Chapter 254 - Madam Xia, Stay Here Tonight

Chapter 254 of 299 chapters

The business event that involved the whole of China was held in the skyscraper in Shanghai’s central business district.

Elites from all walks of life would come here.

This was a true banquet.

After Lin Fan hung up, there was a knock on the door.

When he opened the door, he saw Xia Wanqiu standing at the door.

She was wearing pajamas and had long, snow-white legs. Her collarbones were exquisite and her waist was slender. The thin pajamas outlined her perfect figure. She was curvy and slender in all the right places. She had just taken a shower and one could still smell the subtle fragrance on her.

Xia Wanqiu was wearing pajamas that also had cartoon cats on them. She was wearing a cat ears hat.

“Meow, meow?” Xia Wanqiu made a cute gesture with her hands in front of Lin Fan and even pouted.

Seeing such a girl, Lin Fan really couldn’t take it.

Xia Wanqiu was sleeping in Lin Fan’s house. To put it simply, she was already living in the Lake Heart Villa with Lin Fan.

At 11pm, Xia Wanqiu was standing at Lin Fan’s door in her pajamas. Who could withstand such a scene?

Xia Wanqiu was already very beautiful. At 167 centimeters, she was not too tall or too short. The key was that she was occasionally so cute that it made one’s heart flutter.

“Where’s Xiaoyu?” Lin Fan asked as he looked out the door.

“Xiaoyu is watching dramas in her room.” Xia Wanqiu’s gentle voice rang out.

Lin Fan’s eyes lit up and he immediately carried Xia Wanqiu in his arms.

Lin Fan’s physique was not bad. He carried Xia Wanqiu to the bed.

“Scumbag, scumbag.”

“Bad guy, put me down.” Xia Wanqiu’s face was red as she slapped Lin Fan’s back angrily.

“I have something very important to discuss with you.” Lin Fan smiled and carried Xia Wanqiu to the sofa. He sat at the side and didn’t do anything else.

“But you can’t bully me.” Xia Wanqiu looked at Lin Fan fiercely.

“Madam Xia, I really have something important to discuss with you,” said Lin Fan with a smile as he held Xia Wanqiu’s hand.

“Bad guy, who’s your wife?” Xia Wanqiu sat up with a red face. She looked at Lin Fan and her heart felt warm.

Damn Lin Fan, he even started calling her Madam Xia.

“Say it~” Xia Wanqiu looked at Lin Fan with her beautiful eyes.

“There’s a business event tomorrow. Many elites and bosses in the business world will be there. Come with me,” said Lin Fan. This business event was even more important than the Bugatti launch event.

The Bugatti launch event was attended by tycoons from all walks of life. However, these tycoons were all foreign.

But all the major business tycoons in China would be attending this business event. The influence it brought was completely different.

“I already have such a beautiful girlfriend. Of course I have to bring her along. You’ll make me look good,” said Lin Fan with a smile. He didn’t bring Xia Wanqiu along for the Bugatti launch previously. Of course, he couldn’t miss it this time.

“Mmm ~ I’ll go with you. I don’t understand business, but it’s good that you do. I’ll just act as Madam Xia.” Xia Wanqiu smiled sweetly and gently leaned on Lin Fan’s shoulder.

Lin Fan gently hugged her waist.

Damn, how could there be a girlfriend who was so good at flirting?

He was just joking about Mdm Xia.

In the end, Xia Wanqiu said it too. She said it even more sweetly.

“Madam Xia, why don’t you not return to Xiaoyu’s room tonight…” Lin Fan walked forward.

“Scumbag, get lost,” Xia Wanqiu said aggrievedly.

“I came to look for you tonight because I have something to tell you. Look at the group ~” Xia Wanqiu looked at Lin Fan.

“Huh? The WeChat group? I don’t check the group much,” said Lin Fan. He rarely used social media and would only occasionally video call Xia Wanqiu.

“Many of the actors in the cast of Joy of Life haven’t taken on any other dramas recently. They’re just waiting to film the second season of Joy of Life and the third season of the Legend of Sword and Fairy. Everyone can’t wait,” Xia Wanqiu said as she looked at Lin Fan.

Lin Fan opened the WeChat group and saw 99+ messages.

Furthermore, in this WeChat group, many actors were tagging Lin Fan.

“Brother Fan, when can you write a new script? I want to film the second season of Joy of Life and the third season of the Legend of Sword and Fairy. Anyway, the actors in the two television dramas are similar. I’ll wait for you!!”

“Ah ah ah, Brother Fan’s script hasn’t been written yet? I want to act. Brother Fan’s scripts are always so interesting. When I act, I feel that it’s very sweet. I can see Lin Fan and Xia Wanqiu act together again.”

“When is Brother Fan going to film ‘The Legend of Sword and Fairy’? The audience can’t wait.”

“It’s really a pleasure to watch Brother Fan act. It’s even better to work with Brother Fan.”

“Lin Fan, please write a script!!!”


All the actors were waiting for Lin Fan in the group.

Every actor usually had a lot of events to go to.

If a television drama became popular, it would be very difficult to film a second season with the same cast.

Different celebrities had to adjust their filming schedules.

If they could not gather the original cast to film, the audience would not watch it and the effect would not be very good.

Lin Fan hadn’t acted in a long time. Logically speaking, these actors should be filming other dramas. Their schedules would be very full.

Ever since these actors found out that Lin Fan’s script was about to be completed, all the actors in Joy of Life and the Legend of Sword and Fairy stopped working.

Everyone was waiting for Lin Fan to write a new script and film.

In the past, when filming, the director team and producers had to contact these celebrities and adjust their schedules.

But this time, there was no need. All the celebrities took the initiative to adjust their schedules to act in Lin Fan’s two new television dramas.

Each of these two television dramas achieved very good results.

The second and third seasons of the two television dramas affected the hearts of these actors.

Even Yuehua Entertainment’s CEO Li and the screenwriting master Tian Zheng were waiting for Lin Fan’s new script.

The whole of Yuehua and many actors wanted to work with Lin Fan.

Such a grand occasion had been going on for nearly ten days.

Because Lin Fan’s scripts were too interesting.

Lin Fan’s scripts and television dramas earned him a large number of fans.

These actors were also fans of these two television dramas.

They wanted to see the sequel to these two television dramas more than any fan.

The entire group was in an uproar.

There were even many entertainment companies who were prepared to buy the script adaptation rights for Lin Fan’s two television dramas.

Su Xiaoyu and Xia Wanqiu had stopped working recently and were waiting to film a television drama with Lin Fan.

It was the same for Xu Yang and Lin Jingjing.

Furthermore, even the A-list celebrities Lin Kexin and Chu Yaoyao wanted to work with Lin Fan to film the third season of the Legend of Sword and Fairy.

Needless to say, the various entertainment companies had already prepared a lot of funds.

Even the television stations, Tencent Arts, iQiyi, and other online video companies were prepared to buy the premiere rights of Lin Fan’s two television dramas.

Faced with such a grand occasion, Lin Fan was a little surprised.

Unknowingly, he had already gained such an important position in the entertainment industry!