Chapter 260 - Attack!

Chapter 260 of 299 chapters

In the business center.

Lin Fan remained seated there and didn’t choose to escape.

He had not provoked anyone.

However, if Huo Tian came looking for a beating, Lin Fan wouldn’t back down.

Not long after, an older person walked into the business center.

Huo Tian’s uncle, Huo Chengtian.

He had a high status in the Huo Corporation.

Everyone in the Huo family was protective of their faults.

Beside Huo Chengtian were more than twenty bodyguards who looked aggressive.

The surrounding people all retreated.

No one would stop Huo Chengtian.

Even the security guards of the commercial center did not dare to move at this moment.

After offending a behemoth like the Huo family, the security guards of the business center could no longer stop them.

As long as no one died here, these security guards would not interfere with the Huo family.

“I heard that Lin Fan offended the Huo family and even fractured Huo Tian’s hand. He’s doomed.”

“Lin Fan, you can offend anyone but the Huo family. Can the Huo family be offended?”

“Let alone us, even some big companies don’t dare to start a war with the Huo family. The Huo family has a business legend like Huo Xinyu. Those who go against her are all very miserable.”

Everyone felt that it was a pity.

Even the entertainment companies who wanted to work with Lin Fan didn’t dare to help him.

Lin Fan was really in trouble now.

“Mr. Lin.” Huo Chengtian walked in front of Lin Fan and said in a low voice. No one could tell if he was happy or angry.

“Mr. Lin, you broke my nephew’s hand, right?” Huo Chengtian said.

“Why don’t you ask your nephew what he did first?” Lin Fan smiled calmly.

“Is it important?”

“Take him down and break his limbs!” Huo Chengtian said calmly, a sinister glint flashing in his eyes.

So what if he broke Lin Fan’s limbs? Legally, Huo Chengtian would at most need to pay some medical fees.

The Huo family did not care about this bit of medical fees at all.

It would take at least a hundred days to recover from a serious injury. If his limbs were broken, it would be difficult for him to recover to the level of a normal person for at least a year or two.

This was the style of the Huo family.

“Mr. Huo, why don’t you give me face and discuss this matter today more instead of resorting to violence? He can consider compensating the Huo family.” Yun Qian looked at Huo Chengtian.

“CEO Yun, normally, the Huo family might give you some face, but not today.”

“If you insist on stopping us, then the Yun family will be the Huo family’s enemy,” Huo Chengtian said.

“You…” Yun Qian gritted his teeth and clenched his fists.

Yun Qian could not accept becoming the Huo family’s enemy, especially Huo Xinyu’s enemy.

At this moment, Huo Chengtian looked at Lin Fan.

“Do it,” Huo Chengtian said calmly.

Xia Wanqiu looked at Lin Fan with her beautiful eyes. If there were so many bodyguards, no matter how good Lin Fan’s physique was, he wouldn’t be a match for them.

If his limbs were really broken…

A cold glint flashed across Xia Wanqiu’s beautiful eyes.

Lin Fan patted Xia Wanqiu’s head, indicating that everything was fine.

Lin Fan snapped his fingers.

The door to the business center opened.

Rows of bodyguards in black walked in.

There were at least 50 bodyguards!

At the front was a girl with outstanding looks, Lin Fan’s manager, Lin Qianwei.

Many burly bodyguards walked in front of Lin Fan and bowed 90 degrees.

Lin Qianwei walked in front of Lin Fan and bowed slightly. “Boss, I’m sorry for being late.”

Lin Fan nodded. “It’s fine.”

“Have you stopped Huo Tian?” Lin Fan asked.

“Yes, the mission is completed.” Lin Qianwei nodded gently.

At this moment, Huo Tian was lying on a stretcher.

Huo Tian was supposed to be sent to the hospital.

But when Huo Tian reached the door, Lin Qianwei had already brought people over.

Hence, Huo Tian didn’t go to the hospital and was carried up by Lin Fan’s men.

“Uncle, save me!”

“It’s this Lin Fan who broke my hand. Uncle, avenge me!!” Huo Tian’s face was pale as he glared at Lin Fan.

“F*ck, how many years has it been since someone dared to treat me like this? Lin Fan, you’re finished. I can still see how your limbs are broken here, hahahaha.” Huo Tian laughed.

Lin Fan looked at Huo Chengtian. “I just wanted to break his hand only originally. I didn’t expect Mr. Huo to want to break my hands and legs just now. It also reminded me what I should do.”

“Now, I shall break Huo Tian’s limbs.” Lin Fan didn’t even look at Huo Tian.

Today, everyone thought that Lin Fan was in trouble.

But in reality, that was not the case.

The Huo family didn’t want to let Lin Fan off. They had thought that Lin Fan would beg for mercy like Yun Qian.

But no one expected this.

Today, Lin Fan had no intention of letting the Huo family off!

So what if the Huo Corporation was a company worth hundreds of billions?

“Lin Fan, how dare you!” Huo Chengtian was furious and looked at Lin Fan.

“Why wouldn’t I dare?” Lin Fan asked.

Huo Chengtian wanted to attack, but… Lin Fan had too many people around him.

Lin Fan’s bodyguards had all undergone special training.

There were more than 50 bodyguards. If they were to fight, Huo Tian might be even worse off.

“Lin Fan, you better let my nephew go.”

“If you continue like this, if my nephew is hospitalized, I think you’ll have to go to the police station at least.”

“Why don’t you apologize to my nephew today and pay him tens of millions? Then this matter will be over.” Huo Chengtian looked at Lin Fan with a deep gaze.

No matter what, things would be fine as long as he could snatch Huo Tian back first.

How could this matter pass just like that?

As long as Huo Tian was safe, the Huo family would definitely make Lin Fan pay an even greater price.

“Pay tens of millions?” Lin Fan smiled.

“You don’t seem to understand. I won’t let you off today.”


“By the way, if Mr. Huo wants to attack too, I can’t guarantee that your nephew will be able to stand up again,” said Lin Fan.

This was the first time Xia Wanqiu had seen Lin Fan like this.

She had never seen Lin Fan so angry.

Although on the surface, Lin Fan was still very calm.

Xia Wanqiu knew that Lin Fan was already very angry.

How could Lin Fan, who was so angry, be so calm?

Even if he offended the Huo family, he would not hesitate.

After his bottom line was touched, Lin Fan wouldn’t care so much.

He did not care about the halo of a celebrity or the quality of an artiste.

Huo Tian wanted to kill the Xia family and Lin Fan. Faced with such an enemy, Lin Fan wouldn’t show mercy.

Huo Chengtian’s expression darkened.

At the same time, the bodyguards around Huo Tian had already swung their batons at his limbs.

“Lin Fan, how dare you, how dare you!!”

“F*ck your mother!!”

“If you dare to touch me, my sister will never let you off!”

Under Huo Tian’s terrified roar,

His limbs were broken!