Xia Wanqiu.

[Xia Wanqiu: Meow ~ ~]

[Xia Wanqiu: “My cat is being bullied again. Hit her!”]

Lin Fan: “Why do you seem so happy?”

Xia Wanqiu:”~~~~”

At this moment, Lin Fan thought of the school district house he had just received.

It was a good opportunity to visit the school district house and rent it out.

Lin Fan drove the Bugatti straight to Begonia Garden.

On the other hand.

Xie Tingting, who was working in the estate, complained to Xia Ranran, “Do you know that I went on a blind date with someone today? Not only did he not have a car or a house, but he didn’t even have a salary, insurance, or any money. Then, I blocked him. How can there be such a ridiculous person in this day and age? He doesn’t have a car, a house, or a salary. How can a girl marry him and starve?”

Xia Ranran’s eyes widened. “Huh?”

Xie Tingting stretched lazily. “I knew it. His family is quite poor, so I didn’t even go on the blind date. There’s no need. It’s not that I’m looking down on him. It’s just that I knew he didn’t have a car or a house. I asked him on WeChat to confirm.”

Xia Ranran looked at Xie Tingting. “That’s not right of you. You’ve already agreed to it, so how can you not go? Aren’t you standing him up like this?”

Xie Tingting thought for a while and said, “You’re right. I can just apologize to him the next time. However, he doesn’t have a car, a house, or a job. No one would marry him.”

Xie Tingting picked up a glass of water and looked at Xia Ranran. “I’m so envious of you. I heard that a tycoon recently bought a house here for over twenty million yuan. You can even help him manage the property. I think that tycoon even praised you. The company even gave you a raise. If you manage to woo him, you’ll have nothing to worry about for the rest of your life.”

Xia Ranran thought of Lin Fan and blushed. “He’s very handsome and rich. How can I be worthy of him? Do you know that he has two school district houses? The total value of both houses is more than 40 million.”

“Also… he has a Lake Heart Villa that’s worth over two hundred million yuan, and a sports car that’s worth over a hundred million yuan. Most importantly… he’s very handsome, super handsome!”