Chapter 259 - Lin Fan Is Alibaba's Vice President!

Chapter 259 of 299 chapters

When Huo Tian was carried out, the business event was already in an uproar.

The Huo Corporation was worth hundreds of billions.

In Shanghai, as one of the four great families, the Huo family was very strong and had a high status.

The Huo family’s businesses were spread throughout real estate, finance, and other industries.

The Huo family played a pivotal role in all industries.

In the business world, very few companies would not give the Huo Corporation face.

Huo Tian was a rich second-generation heir and was also the future heir of the Huo Corporation. It was because of the Huo family’s foundation that Huo Tian was usually arrogant and domineering. He often dissed celebrities on Weibo.

Even in the entertainment industry, some popular celebrities did not dare to say anything.

Who dared to offend the Huo family?

The Huo family’s businesses were also involved in the entertainment industry.

If the Huo family wanted to ban a celebrity, it was not impossible.

Huo Tian had even publicly criticized Lin Kexin’s acting skills on Weibo last time.

Lin Kexin didn’t dare to speak, much less scold Huo Tian on Weibo.

After Huo Tian finished scolding her, he met Lin Kexin at a banquet and even asked her for a drink.

Lin Kexin was forced to drink a few glasses of wine.

Although Huo Tian did not take advantage of Lin Kexin, his actions made many people in the entertainment industry hate him.

Yun Qian looked anxious as he sat in front of Lin Fan and asked, “Brother Lin, how did you offend that guy Huo Tian and break the bones in his hand?”

Lin Fan drank a glass of water and said, “There are some things that I can’t tolerate.”

“So what if I offended Huo Tian? If anything happens, I’ll deal with it.”

Lin Fan had never been afraid of Huo Tian. Faced with a company worth hundreds of billions, he wouldn’t take a step back.

Yun Qian looked at Xia Wanqiu and immediately understood.

A young master like Yun Qian usually liked to play games, flirt with girls, and criticize celebrities.

Xia Wanqiu was so beautiful. Huo Tian must have done something to make Lin Fan unhappy.

“Brother Lin, this is not a small matter.”

“The Huo family has a son and a daughter. Huo Tian is the youngest and is deeply liked by Old Master Huo. Huo Tian’s father is also a big shot in the financial world.”

“Huo Tian’s sister’s name is Huo Xinyu. Don’t underestimate Huo Tian’s sister. She’s a legend in business today and also a queen in business. It’s because of her that the Huo family has been able to grow from ten billion to a hundred billion in net worth in recent years.”

“The Huo family’s businesses are all over real estate, hotels, finance, stocks, and many other industries. These are all related to Huo Xinyu.”

“In the business world, Huo Xinyu is called a business genius and a queen in the business world.”

“Some big shots in the business world can afford to not give Huo Tian face, but they have to give Huo Xinyu face.”

“If you offend the Huo family and Huo Xinyu is very protective of her brother, coupled with the Huo family’s old master, I’m afraid they will harm you,” Yun Qian said with a solemn expression.

The legendary and arrogant queen of the business world, Huo Xinyu.

A woman who made countless people in the business world afraid.

It was as if there was nothing in this world that could defeat her.

Lin Fan frowned. This was the first time he had heard of Huo Xinyu.

Yun Qian continued to explain, “The Huo family is different from any other family in the past. They’re different from the Qian Hongguang from before. They’re also different from the entertainment companies nowadays. Brother Lin, even if your background is very deep, it’s very difficult to defeat the Huo family so easily if you want to start a war with them.”

“If Huo Xinyu wants to deal with you, Brother Lin… I’m afraid you and Xia Wanqiu won’t be able to continue being celebrities,” Yun Qian said.

“Just say it. Will you help me?” Lin Fan smiled and looked at Yun Qian.

This time, it seemed like he had offended a big boss.

The name of Huo Tian’s sister, Huo Xinyu, was already engraved in Lin Fan’s heart.

She was a legend in the business world that even Yun Qian praised so highly.

He originally didn’t want to step into the business world. Now that Huo Xinyu was here, Lin Fan had no choice but to take her seriously.

“Brother Lin, what kind of person do you think I am? To be honest, I’ve long disliked the Huo family.”

“If you need any help, feel free to tell me. I’ll fully support you.”

“But if Huo Xinyu comes personally, Brother Lin, there’s nothing I can do. I hope you can understand,” Yun Qian said.

Yun Qian could help Lin Fan, but he couldn’t lose his company just because he helped Lin Fan.

Lin Fan knew this very well.

Lin Fan nodded. “Mmm, I understand.”

Looking at Xia Wanqiu, Lin Fan smiled.

Since the Huo family was already bullying them, they would fight them head-on.

Now, Lin Fan’s status and foundation were not to be underestimated and could match that of the Huo family.

Lin Fan looked at Xia Wanqiu apologetically and said, “I accidentally implicated you. If you want to punish me, wait until we get home.”

Xia Wanqiu shook her head gently. Her beautiful eyes looked at Lin Fan and she smiled lightly. “I don’t want to punish you. With you around, I feel at ease.”

“It’s fine ~ If the Huo family wants to fight head-on, I’ll call my father now,” Xia Wanqiu said, her beautiful eyes still fearless.

She was very happy to be on the same side as Lin Fan.

“There’s no need to call him. Leave everything to me,” said Lin Fan with a smile. “Your father still has to give me a test after half a year. It’s not good to trouble Father-in-law with such a small matter.”

Xia Wanqiu blushed and nodded gently.

They were not even married yet, but he was already calling her father father-in-law.

If Lin Fan was really in danger, Xia Wanqiu wouldn’t sit back and do nothing.

The Xia family’s business was indeed only worth ten billion.

But that was only the Xia family’s business.

Don’t forget… she still had her mother.

This was something that no one knew.

Even without Xiaoyu, Xia Wanqiu would not be afraid of Huo Tian.

Her mother only had one daughter. How could she watch her be bullied?

At this point, in order for her parents to acknowledge him better, Lin Fan decided to shoulder this matter himself.

Xia Wanqiu was a little touched.

Unless it was absolutely necessary, she would not look for her mother.

She chose to believe in Lin Fan.

This was her trust in Lin Fan.

At the same time.

In an office, CEO Ma sat there.

“Lin Fan is really a magical person.” CEO Ma smiled and recalled what had just happened.

“CEO Ma, should we step in?” the assistant asked.

“Not for now.” CEO Ma shook his head.

“I’m getting more and more curious about someone like Lin Fan. I want to see how he resolves this matter.”

“If Lin Fan doesn’t resolve this matter…”

“I’ll only say one thing.”

“Lin Fan is Alibaba’s second-largest shareholder. He’s equivalent to Alibaba’s vice president.” CEO Ma looked at his assistant and said firmly.

After CEO Ma said this, the assistant understood everything.

There were some things that CEO Ma could not step in on.

However, if the Huo family wanted to hurt Alibaba’s future vice president under their noses,

No one in Alibaba could bear such responsibility.

In other words, as long as Lin Fan wasn’t hurt, Alibaba wouldn’t step in.

Unless Lin Fan came to look for Alibaba himself.

But if Lin Fan was hurt, it would be a slap to Alibaba’s face.

Behind Lin Fan, a huge corporate leader was already prepared to protect him.

Lin Fan could choose to look for Alibaba or LV or Chanel. He had countless choices.

In other words, the rest would depend on how Lin Fan dealt with the Huo family himself!